Mighty Lou’s Day in the Garden

Dear Whitey,

I got up just to send you this letter but I’m going back to bed as soon as I finish. Yesterday was a very busy day. My mom had a big art show at the Sarasota Garden Club. My job was to be at her table with her art and sell it for a donation in any amount to Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund.

Mighty Lou at Sarasota Garden Club


People were everywhere but of course your ol’ Mighty Lou was the hit of the day! One of my first visitors was an old friend from Cat Depot who came bearing gifts.

It was a really pretty box and smelled good. Inside were some great treats but she said I had to share when I got home. I figured I get all of the attention so I can throw my brother and sisters a morsel once in a while.

Mighty Lou gets a kiss from a fan


She got a big ol’ Mighty Lou kiss for the thought!


MIghty Lou makes a friend


Some other people were just meeting me for the first time but I captivated them right away.

She didn’t bring me treats so I moved on.



Mighty Lou checks out the gardens


The gardens were beautiful so I took a little stroll(er). Ah, the fragrance!




Mighty Lou meets the artists at Sarasota Garden Club


Some artists were painting in the garden. It’s called plein aire so I decided to go check them out. Quite interesting. They enjoyed the day painting but they particularly enjoyed me.

(Yes, I’m capeless.  Don’t judge me!)


Mighty Lou meets a friend in the garden


I met another friend in the garden. She said I have her heart so she brought me one.


She also brought me treats, too.


Mighty Lou sits in on a floral demonstration


I got to sit in on a nice floral design demonstration. Again, quite interesting, but you need thumbs to do it so that’s not a good career choice for a cat.

Guess who I got to see close to the end of the day?

Your mom!! She came just to say hi to me and get a painting to make a donation to Cat Depot. I missed you but I know you were home protecting your property and keeping your brother and sister in line. Next time, Dude.

All in all the day for me was about making money for the Friends Like Me Fund. People were very generous to Cat Depot. They were all interested in my story and stopped by to see me, pet me and find out about me. I got pretty tired by the end of the day but that money was piling up and I was in charge of it.

Mighty Lou protects Cat Depot donations with his tail


So I wrapped my Mighty Lou tail over it for protection. Everyone knows they don’t touch Mighty Lou’s tail. If they do, they will get bit, count on it.

So protection enforced, I am,
Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader for Friends Like Me



A Very Mighty Lou Christmas

Dear Whitey,

Merry weekend after Christmas! How was your holiday?

I know your family is moving so you’re probably a big mess up there. Let me know if you want me to swoop in with my mighty cape and rescue you.

Me? I had a great Christmas. It was all about Mighty Lou so of course I played it up. Right before Christmas I got to go to a luncheon and see some of my Cat Depot friends.

Mighty Lou in his stroller


Even though it was an outdoor restaurant, they made Mighty Lou stay in the stroller and only look over the table!

Mighty Lou was not amused.

But my mom ordered tuna salad for me, so my spirits perked up once the lunch arrived.


Mighty Lou's Name in Lights


After lunch I had some shopping to do so went over to Cat Depot to see what they had in stock. Mighty Lou got a mighty big surprise as we drove up………

My name up in lights! So fitting your caped hero! (Thanks, Tim!)


Mighty Lou and his adoring fans


When I got into the store, some Mighty Lou groupies were there to meet me. Miss Tatiyanna and Miss Bianca said they saw me at the Jackson Galaxy event and were excited about seeing me again. Ahhhhh…..they loved me!



Might Lou opens his gift from Cat Depot


Miss Shelley came out to give me a gift and the girls helped me open it. It was a beautiful cat ornament so I put it on my tree as soon as I got home. I love it.


Mighty Lou on Christmas Morning


Christmas morning was cool and a Mighty Lou moment. There was a box full of new capes!





Mighty Lou inspects the box of capes


I drove right in to see what they were. Ooooh they were nice!



Mighty Lou in his blue cape



This is a new color for me. I think it looks really good with my eyes.



Mighty Lou in his Fun Cape


This one is for fun. When I go to some of the local rescue group parties I can wear this one. It will draw a lot of attention because it has cute cat characters and sayings on it.


Is that all I got?


Mighty Lou shows off his bow tie


My #1 Fan, Miss Elizabeth sent me a new designer bow tie! Hey, high five on the bow tie, Liz!



Mighty Lou in his designer polo shirt


She also sent me a Ralph Lauren designer polo shirt! Now I don’t usually wear shirts because I wear my cape, but I made an exception on Christmas Day. Thanks, Miss Elizabeth. I think I hear GQ calling!

So that was my Christmas, guy. There was a lot of activity and Ol’ Mighty Lou was out and about almost every day. I’m ready for a little rest but I understand this week is New Year’s and I’m booked for a few appearances.

Ahhh, the life of a caped crusader. It’s never-ending. But I use it for opportunities to talk about special needs cats and about Cat Depot, so it’s all good.

You make sure they don’t tape you into one of those boxes they’re packing. And most of all, make sure they take your bed, toys and food bowl when they go!

Christmas is over but the memories live on. Oh, and there are still a few Cat Depot treats left…..

Mighty Lou loves his Christmas treats


…and they’re lip smackin’ good!


Love ya, Dude!
Mighty Lou







Whitey on the Lookout for Sneaky Humans

This is very bad, my Caped Brother!  These humans can’t make us go in those strollers.  At least, not a pink one!


Diligently on the lookout


I have already taken action to prevent this from happening again.  I will wear my Cape at all times.







Keeping an eye on the pool for sneaky humans



I am constantly on the lookout for sneaky humans.  I have to keep an eye on the pool, since my Dad grabbed me once as he got out of the pool.






Harley is the new bodyguard



And finally, I hired a body guard.  Harley is a very tough guy and can look really mean.  I’m sure he can do the job.  Stay safe bro, and I hope to see you soon.


Capes forever,


Mighty Lou’s Big Secret

Dear Whitey,

You had an interesting week.  They put you in a girly stroller and took you out in public??  I feel your pain, Man.  You do need to get away from there for a short break.  I’ll be watching out the window for that Harley if you can make it down here for a visit.

Listen, I want to make you feel better about the ordeal of being put into a girly stroller.

I can relate.

There is something you don’t know about me Mighty Lou.

I have never told anyone.

I am only telling you and I hope no one else ever finds out.

This is really bad.

Oh yes it is.

This is something Mighty Lou doesn’t want the world to know.

I, Mighty Lou, get put into a stroller and pushed everywhere, too.

But get this….and this is the bad part……

My stroller is PINK !!!!

Oh the shame!


Whitey is Impressed

Wow, Mighty Lou!!!

You are the Caped Cat of all time…a real driver’s license.  I’m convinced we caped cats can do anything we want…that is if we have our cape on.  I really wish you could have made it to Sarasota in that fancy car. We could have some fun riding around together.

I was sleeping soundly and minding my own business



I had a similar problem yesterday, but mine turned out to be pretty embarrassing.  I was sound asleep with Harley when someone grabbed me and put me in a “cat stroller!”






How embarrassing!



Yikes!  A human pushed me outside and down the street and I could not get out.  Yes, my cape was at home.  If I had my cape, I could have escaped.  I guess I will have to sleep with my cape on from now on.






Meet Simone - new kit on the block


Some good news on our street – there is a new feline named Simone.  My Mom says she was adopted by some really nice humans and they love her very much.  It was her stroller I was riding in.  I knew it smelled like a girl.  She is pretty cool looking.  My Mom says she is a “Bengal”.

I guess that’s some kind of fancy cat.  Anyway, she is a rescue like us, so I guess she is pretty cool!  This is her 3rd home and her forever home.  My Mom visits her often and said she is very happy with her new humans, Gary and Judy.  Anyone who rescues cats is our kind of human!



I may have a surprise for you next week.  My parents are going away for a few days and we will have a cat sitter.  I’ll be able to get away with anything and if all goes well, I may be down to North Port on my Dad’s Harley.  More later.

Your caped buddy,
Whitey Wobbles