Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – July 31, 2017

There was excitement in our house this weekHi Everybody,

There was some excitement in our house this week.

It all started when an envelope came, addressed to Rembrandt Red.

It was from Whitey Wobbles.

(More on this envelope mess later.)





Mixie loved the padsMixie was there when the envelope was opened.

She very quickly discovered it contained catnip pads!

The beautiful card from Whitey Wobbles said his sister Daisy and brother Harley love them.

Clearly, Mixie loves them too.

The card also said they were for Rembrandt Red (Remi) and Buddy Van Gogh.

So off to the studio we went.



Remi with BuddyBuddy was the first to jump on the pad.

He motioned for Remi to come up with him, and she did.








Remi tells Buddy the pad is hersShe told him the envelope was addressed to her, and she should have the best seat.









Buddy didn't care that Remi wanted the good spotIn typical big brother fashion…

…Buddy told her that was tough. He wasn’t moving.








Remi says, "I have my own pad"Remi had a solution.

She moved the other pad to her own location and enjoyed it for hours.








Why are we talking about a torn envelope?By now you must wonder what happened with the envelope.

And why are we talking about a ripped envelope anyway?










Annie Sullivan playing with the envelopeBecause little blind Annie Sullivan thought the envelope WAS the gift!

And she had a fine time playing with it all by herself.

Ha ha ha


Thank you Whitey Wobbles, Daisy Doodle, and Harley!

The catnip pads were a great success.


Love to everyone,

The Dapper Gent


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Whitey’s message to Bow-Tie – October 9, 2015

Hi Bow-Tie,

This has been quite a day. Here I am, 6 years old and just found out I’m one of triplets. What a shock!

Here’s the picture of the three of us. There is a problem though: I can’t get them to play with me. Every time I look away, they disappear.

Whitey Wobbles triplets

Oh well, just thought I would tell you.

I’m going to bed… Maybe they will be here in the morning.

By the way, I am taking my check for all the special Bow-Tie adoptions to Cat Depot on Monday. 11 “Bowtie” kitties have been adopted!

Your buddy,
Whitey Wobbles.

Mighty Lou Parties

Hi Whitey,

Things are back to normal here and Mighty Lou is hitting the party circuit hard. I got a purrsonal invitation to an event called “Top Dog.” It was billed as “Florida Gulf Coast’s premier dog lover’s event” and was for the benefit of Donte’s Den.

Mighty Lou Arrives at Top Dog




Now I know what you’re going to say – “Why do we want to do anything for dogs?” You’re right, Dude, but this was for our friend Marsha Panuce. She’s so kind to me and to Cat Depot, I thought I would grace her with my mighty presence. ​I took the purple coach since there were dogs everywhere.






Mighty Lou Stays in Cart to Avoid Dog Drool



​Every time I attend a dog event, they drool all over my cape and I had my tux on. It’s just safer in here for me. I don’t want to have to hurt any of those dogs.


Mighty Lou visits the exhibits


There were some merchandise vendors there so I checked them out. This young lad was really taken by me. I had my glasses on so I could clearly read “dog treats” on all of those packages. Where’s the CAT stuff, Dude??


Mighty Lou's Mom on Stage


A special thing happened during the night. My mom had done a painting of Marsha’s dog, Donte, and it was unveiled on stage. ​There she was, way bigger than life. I should have been up there with her.

Mighty Lou's mom presents painting to Marsha Panuce


​The painting was unveiled. Marsha was touched…….I was proud. The crowd adored your old Mighty Lou. ABC-7 Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. He loved me and kept mentioning me as being the only cat and so well behaved. But of course!


Mighty Lou received a kiss from Samantha



I also met an old friend, Samantha, who couldn’t resist me.


So I mingled with the Donte’s Den supporters, saw Mom’s presentation and met new friends. Oh, and I had fish sticks for dinner!

Mighty Lou takes a napThe second part of the evening was all a bunch of stupid dog tricks. I was not interested. So I found a quiet spot and took a little power nap.

All in the life of a Caped Crusader.

Until next week, my friend,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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School Days and Mighty Lou’s Bus Ride

Hey Whitey,

School is starting all over the place. Mighty Lou will not be left out of any kind of event so I plan on going to school. Not sure what I’ll be learning (I know so much already), but I’m going.


Mighty Lou is ready for school



I’m all ready. I have a new cape with cat pictures and words on it, a lunch bag and a backpack.





MIghty Lou Goes to School


​Just to make sure I double-checked my backpack and lunchbag. They both have my name on them so no one touches my cape power snack food.





Mighty Lou raises his hand in class



When I get there and the teacher asks a question, I’m going to be the first one to raise his hand with the answers. I plan on being Teacher’s Pet (pun intended).




Mighty Lou goes to the blackboard



When I get up to the front to answer the question, I’ll have to make sure to wear my glasses. ​If I have to read the board, I’m going to have to get pretty close. I may need to up the prescription on my specks soon.



Mighty Lou Takes His Seat



We’ll probably get assigned seats in the classroom. ​Ah there’s my seat. Those are my glasses.


Mighty Lou Takes His Seat



​I’ll climb right up in my chair like a good student.


​I will take my seat and show them all my Mighty Lou greatness.



Mighty Lou is at the head of the class



As good as I am, I know I’ll be head of the class in the first week! Mighty Lou will not be outdone!







Anyway, that’s how I think it will go. School hasn’t actually started yet. It starts on Monday so I’ll let you know then.

Mighty Lou is the perfect student



In the meantime, Mighty Lou is ready for School Days and prepared to shine!

Love ya Dude,

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Hey Whitey,

Mighty Lou waits at the bus stop


Thanks for reminding me about taking the bus to school. You’re right, I will need to take the bus when I go. So I set out to see what bus I would be taking. I got my books and backpack and waited at the bus stop.




Mighty Lou's Bus





Then I saw a bus about my size and thought that must be the one. ​So I got on-board but no driver came to take the wheel. What is this? Are we supposed to drive ourselves to school?



Mighty Lou drives the bus



Well Mighty Lou does not mind taking charge so I jumped to the cause. This is a vehicle I could drive if I had to.





Mighty Lou on School bus




​Just as I was starting to drive off, I noticed something up front. There it is! It’s the real school bus! Hey guys, wait for me!







Mighty Lou on the real school bus



​Made it! This is the real bus!






Mighty Lou takes the bus to school



I jumped right in and was happy to have finally gotten on the right bus.





Mighty Lou reaches his destination



Whew! Made it. All I need to do now is settle into these comfy seats and ride.

Later, My Friend!
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

Mighty Lou Flips His Lid

Hey there, Whitey!

It was supposed to rain this weekend and was kind of gloomy so I stayed in. I like to shake things up and was feeling kind of goofy. So I went into my wardrobe closet and pulled out some things to entertain myself.

Mighty Lou as a Cowboy


This is my cowboy look. Quite rugged, don’t you think? All I need is the horse.


Mighty Lou's Girlie Boy Look




On the lighter side (I told you I was in a silly mood), this is my Girly Boy look. Also quite fetching on me. I gave it a cute little pose, too, should any modeling scouts be watching.



Mighty Lou as an Indian Chief


Who can’t picture Mighty Lou as a Mighty Indian Chief? More serious headdress, more serious pose.



Mighty Lou's Lacey Look



Are you laughing at this one? I know, it’s funny, isn’t it? This is my Lacey Lou Look. It’s really for girls, but it comes in handy for undercover cape crusader work.




Mighty Lou gets patriotic



A nice patriotic little ditty. I should have worn my red, white and blue cape for this one but I forgot.




Mighty Lou's Red Hat Society Tribute


This is a show stopper, isn’t it? You’ve heard of the Red Hat Society? This is my tribute to them.


Mighty Lou


“La dee da”!







Mighty Lou needs his head held up



I was getting kind of tired at this point and needed a little help to hold my head up.
I like the look though.

One more………






Your mom and Miss Peggy made this and gave it to me for a toy. Mighty Lou does not do toys. I do hats and make people laugh. Are you laughing, Dude?





Mighty Lou likes to get a laugh





And now that I got a good laugh, my work is complete. Have a great week, my caped friend!

Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader




Mighty Lou Supervises

Dear Whitey,

It occurred to me that you and I write these blogs but we don’t actually put them on the Cat Depot website. So I went over there just to make sure the third party involved was doing their job. Humans must be watched at all times.

Mighty Lou checks up on the folks who post his blog

As I suspected, the human responsible for our blog was not at her desk. In her defense, the blog was up on her computer so she gets a point for that.


Mighty Lou assesses the situationThis situation was quickly elevated to requiring immediate cape intervention..

I geared up for the flight……..


Mighty Lou Leaps


​….and in one mighty bound approached the problem area.



Mighty Lou Waits by his blog


Now my position was to just sit and wait this out. How long was she going to be gone from her post? How long was our blog going to sit there unattended? This situation could turn ugly real fast.


Mighty Lou Checks out his blog


Miss Terri did return very quickly though. She realizes the caped blog is of utmost importance. She showed me that she is working on it and does consider it her Number 1 Priority.


Mighty Lou Keeps an Eye on Miss Terri


After that, we were able to work well together. She was well aware that I was watching every move she made. But, she does a good job and gives the blog her undivided attention. ​She has gained the Cape Power Seal of Approval.

Mighty Lou keeps a paw on the computer


But, as her hands were on the computer, I had my paw on it, too, just so she knows who is really in charge. She was working so hard and doing such a good job I decided she deserved a break.



Mighty Lou Comes in for Attention


​Whenever we need attention from our humans, we know how to get it. Just step between them and what they’re working on and demand it. What choice do they have?



Mighty Lou makes Miss Terri Laugh


​That gave her a good laugh. Now we’re best friends. This is what we have to do with these humans. We can wrap them around our little fuzzy fingers and get them to work for us without them even noticing.

All in all my venture of there to Cat Depot was profitable. The blog is under control and we can rest assured we get proper cape respect.


Mighty Lou allows a Group Photo

To show my thanks for the day, I allowed this unscheduled group shot. ​Everyone wants to be in the presence of the great caped wonder, Mighty Lou.

Thanks to Miss Shelley, Miss Lynn and especially Miss Terri.



Mighty Lou is Sleepy

This is your caped friend signing off. This supervising is hard work and made me sleepy.

Until Next Week,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou’s First Day of Summer

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou finds a bench to relax on


Happy First Full Day of Summer! Summer officially started yesterday at 7 a.m.-something so I was out to celebrate! I had to wear my shades since that summer sun is bright even in the morning. Stopped by a nice little bench in a pretty garden spot to plan my day.

Mighty Lou Exploring


There were things to see and beauty to behold so off I went. Hey, what’s that over there?


Mighty Lou spots something


Ahhhh…very interesting. Smells bad but interesting to look at. What was it you say?


Mighty Lou finds a frog


It was a silly old frog taking a morning nap. On we go.



Mighty Lou poses with flowers


No frog is as interesting as the beauty here. No, not the flowers silly. The beauty is Mighty Lou, of course!

Mighty Lou likes the blue flowers


I wanted to stop by here because I thought those pretty blue flowers went well with my purple cape.



Mighty Lou explores the fountain


Mighty Lou likes to explore things high and low. One of the highlights of the exploration was the fountain. Notice my cape blowing in the wind? I’m ready for take-off to help any special needs cats!


Might Lou Poses

This is such a beautiful setting I thought I would pose for a moment and add to the beauty. Aren’t I handsome here? We are talking Gentlemancat Quarterly or some fashion magazine here for sure.


Mighty Lou's Cape is flying


There goes my cape again. It’s taking off on its own. It does that when it is trying to tell me something. Now I know there is a cat out there in need and I must go to the rescue. A Caped Crusader’s work is never done!


Mighty Lou walking



Enjoy your summer, Whitey. It’s time to leave you now to go off and continue my work.

I am, Mighty Lou
The Caped Crusader (and your caped buddy, of course!)

P.S. Although you see me outside a lot, I am strictly an indoor kitty. I am only allowed outside under direct supervision of my mom. My mom keeps an eagle eye on me and she is always by my side. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I couldn’t run away because of my condition. 

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Mighty Lou’s Street Scene

Hi Whitey and Happy Weekend,

Ol’ Mighty Lou rolled out again this weekend. We went to the Venice Farmer’s Market in Venice. I hadn’t been there yet so I decided to go over and show them my Mighty Lou greatness.

Mighty Lou in VeniceThere were a lot of people there but who did they all focus on? Mighty Lou, of course. Crowds gathered around your caped friend. Cell phones were snapping. People were amazed at my Mighty Lou greatness and calmness amid the busy street and crowds. Notice the dogs with the silly ribbons in their hair? Who’s looking at them? No one.

Everyone loves Ol’ Mighty Lou.

Mighty Lou's mom checks out the dogs



The crowds parted for a minute and my mom decided to be nice to the dogs. She was saying how cute they were and the family was loving it. Notice me? I am totally uninterested and thinking about bolting out of the stroller.

The dogs check out Mighty Lou



The dogs decided to take a good look at their competition. They were trying to sniff me out. I was not interested in them. I was focused on when my next admirer would come over.


Mighty Lou ignores the dogs


The dogs were breaking my concentration though. So I turned around and gave them the Mighty Lou stare down. They backed off immediately.

Back to MY adoring crowd.

MIghty Lou and his adoring crowd


These were little kids with blond hair like me so I liked them better. Their Grandmother was telling them to be very gentle. “Like this” she said. She’s right…..that’s the spot. If they had touched my backend I may not have been very nice to them. Ahhhh.  She got the right spot.

Blonde girl pets Mighty Lou


This was my favorite moment. A nice little blond girl taking her Mighty Lou moment on my blond head.

Didn’t buy anything at the Farmer’s Market but I worked the crowd. They all went home a little richer because they touched the head of the Caped Crusader.

My mom passed out Cat Depot’s newsletter with me on the front. They all knew they had seen a star. Hopefully these animals lovers will have been touched by Mighty Lou and give to the cats at Cat Depot.

Later Dude!

Mighty Lou

Whitey Wobbles is on a Mission to Help the Rescued Napier Cats

Happy Friday, Mighty Lou!

Just wanted to let you know why I did not answer your gooshy, lovey dovey email last weekend. First of all, I couldn’t believe the great Caped Mighty Lou gave his heart away! After I thought about it for awhile, I decided it’s a good thing. Li’l Lily is quite the looker! The fact that she is also a special needs kitty like us makes the relationship purrfect!  So…congratulations on your new kitty friend!

Whitey Wobbles at his mom's computerNow, I want to tell you what I have been doing. I was reading my Mom’s email (not allowed to do this) when she wasn’t home. I noticed an email from Cat Depot asking for help for the 34 cats they are caring for until the court case is settled. These poor kitties were neglected and need lots of meds and care. So, I thought I would send my own email!

I had to think long and hard on what to say and who to send it to. Since I couldn’t decide who to send it to, I sent it to everyone! I forwarded Cat Depot’s email to lots of my mom’s friends and asked them to consider helping those 34 kitties out.


Whitey Wobbles hides in the dryerThen I heard the front door open…yikes! It was Mom and I’m not allowed to use the computer. I jumped into the dryer and hoped she wouldn’t find out!

She sat down at her computer and started reading some new emails. Oh no! Well, guess what??? Several people answered by saying they would help! My Mom was so proud of me. She sent Harley to find me.


Harley the cat finds Whitey Wobbles in the dryer



He told me the good news and out I came. I’ll keep you posted on more replies to help the kitties in need!


Whitey Wobbles goes under the bed to take a nap



Time to go rest after all this work!

Meow for now,
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou is in Love!

Dear Whitey,

This is going to shock you, dude.

It was Valentine’s Day and it got me to thinking about the girls. Sure, years ago I got the “snip snip,” (I know you know what I mean) but I still “think” about the girls. So I set out on an adventure to meet a very nice young lady named Li’l Lily.

She belongs to a friend of my mom’s. She sounded purr-fect for me because she is a special needs little girl, too.

Diabetic Kitty Mighty Lou gets a picnic ready for his girlfriend



I got a nice little picnic lunch for us. I brought her some flowers and I waited. You’ll notice I also wore a new red, white and blue cape to match the tablecloth. She needed to know I was an all American boy.

Mighty Lou's date, Lil Lily Arrives to the Picnic



There she was! She arrived in a little pink carriage, very fitting for a little princess.



The first thing she did was smell the flower I brought her. She loved them. Tip Dude…..always lead with a gift when you’re wooing the girls.

See her front legs? She was born without one of the bones in her front legs so she stands up like that a lot. She has to walk on her elbows.



She’s purrfect for me! My back legs don’t work and I have to walk on my knees! Ahhhh….a match made in Heaven.

Mighty Lou and Lil Lily Enjoy their picnic lunch


We had a nice chicken salad lunch. She’s a dainty little girl. I wanted to snatch her food up but I was a gentleman. She’s a slow eater though and I was tempted.



Lil Lily Jumps into the Picnic Basket


After our lunch she got silly and jumped into the picnic basket. Actually, when I take a closer look at this picture, I think I know what she’s doing. She’s praying thanks that her knight in shining cape found her! Don’t you think so?


MIghty Lou and Lil Lily Relax after Lunch



We spent some quiet time together after a nice lunch. Sweet little girl put a flower behind her ear. I was more dignified because I really wanted to show her my handsomeness. She was really going for me.


Lil Lily Tries to Take Mighty Lou's Cape Home with Her


When our moms talked about leaving for the day, she jumped into her carrier and wanted to take my cape home with her. She was loving Ol’ Mighty Lou!

Mighty Lou is in LoveSo Whitey, it was a great Valentine’s Day for your friend Mighty Lou. I met the love of my life in Li’l Lily. Her differences just made me love her more. Special needs animals need a special human to accept and love us. It’s my hope that humans embrace our differences.

I was lucky to find my special human. Li’l Lily was lucky to find her special human.

And now Li’l Lily and your Mighty Lou have found each other and I will never be the same!

Mighty Lou is a changed cat because of Love



Until next week.

Your friend and Li’l Lily’s man,
Mighty Lou