Glamour Puss

Hi Whitey,

It’s only the first week in the new year and I am already back to work. This week there’s a big fancy gig in town and they can’t do without your old Mighty Lou. It’s a fashion show called Catwalk on the Boulevard. Guess who is going to be one of the models?

But of course!

Since I am now adding modeling to my very lengthy resume, I decided to go out and get some glamour puss shots for my portfolio. You know, the kind of shots those fancy pants cats always get. Ready?


MIghty Lou's Formal Pose


Here’s my formal pose…..

You just gasped at my beauty, didn’t you?






Mighty Lou Poses While Wearing his Glasses


Here’s another:

​This is more me, with my glasses on. The photographer is used to taking pictures of fancy pants cats. He never saw any other cat wear glasses. He was quite intrigued with me.


I had to give him a little bit of my Mighty Lou-ness, just for fun…..

Mighty Lou Makes a funny face



​I quite like this one, but he didn’t.


Back to business….





Mighty Lou's Lying Down Pose



​Handsome is as handsome does. And I do it quite well if I don’t say so myself.

This event is Friday, January 9th at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota. Cat Depot will be represented. I hear tell there will be a few cats on leashes strutting their stuff. There’s also a rumor that Miss Terri from Cat Depot will be a model. She’s cool. She works for me doing my blog.

Mighty Lou's Serious Pose



Here’s another more serious shot but I gave it a little head tilt for fun.

I never know when my next opportunity will pop up but I’m ready now. Mighty Lou is versatile and ready at a moment’s notice.

I’ll report back on the event. Hopefully the cats that are coming from Cat Depot will find new homes. And Cat Depot will get good exposure to a new audience. Isn’t that why we all work so hard?





Enjoy your week, Dude!

Mighty Lou Signs Off


Mighty Lou, Model Extraordinaire

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