Bow-Tie’s Bulletin

Dear Friends,

Well here we go. It’s Bow-Tie here and this is my first blog.

Meet Bow-Tie


I’ve picked up the magic wand and I’m ready to go. I know I have Mighty big paws to fill but I will do my very best to help special needz cats. And to carry on the very important work of Friends Like Me.

Please don’t be surprised if I spell sum things wrong. I never used a computer before. I never really used anything before becuz I had a very, very bad life before Cat Depot rescued me.




Bow-Tie came from a hoarding situation



My life was in a hoarder’s house. That will be part of what I talk about when I go into the public. It’s important that people know cats suffer there and it must be stopped. But…….for today I’m just going to let you know I’m on the job and I’m excited about starting my new life and new job.




Bow-Tie's First Gig


We went on a trial run to see if could behave in public. Of course I behaved in public. I’m on the way to a healthy, happy life and I’ll do everything I can to be worthy. My real name is Bow-Tie (remember the dash for uniqueness). My title is The Dapper Gent (wonder why??)







Bow-Ties' Name Tags have been engraved



My name is now official….

​Name tags were printed with my name on them. I oversaw the work myself.

So by formal announcement and introduction, Bow-Tie is on the job. Whitey Wobbles and I are still on the path to help special needs cats, and all cats. I’m on it and I’m getting all ready to go out to educate the public so they help us.
Bow-Tie is a small kitty taking on a big job


​I’m very small and it’s a long journey. But every journey starts with a small step. I was not able to walk well when I got to Cat Depot but I can walk now. So walk I will, to fill those Mighty paws and continue the good work.


In the meantime……




Bow-Tie is safe and comfy in his new home


I’m just very thankful I am clean, fed and loved. We need to work really hard to help every cat feel such security and safety.

Until next time, my new friends,

Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent


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Mighty Lou Gets the Final Word

Dear Friends,

I just took another adventure. This was my final adventure. I passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. Please don’t be sad, I don’t want that. What I want is for you to remember me for my Mightiness and my caped strength.

Mighty Lou's Final Blog



I was special needs and my second chance at life was special.








Mighty Lou had many adventures


The world is a big place. It’s frightening for a cat on their own. But the lucky ones who are saved and given a second chance get to enjoy it. ​I wanted to make a mark on this new world I was given and worked hard to do that.

I charted my own course and enjoyed every ride. My mission was to show people that special needs cats are indeed special. We may take extra effort, but we’re so worth it.


Mighty Lou Loved to Make People Laugh




My way of showing people that was to make them laugh. You just laughed, didn’t you? Good. I don’t want you to be sad.






Mighty Lou Loved a Party



No one loved a good party more than me! Bad Legs?  What bad legs. I could shake it up pretty good!







Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy



I wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Jackson Galaxy thinks he’s somebody? He’s met his match in me.





Mighty Lou on the Radio



I wasn’t intimidated by public speaking either. ​If I could get a chance to talk about special needs, I was there. When Mighty Lou speaks they listen (take that, E.F.Hutton).







Mighty Lou was committed to raising funds for special needs cats



My mission was always to promote adoption, support and love for special needs. ​I did what I could whenever I could to help Friends Like Me.




Mighty Lou admiring Mighty Lou



Of course I did it the Mighty Lou way because no one admired me more than me!​​​




Mighty Lou on the cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine



Except when it was the entire population admiring me….







Mighty Lou in his Tuxedo





No one liked a party more me. And, by the way, no one looked better in a tux than me.






Mighty Lou in his lion costume




Actually, I looked good in just about anything.








Mighty Lou weathered many storms




I weathered all kinds of storms in my life……but I did it with my Mighty Lou smile and those piercing eyes.





Mighty Lou fought many battles


I fought battles in my life. Not the battle of special needs but the battle to get humans to love us as we are. I was one of the very lucky ones to be so loved by so many.

So I leave some parting words for humans everywhere. Please consider opening your heart to a special needs animal. Special needs simply means they need a little extra. In exchange they give so much more back.

The Mighty Lou legacy will go on.
Friends Like Me will go on.
My love for you will go on.




Mighty Lou at Computer




Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my Mighty Lou-isms. ​I enjoyed it.






Mighty Lou's Final Blog




Remember me with a smile. Keep the memory, humor and uniqueness of Mighty Lou alive.

I loved you all.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader


Painting is exhausting work!

Lou in artroomI had to work all day on Saturday. My mom was giving an animal painting workshop and of course she needed my help. We got there early so I could be on hand to greet everyone.They all took their seats and set up their paintings. I made sure everyone was in the right seat. And of course I made sure they saw me.



Lou head of roomAfter everyone saw me and the purrfection which is Mighty Lou, I chose the seat more fitting the Caped Crusader. ​I went right to the head table. ​The head of the class is the place for me. I can see everything from here and supervise them all.
Lou demo


Mom gave demos for people and they all came up to “my” table. ​They were all watching the demo, but I was being ignored. Mighty Lou will not be ignored!
Lou on artwork

​You can get all the attention if you just spread yourself out on top of the demo and stop the whole thing!





Lou with photoMy mom talked to the group about understanding the photo reference before painting it. Hey I wanted to learn too, so I got a close-up look.





Lou drinking paint waterThis was a watercolor class so they had to use a lot of water. But if a guy’s thirsty. . . ​….a guy has to get a drink and the painting has to wait. Am I right??




Lou and little friend

There were a few visitors who came into the class to see what was going on. This was my favorite one. ​She picked that brush up and just started petting me with it. She especially liked my glasses. I liked that she pronounced my name “MY-t-lu”. Everyone loves Mighty Lou.



Lou with paint brushFinally, as it always happens, I had to show the humans how things should be done. It’s always Mighty Lou who has to step in to get the job done. This painting workshop was no exception. It takes the Caped Crusader to get it done right . . . ​So I grabbed the brush and got the job done.


Lou sleepingIt was a long and tiring day.

Until next week, my friends.

Mighty Lou

Mighty Lou’s Christmas Outtakes

Merry Christmas Week, Whitey.

Mighty Lou's Holiday Card



It’s been a busy time for me with all the parties and photo shoots I’ve had to go to. This is my family’s Christmas card this year. ​


Stunning, I know.









Mighty Lou Poses


I was thinking of doing my usual blog about events and such today. But then I thought I’d rather share some of the behind-the-scenes outtakes, just for fun. Everyone thinks your ol’ Mighty Lou is so photogenic. While I am, there are moments when I give them a run for their money. I like to mess with them sometimes.

Like this… There aren’t too many words necessary. When they see this face they know it’s time for a break.






Mighty Lou Goofs



OK, I thought this was funny. This was my editorial comment on the whole thing. But I guess it didn’t go over very well. I never saw it in print.






Mighty Lou poses



​Not sure what was going on here.





Mighty Lou's tail gets caught in tree



Here’s a good one. I got put in time out for acting up. In reality, I was just trying to tell them my tail was stuck in the tree!






Santa doesn't know how to hold a cat



And then there’s the day with Santa. ​Is this guy kidding me? He has no idea how to hold a cat.






Mighty Lou howls at Santa




I was forced to give him the Mighty Lou howl. This one was not my fault!







Mighty Lou's Holiday Pose



So you see my photo shoots are full of fun (for me, anyway). Every so often I do what they want, just to be a good sport. ​I could do this every time, but I like messing with them. Overall, I’m a good sport and a good model.

What a mug! Have a great Christmas week, my friend.​

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou’s Shopping Weekend

Hey Whitey,

So have you heard about Black Friday? And have you heard about all of the craziness that’s going along with it? Humans get themselves worked up about some of the craziest things. But I do love events so I actually went out there myself.

Mighty Lou Checks out the food aisle


Of course I headed right for the food aisle. Checking prices gets tiring though. There’s so much to read.






​I got a couple of things and gave the store guy a thrill. This is one of those “big box” stores and it was crowded.






Mighty Lou at his favorite small store


I chose to go on over to my favorite small business since it was Small Business Saturday. ​Over here I get a lot more opportunity to be mighty and go wherever I want.


Mighty Lou gets treats



They’ve got good treats over here.




Mighty Lou Noses Around his Favorite Store



​There are so many things to check out.





Mighty Lou isn't picky about his treats


So many of the things they have are for dogs. But I’m not proud. If it tastes good, I’m for it.

I like to sit up here on the counter and let the dogs on the floor watch me eat their food. The pool of drool grows and I like irritating them.


I did have to pick up one item of importance though. There was an unfortunate incident in my carrier last week. One of my sisters had to go to the vet and she used it. Let’s just say her body was empty when the got there but the carrier was full. Mighty Lou will not use soiled merchandise. I am a caped crusader who needs proper equipment.

Mighty Lou gets a new carrier


​So I got a nice new carrier. It’s purple to match my carriage. No girls allowed in this one!




All in all it was a good trip. Miss Nancy who owns the store, Cats n’ Dogs, donated 500 items for the goodie bags we’re giving away at next weekend’s PawPurr’s Walk Event. She also gave me several items for the raffle.


Mighty Lou is ready for the First PawPurr's Walk on December 7, 2014


It’s going to be such an exciting event I plan on writing a mid-week blog so watch for that. In the meantime, keep promoting Jingle Paws and PawPurr’s Walk on December 7th at Payne Park. Huge, exciting and benefitting animals in need! My cape is flying high for this event, Dude!

Tell everyone to get their walking shoes on and get over to Payne Park next Sunday. I’ll be there. What more do they need?? Registration is just $20 and benefits Cat Depot Cats.

Happy Week, My Friend!
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Starring…Mighty Lou

Dear Whitey,

Guess where I am? You will never guess. I’ll just have to tell you.

Mighty Lou at WENG Radio in Englewood


I’m over here at WENG Radio in Englewood waiting to go on the air. The radio station asked for your Ol’ Mighty Lou to help the humans again. We are going on to talk about Jingle Paws which is coming up on December 7th. That’s the big event put on by my friend Candace of Sarasota Pet Magazine.




Mighty Lou on the cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine



Of course you know her and remember that ever-famous cover….

She’ll be talking about the event and all the great things going on. Miss Lynn from Cat Depot will be there, too, and she’ll be talking about PawPurr’s Walk. That’s the portion of the day sponsored by Cat Depot for the benefit of our kitty friends there. A wonderful portion of the event.





Mighty Lou has his walking shoes ready for PawPurr's Walk on December 7, 2014


​I’ve got my walking shoes ready and sponsors signed up to donate in my name.

I know you have been working hard and have sponsors, too.

Great work, Dude!


Mighty Lou on the Air



So tell everyone you know to tune into WENG Radio on Monday morning. The time of the show is 9 AM EST. The radio station is 1530 AM and 107.5 FM.




Mighty Lou on WENG Radio Englewood


Listen for me. ​I’ll give you a special Mighty Lou shout out!

Have a good week, my friend.

​Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader






Hey Mighty Lou,

I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to hear you on the radio! I have been telling everyone I know to listen in.

I have had quite a week. This friendraiser stuff is fun, but tiring! I walked my little paws off trying to get as many sponsors as I can. I’m up to 18 now! My Mom agreed to walk 1 mile for each one, so she is going to be exhausted! She said she will walk the week before PawPurr’s Walk cause she will be working registration with your Mom. This event is going to be BIG for Cat Depot! I heard they are also going to try to find “forever” home for 100 cats and kittens. Isn’t that awesome, dude?

Whitey Wobbles in his tux for Mighty Lou's Wedding


Hey, I want you to see my new tux…it’s for your upcoming wedding to Lily. My Mom calls it a harness, but with my bowtie, it’s a tux  Get a good night’s sleep tonight and don’t forget to give me a shout out!

Your bud,





Hey Mighty Lou…it’s me again!

Jake and Cody


I forgot to send this picture of my friend’s Jake & Cody. They are both Cat Depot cats who found their forever home about 5 yrs. ago. They are both sponsoring me for the PawPurr’s walk.

Notice the blankets they are sleeping on. Ms. Peggy taught my Mom how to make them so she made them for Jake and Cody! These guys are really cool and they really are brothers. Pretty nice that they were adopted together, don’t you think? Their Mom & Dad continue to support Cat Depot because they learned how awesome it is!

Well, that’s it for this week.

Mighty Lou’s Working Weekend

Hi Whitey,

I’m up early getting ready for another day of work. There is a two-day cat show in Fort Myers and I’m there both days wowing the crowd.

Mighty Lou Front and Center


The middle of the table always seems like the right place for me. After all, I am the best work my mom does!

There I was, minding my own business and waiting for the public to enter. Just then, a lady I don’t know came up and was asking my mom something. Next thing I know, this happened…..


Mighty Lou with a harness


They dared to take my cape off and put this thing on me! I do not like this sissy thing. And it’s disrespectful of the cape!

Then it got worse.



Mighty Lou on a Leash??


The lady put a leash on me! A leash? Is she kidding? Mighty Lou cannot be leashed! Turns out the lady is a vendor and sells these items. Not to me, she doesn’t! She wanted me to be her model for the day. No way!





Mighty Lou re-dons his cape



My cape went back on and I took my rightful place next to the Cat Depot collection box. My purpose for being at the show was to promote special needs cats and help Cat Depot. That, my dear sir, is a dignified job.

What happened next was exciting.





Mighty Lou and his adoring fans



I was missing my Lily because she’s usually at this show but she had to be somewhere else. Two people came running across the room shouting “It’s Mighty Lou!!” And there they came, just wanting to touch the great Mighty Lou and let my mightiness rub off on them. They were talking all about the pending wedding and how they follow Lily and me.

Awwwwww, shucks.

It was a really busy day.



Mighty Lou keeps an eye on the cash box


Towards the end of the day, I checked the money box as I usually do. ​It is full. Time to turn this one in and get an empty box to get back out there. No time this weekend though, I’ll have to do some cramming because I expect another crowd on Day Two.

Whew.  I was tired at the end of the long day.



Mighty Lou rests on his mom's arm


On the ride home, I needed the comfort of my mom’s hand. She had to drive home with one arm, but that’s OK, I needed her.

Back to work today, Dude! Have a good one.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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You GO Mighty Lou! 

Whitey Wobbles


The hard work you and I are doing is well worth it. There are so many of our feline friends in need. We need to work every waking hour to raise money and awareness for them.

My Mom volunteered at Cat Depot yesterday and she told me about the great work they are doing with the spay and neuter clinic. That is only one little thing that needs to be done. The list is very long of needs, as we know.

I have been working my cute little butt off trying to get more sponsors for the PawPurr’s walk on December 7th. I’m up to 12 and guess who number 12 is……drum roll…Miss Shelley! Yep. Even though she spends most of her time and efforts on Cat Depot, she still sponsored the Caped Whitey Wobbles!

Well, I am headed out to visit some new neighbors and try to get sponsors. You go to Fort Myers now and wow those crowds with your awesomeness!

Over and out for this week,
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou Gets Stoned

Hi Whitey,

How’s your week going?  Mine was going fine and then I got stoned. No, no, Dude. Don’t go there. I’ll tell you what I mean.

You know I like to get out and meet new people. Parks are nice places to meet people. So I visited a nice little park I had never gone to yet.

Mighty Lou Meets a Nice Guy



Right off the bat I met a nice guy. He was very quiet and very still. At first I thought he didn’t like your old Mighty Lou. Then I realized ‘that’s not possible!’ It was something else that had him sitting so still.





Mighty Lou Spots Danger




Being the investigative kind, I saw the problem right away. There was danger lurking under the bench. My new friend was frozen in fear.







Mighty Lou confronts the alligator



The Caped Crusader jumped into action and faced danger square in the face. No ugly alligator is going to scare my new friend. I think I put that gator in a trance. He didn’t move a muscle from then on. Hah!

On to meet other new people.






Mighty Lou finds a new statue



This nice family seemed to be very close. They were holding bowls so I sensed maybe a meal was in the offering? They were antisocial though and didn’t even look at me. So much for thinking they were nice.

Mighty Lou is starting to catch on here. There seems to be a theme going on with all the folks in this park. If they don’t respond to me, it has to be them. Am I right? They’re just not normal.




Mighty Lou and Fish Statue



I sensed there was something fishy going on in this park. Fishy indeed. And it stunk!

Now I know why none of the people in this park were going crazy over me. They were all stoned, or should I say stone.




Mighty Lou is not amused



Mighty Lou is not amused. I will not be mocked by stoned humans! I will not be back to this park.

Later, Dude.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Parties

Hi Whitey,

Things are back to normal here and Mighty Lou is hitting the party circuit hard. I got a purrsonal invitation to an event called “Top Dog.” It was billed as “Florida Gulf Coast’s premier dog lover’s event” and was for the benefit of Donte’s Den.

Mighty Lou Arrives at Top Dog




Now I know what you’re going to say – “Why do we want to do anything for dogs?” You’re right, Dude, but this was for our friend Marsha Panuce. She’s so kind to me and to Cat Depot, I thought I would grace her with my mighty presence. ​I took the purple coach since there were dogs everywhere.






Mighty Lou Stays in Cart to Avoid Dog Drool



​Every time I attend a dog event, they drool all over my cape and I had my tux on. It’s just safer in here for me. I don’t want to have to hurt any of those dogs.


Mighty Lou visits the exhibits


There were some merchandise vendors there so I checked them out. This young lad was really taken by me. I had my glasses on so I could clearly read “dog treats” on all of those packages. Where’s the CAT stuff, Dude??


Mighty Lou's Mom on Stage


A special thing happened during the night. My mom had done a painting of Marsha’s dog, Donte, and it was unveiled on stage. ​There she was, way bigger than life. I should have been up there with her.

Mighty Lou's mom presents painting to Marsha Panuce


​The painting was unveiled. Marsha was touched…….I was proud. The crowd adored your old Mighty Lou. ABC-7 Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. He loved me and kept mentioning me as being the only cat and so well behaved. But of course!


Mighty Lou received a kiss from Samantha



I also met an old friend, Samantha, who couldn’t resist me.


So I mingled with the Donte’s Den supporters, saw Mom’s presentation and met new friends. Oh, and I had fish sticks for dinner!

Mighty Lou takes a napThe second part of the evening was all a bunch of stupid dog tricks. I was not interested. So I found a quiet spot and took a little power nap.

All in the life of a Caped Crusader.

Until next week, my friend,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Left Behind

Dear Whitey,

Well, Dude, it’s official. I, Mighty Lou Caped Hero, have been left behind!

Mighty Lou Tries to Find Out About His Mom's Cruise


I knew my mom was planning a cruise. I got my globe out to see exactly where this boat was going.I put my nautical cape on and got out the binoculars. What more could I do?


Mighty Lou Wants to go on a Cruise

My Mighty Lou tail even sprung into action to test the wind direction and speed.


Mighty Lou Charts the Course of His Mom's Cruise



I did my homework. I charted the course and knew the waters well.



Mighty Lou Checks out the Globe


I had my finger right on the exact spot for that cruise docking. I was on it, Man!


Mighty Lou Sits on Suitcase




But as the suitcase closed, so closed the opportunity for me to actually go on the cruise. It was packed, it was zipped up and it was locked. Look who is on the outside looking in? How dare she?






Mighty Lou fakes an injury


I was forced to reduce myself to actions unbefitting a caped hero. I removed the cape (don’t hate me) and plead for mercy…​I assumed the pose and faked an injured backend. Surely she will show me mercy and either take me or stay home with me. I moaned in pain and begged her to stay home and nurse me back to health. She didn’t buy it. I’m not a good actor.

Mighty Lou is left behind


​So she left me here and is cruising to who knows where. I’m left here wearing this nautical cape, which now has no meaning, looking at a globe that now means nothing.

Feel sorry for me, Whitey. I’m on my own for a while.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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