Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – May 26, 2015

Dear Whitey and Friends,

Bow-Tie is Patriotic for Memorial Day



End of another week (or start of a new one). It’s Memorial Day Weekend so I have gone red, white and blue. Pretty dapper, don’t you think?



My head has always been a bit too big for my body. I was just made that way, but I’m cute, right? And then I’ve got that ear thing………..oh well.




I’ve been having a lot of new adventures since I have a happy home now. For one, I eat regularly and I eat cat food. Do you know that I used to just eat junk off the floor including bugs? Yuck.

I’m also getting really healthy. You know how I know that? I’ve been going to the vet. Never knew a vet before either. Imagine that. However….I’m not necessarily a fan of the vet.

Bow-Tie enjoys rides in the car



Car rides are fun so I’m always ready to go. This particular car ride was less fun than usual.




Bow-Tie gets his weigh-in




It ended with me being put on a scale in the vet’s office. It showed I’m still a bit underweight but I’m working on that.







Bow-Tie Waits at the Vet



​Then I got put in a room alone to wait. Wait? For what or for who?







Bow-Tie gets his blood pressure taken



​Uh oh. This is not a good look on The Dapper Gent. The numbers were ticking away. Don’t they know our blood pressure goes up by just putting that thing on us? Turns out my blood pressure is purrfect!







Bow-Tie and the Thermometer


This looks like a loving embrace, right? I do not even want to tell you what someone else was sticking into my other end at this very moment. But, the result was that my temperature was normal so I guess it had to be done.








Bow-Tie gets checked out by the vet



​My purrsonal physician came in to check my heart. When I was at Cat Depot I had what they call a heart murmur. That’s not good. But she kept listening and listening. The heart murmur is gone! She said I was anemic before and that may have caused it. All of the things that were wrong with me before are getting better now.

Oh Whitey, we need to work really hard to help all cats get homes and good care. I know that has always been your mission. Now that I’m working with you, we can both work really hard. Part of my mission will also be to rescue cats from hoarding homes.
Bow-Tie gets a nail trim


​Whitey, when they come at you with those clippers, just relax. If you fight, it takes longer. I just let them do it and it was over before I knew it.






Bow-Tie like the vet techs


​The ladies were all really nice to me. I have never had this much care before. We want to make sure I’m healthy and strong before I go out onto the streets and get to work. The mighty paws left before me need to keep walking. I’m almost fully healed and able to take on the task.

In the meantime, I’m working on Facebook and have a lot of friends and fans. The legacy of Friends Like Me will go on and be stronger than ever.

I know you’ll help me. We can get all of our cat friends into loving homes.

For now though I need to get over the big adventure at the vet…..
Bow-Tie says going to the vet ain't for sissies!


​Going to the vet ain’t for sissies!

Until next week,
Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent

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Vet Gives Mighty Lou Bad Diagnosis

Hi Whitey,

Got ya with that subject line, didn’t I? Nobody likes to get a bad diagnosis from a doctor or in our case a vet. But I got one this week. Here’s how it went.

Mighty Lou and Dr. Anita Holt


Dr. Anita Holt is both my friend and my vet. She’s the one who came to my house and gave me acupuncture. She brought treats and I didn’t mind one minute when she stuck those needles into me.

Mighty Lou and Miss Shelley


Miss Shelley is a witness to the good relationship I have with  Dr. Holt. She came over and saw first-hand how well-mannered I was during my treatments.



Mighty Lou is not fond of waiting


OK, so this week I traveled over to Dr. Holt’s office for my annual check-up. I took a seat and waited for the doctor. Mighty Lou demands service and doesn’t like being kept waiting though.



Mighty Lou Contemplates Jumping Off the Counter



At one point I thought I would leave the table and go look for the doctor myself.

On second thought it looked a little too far down for me to jump.

On the other paw, maybe I could make out better staying up here.

Mighty Lou Spots Some Treats


I eyed some treats over there and I just may be able to make that jump.

Just then though Dr. Holt came in and we had a nice little visit. She said I looked great (of course I knew that) and she would send her assistant in to take a little blood. Mighty Lou is not squeamish about blood. After all the medical issues I’ve had in the past taking a little blood is nothing.

I was wrong.


Mighty Lou isn't happy to see the assistants in leather gloves

Dr. Holt didn’t send her “assistant” in. She sent three wrestlers dressed in assistant clothing in to strong arm Mighty Lou!! Their faces looked friendly but they were armed with leather gloves up to their elbows and needles!

One of them took me down in a choke hold before I knew it. I didn’t hear her come up from behind me and I was down before I could react!

They said Dr. Holt told them I didn’t like my back end touched and they needed to be prepared. Prepared!? Give a guy a chance!

I may have been nice to them. Though I am known to nip a little (ok, bite) but give me a chance.

MIghty Lou is still held down by the assistant with the leather gloves

That gloved one never broke her hold. She kept me down the whole time they drew the blood. Even as they discussed it with my mom she kept her leather fingers around my neck.

Whitey, does this look like the face of a bad actor? Don’t you think she could have let me go? This is insulting.

I had my Cape Power tag on but next time they’re getting the full cape and maybe they won’t mess with me.

The diagnosis?

Well, every single report came back as 100% purr-fect! Mighty Lou is healthy and there is no evidence left of any of the multiple medical issues I came to Cat Depot with. I go down in the medical archives as a success story for Cat Depot.

BUT……I have “bad” written on my chart at Dr. Holt’s office. And the assistants have those big leather gloves hanging next to my chart for my next visit.

I’ll be ready next time though. They haven’t seen the last of me.

But for now….

Mighty Lou leaves the doctor's office


Mighty Lou has left the doctor’s office.

Until next week my good buddy,
Mighty Lou