Whitey’s message to Bow-Tie – October 9, 2015

Hi Bow-Tie,

This has been quite a day. Here I am, 6 years old and just found out I’m one of triplets. What a shock!

Here’s the picture of the three of us. There is a problem though: I can’t get them to play with me. Every time I look away, they disappear.

Whitey Wobbles triplets

Oh well, just thought I would tell you.

I’m going to bed… Maybe they will be here in the morning.

By the way, I am taking my check for all the special Bow-Tie adoptions to Cat Depot on Monday. 11 “Bowtie” kitties have been adopted!

Your buddy,
Whitey Wobbles.

Mighty Lou Roars

Dear Whitey,

I’m a bit late on my blog today.  I like to get it finished in the morning but I’m just getting to it now. Before you judge me on being late, let me tell you why I’m just now getting to it.

My mom had a booth at a pet expo today and I went with her. That might have been a mistake on my part. I thought I was just going to help her sell paintings and greet my adoring public but she had something up her sleeve.

Mighty Lou at Dog ShowAt first everything seemed to be going as usual. It was a Howl-O-Ween party for dogs so I wore a new cape. It’s a nice giraffe pattern that I thought would complement my coloring and speak to the season. Everyone was coming up to the booth commenting on how well behaved I am and what a nice cape I was wearing. We were passing out flyers with my story and a painting of me in my regular cape on it so they understood the deal with the cape.

There were dogs everywhere. Some of them smelled me and I let them do it. If any of them over stayed their welcome though I gave them a Mighty Lou swat. And then it happened….

This lady came up with a goofy little dog in a stroller. She said she was so happy to see a cat wearing a cape and that she had something to show me. I thought maybe she had a copy of Sarasota Pet Magazine with me on the cover and she wanted an autograph.

Oh no, that wasn’t it. She picked that goofy dog up out of that stroller and showed me what she had…

Mighty Lou doesn't approve of a dog in a super hero cape


A dog in a super hero cape!! I was horrified! How dare she and how dare that goofy dog! It was a costume party but this was just too much.

It was time for Mighty Lou to put my costume on and scare them all.


Mighty Lou in Costume



Mighty Lion Lou!! I was on the prowl now.  No dogs better get in my way!! I decided to enter the costume contest and blow those dogs away!




Mighty Lion Lou waits for his moment on the stage


I took a seat in the audience to wait for my name to be called to come up on stage. The stupid dogs all had to sit on the floor on leashes. Mighty Lion Lou got a soft seat.




Mighty Lion Lou on the cat walk


When my name was called Mom went up with me. I strolled that cat walk better than any dog every did. I was swinging that big tail and giving a nice mighty roar.



Mighty Lou chats with his mom


When my walk was over I went back and had a seat in the audience. Mom and I discussed how well I did and we watched the stupid dogs strut their stuff. When the awards were given, there was a special award for Mighty Lion Lou. I got the special award because I was the best…….and of course the only cat.

Mighty Lion Lou's Formal Picture


We were all proud. They were taking pet photos so I got my formal shot done.


So that, my friend, is why I was late with my blog and why I’m tired right now. It’s been a big day but I showed them all that “cats rule and dogs drool”!


You have a good week, my friend.


Mighty Lion Lou has left the building.






Roar Mighty Lou!

You never cease to amaze your admirers! Again, I am so proud of my Caped Buddy. You looked awesome in your lion get-up. When Harley read your blog, here is what he said…

Harley Roars at Mighty Lou


He wanted to let you know that he can roar too!


My mom wants us all to dress up for Halloween. As soon as I heard that, I took off. Caped Whitey Wobbles does not like to wear anything other than his Cape!

Daisy as a Pumpkin


I guess she caught poor Daisy and made her look like a pumpkin…Daisy was not happy! Better her than me.


Whitey and Harley Investigate


Anyway, we have had a quiet week. Last night my Dad heard some noises outside, so Harley and I set out to find out what it was. It came from the side of the house, so we climbed up to the window and I had Harley hold it up for me.


Treat Time


Finally, we discovered it was just a bunch of frogs making loud croaking noise. We hissed a bit and they stopped!  My mom was happy with  our discovery, so she called us for treats!  You don’t have to call Whitey twice for treats!


Whitey and Harley Snuggle


After the treats, we decided to call it a day and get some snooze time in. Harley is the best snuggle bunny ever! (Yes, I said “snuggle bunny.”)

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell. Not as exciting as yours, but I’m still looking for more “gigs” for the famous Mighty Lou!

Till next week,

Whitey Wobbles and crew









Mighty Lou Gets a Gig and Whitey’s Sad Weekend

My Dear Caped Friend Whitey,

It’s been yet another busy week for your friend Mighty Lou. I’ve been out and about this week and everywhere I go there are adoring fans. On Wednesday I went to Grove’s Veterinary Clinic. It’s was Cats Night Out and they were offering some feline tune-ups. While I was waiting I looked over at the person sitting next to me.

Mighty Lou recognizes his friend


What!? She was reading the newest edition of Sarasota Pet Magazine with me on the cover!! Then I noticed, hey, I know that person! She is Dee Ann Roberts, American Health and Safety Institute certified to administer pet first aid and CPR. I offered to help her demonstrate CPR and first aid by being her model for the evening. That is until she told me animals that help in her demonstrate are not called models they are called “dummies”. No way was I going for that!



ML Gets Help


So instead of me helping her, I had her help me. Why should a star get his own appetizers? I put her to work…

Mighty Lou gets an appetizer from a friendI am Mighty Lou and humans work for ME.




Mighty Lou at the Purple House


On Thursday I was the official greeter in Punta Gorda at The Purple House. The Purple House is the location of the Charlotte Sun Punta Gorda Herald. I had already visited their other location and joined in on producing the newspaper. It was only fitting that I get to go to a party hosted by them.

MIghty Lou is the Offical GreeterIt was my job to greet people as they entered The Purple House for tours, food and drink. People kept commenting that I must not be real or I was a dog to be so well behaved. What is wrong with people? Cats behave. We just do it our way.

For instance:

I let all of the humans step over me as they entered the building. Never once did I make them wait until I got up.

That’s behaving.

If I dozed off during the party, I did it quietly. I never asked them to stop the party so I could catch a nap.

That’s behaving.

I even let one big ugly dog come face to face with me for several minutes. I didn’t whack him until he touched me.

That’s behaving.

Anyway, all of the humans had comments about me being there walking around and about my cape. Of course they did. Mighty Lou always makes an impression! Then my big moment came. The Country Express Band was playing there. Everyone was dancing and tapping their feet. Some were singing. Of course I couldn’t hear any of it, but I felt the vibrations. Miss Stella, the manager of the band, was quite taken with me. She was carrying my magazine around all evening and directing people to the star.

Now here it comes….

My big moment…She asked me if I would like to sit in with the band. Me? Of course!

Mighty Lou Joins the BandAhhhh……sweet stardom! Mighty Lou gigs with the Country Express Band!

Whew! I’m tired, my caped friend. Hope all is well with you.

Talk to you next week.

Love from ~
Mighty Lou



Hey Super Hero!

Looks like you are doing just great, Mighty Lou! I love the adoring public you attract. I’m glad you are getting the respect that you deserve. Humans need to understand that Mighty Lou is very special and no one fools with him.

My weekend was not as great as yours. My big human brother, Scott, stayed with us for two days. I thought this was great until I found he and his family are moving to some place called Michigan. All I know is it is far away.

Whitey Wobbles is ready for his bike ride


Well, I heard him talking to my Dad about riding the Harleys, so I got ready.





Whitey naps with Harley


Next thing I knew, they were gone and left me home. I could have ridden in the saddle bag! Darn humans. Well, with nothing to do for a few hours, I found a comfy spot to take my nap.

Mighty Lou, this week I am working on getting you a special gig in November at a very important Cat Depot luncheon for new friends. I’m demanding a special chair and lunch with you as the keynote speaker! If all works out with these humans, you will be the guest of honor as you should be. If there is anything else you want, just let me know, good buddy. I’ll take care of ya!

Whitey Wobbles, your Caped friend



Mighty Lou’s History Lesson…And a New Holiday?

Ahoy There Whitey,

I’ve been hearing about Columbus Day so I decided to find out who this guy was and why he has a day named for him. I, Mighty Lou, would like a day name for me, too!

Mighty Lou gets the globe


As I understand it, Columbus discovered America. OK. That’s geography…Geography means the globe so I got one out and decided to see what I could find. I read a little bit about him first though.


MIghty Lou searches the globeHistory says he took 25 cats with him on the ship! Their job was to eat the rats (what, no cat chow???)


Mighty Lou Follows Columbus' Route on the Globe

You can find a lot out by studying the globe. I wasn’t sure where to start but I had my glasses on and time to study so I went to work. I took a close look at the areas involved. Turns out Christopher Columbus took four voyages as he was trying to discover the New World. Some historians say he misjudged his trip and landed on Cat Island in the Bahamas first. Cat Island, cool. I like it.



But obviously he wasn’t very smart. If I had been one of the 25 cats on the ship I could have helped him…..

Mighty Lou Tells Christopher Columbus to Keep Going


I would have given him a Mighty Lou shout out.
“Hey, Chris, keep going!  You’re not there yet!”



MIghty Lou Sets Sail



It was time for me to take a voyage of my own so I donned my nautical cape and headed North. I made a good soft landing on my new land and planted my flag. I sat upon the solid rock of my new land and surveyed my kingdom. This new land is now called Cape Town, named for our capes and our super powers.


Mighty Lou Day!


So now when everyone is busy celebrating Columbus Day, you and I can celebrate our own day. The day the capes ruled and the flag was planted!

I proclaim this day, henceforth, to be known as Mighty Lou Day!

Love ya my caped friend,
Mighty Lou

Whitey Wobbles and Mighty Lou Both Have BIG News

Hey, Mighty Lou!

Well, we have lots to celebrate this week. Let me tell you about it. My Mom has told me Whitey Wobbles dons his capeabout one of her favorite cats (besides me, Daisy and Harley) at Cat Depot. His name is Hector and he lives in Ms. Corey’s office  I asked why he wasn’t with his buddies in the big pods and she said because he is diabetic like Mighty Lou! He has to be on a special diet and gets daily insulin injections. My Mom said he is a very sweet boy who loves to play and cuddle. She asked for my help in finding him a “forever” home or a foster home. I decided to accept the challenge and donned my cape for duty!

I headed for the door and was off to find Hector a family. I remembered my Mom telling me about a nice lady named Gail who volunteers at Cat Depot. Well, her beloved cat, Sammy, crossed the rainbow bridge a little while back and I thought she would be the perfect mom for Hector. I heard that Gail and her husband, Ted, just returned from for the winter…for Hector and his foster mom, Gailsome reason, they head north for the summer. I will never understand humans! I asked my Mom to tell her about Hector. Well, guess what? The very next day, the phone rang and it was Ms. Gail. She had Hector at her house!!! She decided to Foster him for now.  She was all gushy about sweet Hector is. Anyway, my mission was accomplished!


Whitey Wobbles takes a rest

I think I will concentrate on Petunia this week. Any ideas? Maybe she will quit bugging us with her silly agility videos if we find her a home! Well, I’m gonna take my cape off and get some much needed rest. Have a great weekend good buddy.

Cape Power!
Whitey Wobbles



Dear Whitey,

My news for this week is huge.  HUGE I tell ya! I have been keeping a secret for several weeks now and it’s finally time to tell the world. My cape was working full time giving me the power to keep it quiet but now it’s time. Yes it’s time to make the biggest announcement of Mighty Lou’s life yet!

I, Mighty Lou, made the front cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine!


There I am with my cape and my cape power tag! Don’t you love it? I am so honored to be this month’s cover star. This issue is devoted to Cat Depot’s 10th Anniversary and to the Friends Like Me Program. Inside there is a wonderful article about me, Mighty Lou and a big spread on Cat Depot through the years.

So how did this all happen? Miss Candace Botha called my mom and asked if I could be on the cover. My mom almost jumped through the phone yelling “yes, yes, yes!” Miss Candace brought Miss Connie Summers down to photograph me. We had fun playing in the grass and taking pictures. They said I was a perfect model because I went to my mark and posed as long as they wanted me to. Miss Connie was snapping away and I was loving it.

I was so happy when I saw the finished magazine I was almost airborne with my cape flying proudly. When Miss Candace showed Miss Lynn and Miss Shelley at Cat Depot the cover, they called my mom and were screaming into the phone with excitement. The magazine is out now and everyone can get a copy. It’s a very, very special issue for Cat Depot and for me.

This is huge and I am very thankful to Miss Candace and Miss Connie for their idea and for their talent that made it all possible. Mighty Lou is a poster boy!

Here’s hoping the issue, the article and the people who read it will help the Friends Like Me Program by helping special needs cats like me.

Thank you Miss Candace, Miss Connie and Cat Depot. You have made Ol’ Mighty Lou very happy and very proud. I love you all!

Mighty Lou

P.S. Pawtographed copies available for the asking!

Whitey Wobbles

WOW…double Wow!  That is the most exciting news I have ever heard! This is so BIG for Cat Depot and our friends like us. Our Capes truly have power. Whitey Wobbles is very honored to know the Famous Mighty Lou!

Please let me have the first paw graphed copy! Let me know if you need an agent. Whitey Wobbles will work for treats.

A huge Meow to you!

Your caped buddy,
Whitey Wobbles



Mighty Lou


You’re on, Dude, both for the first pawtographed issue and the agent slot. Capes rule! And we are the caped duo! 

Your Bud,
Mighty Lou


Whitey Wobbles Has Some Words for Petunia Too

Dear Ms. Petunia and Harley,

Whitey Wobbles is here to agree 100% with Master Caped Hero, Mighty Lou. I’ll tell you Harley likes to climb up highthat Harley has been trying to earn, or steal, a cape for well over a year now. He too, climbs up ledges and try’s to prove his worthiness…ain’t gonna happen, girlfriend!  Maybe you two should get together and start your own club or whatever you crazy kids want to do. Mighty Lou and I are the only caped heroes forever!

I do think you are awfully pretty and your skills are magnificent, for a girl. Maybe we Caped Heroes can put the word out to more humans and help find you a forever home. You do deserve it and I think your time is near. Keep us posted and I will tell Harley about you. Just to let you know, he is not always well behaved!


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil


From left to right in the picture is: See no evil, hear no evil and EVIL!!!

Have a good day, Petunia and keep climbing! No Cape EVER!!!

Whitey Wobbles the Caped Hero

Mighty Lou’s Message to Petunia

Dear Petunia,

Mighty Lou here.

It has come to my attention that you are working very hard to become the star resident of Cat Depot, to find a forever home and to become a caped super hero. I have been watching your daily activities and your attention grabbing antics. While I admire your determination and your agility, I find it necessary to put you in your place on a few issues.

Petunia on the LedgeYou are very clever and have captured the hearts of your fellow humans there at Cat Depot with your daily antics. Your most recent attempt and attention grabbing effort of walking the high ledge there is impressive. Your little girlish figure and those young muscles give you the ability to leap and perch yourself in high places. I will give you points for that. You also get cuteness points.

These things will endear you to humans and will set you in the perfect place to get a perfect forever home. I hope humans are watching your daily log and will come in a scoop you up, take you home and love you forever. Every cat deserves that and this is your time. Good luck, you little cutie. I hope you go to a wonderful home very, very soon.



If you think any of these little ploys will gain you a super hero cape, you are sadly mistaken! It doesn’t take cuteness, agility or intelligence to gain the super hero cape. It just can’t be done. Whitey and I have set a very high standard and this is a very elite honor bestowed on very, very few, possibly only the two of us. We are not going to allow any little girly girl into our inner circle. Dream on, Cutie.

You concentrate on setting your sights on the perfect human. Your time is now and your human will be there soon to take you home.It can happen, Petunia. Each of us in our own time have our dream of a home come true.

Personally, I hope you go soon so you stop showing off at Cat Depot and they can get back to thinking about me day and night. Mighty Lou will not take second place!

So good luck, Cutie. Send me your new address when you move into your new home. And forget about that super hero cape…………..it ain’t gonna happen!

The Great Mighty Lou has spoken


The Great Mighty Lou has spoken.


Mighty Lou Puts His Paw Down

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou sits down to write his blogAs I sat down to write the blog this week, I started to think about my mom being gone last weekend and neglecting Ol’ Mighty Lou. Mighty Lou will not be ignored. I decided I deserve a special weekend. So I put the old Mighty Lou guilt trip on her and made her take me to lunch. I needed some nourishment so I could do my blog.

Mighty Lou is off to lunch


I gave her a big Mighty Lou yowl and she knew I meant business. Mighty Lou is in charge so off we went on a luncheon adventure.



Mighty Lou has a pink stroller


We went to Panera for lunch.  Yes, Dude, I had a pink stroller.

Some guy eating there by us said I must be a girl! That did it. Right after lunch we traded my pink stroller for a blue one.


Mighty Lou waits for his meal



Panera’s is a pet friendly business so they loved that Mighty Lou visited them. Right away they brought me a special booster seat so I could eat at the table.

Then they brought me a drink and I waited for my lunch.

Super Power Chips for a Super Hero


They brought me something that smelled really good. Of course it smelled good…..if you read the bag, it says “Super Power Cat Treats”. They were prepared in advance for a visit from Mighty Lou! I ate my Super Hero lunch and got super power energy.

Mom and I talked about her leaving me home last weekend. She agrees that Mighty Lou gets to go where she goes from now on. Humans…ya gotta love ‘em but ya gotta keep after them every minute.


Mighty Lou Doesn't Like Being Called a GirlThat guy on the sidewalk who made the comment about me being a girl? Well, he got himself a good Mighty Lou hiss from me! He walked away shaking his head and mumbling something about not liking cats. Good for him.  He can go to the dogs.  He has no taste.

So things are good again in our household and Mighty Lou is back in charge!

How’s it going with you, my Caped Buddy?

Yours in Cape Power,
Mighty Lou



Caped Heroes Can Do Anything They Set Their Minds To

Hey Mighty Lou!

Hope that dang bird is gone by now…how annoying! You did a great job of letting him know just who you are. I bet he never bugs the great Mighty Lou again.

Whitey Wobbles waits by the windowSorry it took me so long to answer you this week. I have been so very busy! I’m sure you heard the Cat Depot news regarding deploying humans to help rescue lots of dogs. Well, I decided to ask my friends to help and I never expected what I got! I sent the email and then ran to get on my perch in the front window to wait for humans to respond.


The donations begin coming inThen it all started…the doorbell rang and rang and rang. Everyone bringing bags of towels, toys, snacks, etc. My humans started taking it to the garage for me.


Whitey Wobbles needs a rest


I got pretty tired of sitting up there, so I decided to get into my comfy tunnel to watch for more humans.



The donations are packed in the carThey kept coming! The next day, my humans packed the car and had to make 2 trips to Cat Depot because we got so much stuff! One nice lady even brought me some treats for The donations are packed in the carhelping the dogs…pretty cool, huh? Just goes to show, us Caped heroes can do anything we set our minds to.

Hope you have a great week, Mighty Lou! I’m taking the rest of the week off.

Meow, good buddy,
Whitey Wobbles

Click Here to Donate to Cat Depot’s Rescue Fund!


Mighty Lou Teaches an Art Class and Whitey Wobbles Goes into Hiding

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou and Sandi HilliardYour old Mighty Lou enjoyed this week. You saw my previous blog about me meeting your mom and running that meeting over there at Cat Depot. Well that was the same day I had other work to do. I put on my cape and my artist beret and went with my mom to help teach her class at North Port Art Center.

As soon as I got there, Director Sandi Hilliard, had to check my membership. I’m guessing she did not quite understand that I, Mighty Lou, don’t need a membership. I get into any place simply because I am who I am. She was captivated by my looks and my outstanding attire so she granted me entrance without signing on the dotted line.

Mighty Lou visits the gift shop


My first stop was the nice gift shop. Never know when you might find something. Sandi showed me a few things she thought I might like. She was right, I found a few friends in there but I had my eye on something else out in the gallery.

Mighty Lou admires the fish portrait


A nice painting of a fish. Now that’s a good choice for a cat. I’ll take it.


Mighty Lou Joins the class

Then it was on to the classroom to create our works of art. The girls were quite captivated by my self-portrait. Or maybe they were captivated just because I am Mighty Lou.

Mighty Lou takes a nap


Painting that self-portrait and entertaining those girls tired old Mighty Lou out. It was time for me to take a little cat nap while they did their own work.


Mighty Lou gets a new colorful cape



I woke up to a gift from the class. They painted me a new cape to remember the day. Quite colorful, don’t you think?

That was my day on Tuesday but then I had an extra surprise on Wednesday. Miss Kim Cool and Miss Louise Hall featured me in another newspaper article. There I was on the front page of the North Port Sun! The article is entitled “Mighty Lou is a Super Cat!” They sure know me, don’t they?

Mighty Lou's Portrait


Then yet another moment of glory. I saw a portrait of me, Mighty Lou, hanging in the art gallery! My mom did it.

Mighty Lou signs off


Whew! Mighty Lou is tired after all of that activity! So this is me signing out…

Mighty Lou
Artist Extraordinaire




Hey Mighty Lou,

I hope you get this ok, because I am in the bathroom hiding from my humans. All was going so well this week until the phone rang yesterday and I overheard my mom talking to my doctor’s office. They said I was to be at the office Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. Next, the nice lady said that I couldn’t eat anything after 10 p.m. tonight. Yikes! They are going to starve me. Oh, but I can have water.  Woop-dee do! When you are hungry, water is no Whitey hides in the bathroomgood! The really bad part is, she said I would have to stay at the office all day. They are going to put me to sleep (I guess someone will sing me a lullaby) and then take a growth off my back. Last time I saw Dr. King, they checked this growth and he said it should come off. Nothing serious he said. Well, it is serious to me! I have my cape ready in case my mom finds me and I have to go through with this procedure. I will keep you posted.

By the way, you are quite the artist, Mighty Lou! Your talents never cease to amaze your caped friend!

Wish me luck.
Whitey Wobbles