From the Files of Mighty Lou – April 20, 2015

Hi Whitey and Friends,

Were your humans going crazy this past week? Tax Day happened and humans scrambled. Each year it happens at the same time, you’d think they would be more prepared.

Prepared is what I was thinking about. Do me a favor, Caped Buddy….will you please pass on a way for them to be more prepared?

Tell them Mighty Lou says:
Mighty Lou says keep accurate records


​1. As you go through the year, keep good records and be accurate.





Mighty Lou's commitment advice



2. Commit your money to things that matter. It’s easy to waste money.




Mighty Lou says to challenge yourself


3. Challenge yourself to help others more than you did last year.  It feels good.

Tell them to remember our kitty friends at Cat Depot. Giving to help them really does save lives. Donate to Friends Like Me.




Mighty Lou says every penny counts


4. Every penny counts and the kitties benefit.

Think what would happen if humans just saved all of their change for a year. That would mean a lot of kitty food and medical supplies for our friends!


Will you tell them for me?

Tell them, my friend.



Mighty Lou will be watching



I’ll be watching.


Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader







Dear Angel Mighty Lou,

Hope you are ok with the “angel” part. I know there is reason you were taken from me and everyone else here on earth. I figured it out…it’s so you can watch over all the cats and not just the ones at Cat Depot. Am I  right?

You have an even bigger job now. Wish I could see the cape you are wearing. I bet it is awesome…well, everything is awesome on Mighty Lou. And I know you don’t have to wear glasses, cause you can see and hear perfectly in heaven.

So, of course, I will tell everyone to save their money and help kitties at Cat Depot…especially the special needs kitties.

I’m sure you know about the big celebration of your life on May 3rd at Cat Depot. I know everyone who is anybody will be there. I see lots of  good things coming from that event.

I’m helping my Mom bake lots of cookies for your party. I think we need to make some cat treats…I’m gonna go talk to her about that!

Go do your “angel” stuff good buddy. I feel better now that I figured out why you had to cross the rainbow bridge and leave me here.

Till next week,
Your caped friend, Whitey Wobbles

Whitey Wobbles is on a Mission to Help the Rescued Napier Cats

Happy Friday, Mighty Lou!

Just wanted to let you know why I did not answer your gooshy, lovey dovey email last weekend. First of all, I couldn’t believe the great Caped Mighty Lou gave his heart away! After I thought about it for awhile, I decided it’s a good thing. Li’l Lily is quite the looker! The fact that she is also a special needs kitty like us makes the relationship purrfect!  So…congratulations on your new kitty friend!

Whitey Wobbles at his mom's computerNow, I want to tell you what I have been doing. I was reading my Mom’s email (not allowed to do this) when she wasn’t home. I noticed an email from Cat Depot asking for help for the 34 cats they are caring for until the court case is settled. These poor kitties were neglected and need lots of meds and care. So, I thought I would send my own email!

I had to think long and hard on what to say and who to send it to. Since I couldn’t decide who to send it to, I sent it to everyone! I forwarded Cat Depot’s email to lots of my mom’s friends and asked them to consider helping those 34 kitties out.


Whitey Wobbles hides in the dryerThen I heard the front door open…yikes! It was Mom and I’m not allowed to use the computer. I jumped into the dryer and hoped she wouldn’t find out!

She sat down at her computer and started reading some new emails. Oh no! Well, guess what??? Several people answered by saying they would help! My Mom was so proud of me. She sent Harley to find me.


Harley the cat finds Whitey Wobbles in the dryer



He told me the good news and out I came. I’ll keep you posted on more replies to help the kitties in need!


Whitey Wobbles goes under the bed to take a nap



Time to go rest after all this work!

Meow for now,
Whitey Wobbles