Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 11, 2016

Dear Everyone,

This is going to be a very sad story turned into a happy story.

That’s what I’m all about.

Taking the bad and turning it into good.

Cat Depot did that for me, and I believe in passing it on!


Cages with cats saved by Cat Depot's Community Cat teamHere’s where it all began…

…in a hoarding house.

Cat Depot’s Community Cat team went in and rescued all the cats.






Among those cats was a little girl, terrified and sight impaired.

They named her Blueberry.

Bow-Tie kisses Blueberry

You’ve heard her story before.

Her nickname was Turtle Girl, because she wouldn’t come out of her shell.


Blueberry with a harnessWell, not in Bow-Tie’s world!

I have been working with this little girl for two months now.

Look how far she’s gotten…

…I’ve been taking her outside.

That’s waaaaay out of her shell.




Bow-Tie and Blueberry outsideI’m so proud of her.

She stays close for comfort, but has started going off on her own.







Blueberry ready to exploreShe was born in and lived in a filthy attic for her first 9 months of life.

The whole outside world is new to her.







Blueberry and CourageShe likes saying hi to the kitties inside while she’s out in the big world.








Blueberry relaxesShe’s comfortable in the outside world now.

We keep her leash on in case she does something crazy.








Blueberry digs a holeOh wait. She did do something crazy…

…she dug a big hole…







Blueberry rolls on the ground…and then she rolled in it.

She had a good time.

She’s got a good life now.

She is healthy and happy.

She still can’t see very well, but that’s not important.

What’s important is she gets to be a happy cat in a happy home forever.

Thank you Cat Depot, and thank you Community Cats.


Blueberry enjoys the worldIt’s a big world out there Blueberry…

…and it’s yours to enjoy!

See you all next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 14, 2016

Bow-Tie and clock, pondering daylight savingsHi everybody,

Did you set your clock forward?

We lost an hour of sleep, but here I am anyway, writing the blog for you.





Bow-Tie preparing to paintWhat a busy day I had Saturday.

Courage and I had to help with an animal painting workshop.

We had everything ready to go and headed to the art center.







Bow-Tie and PorterGuess who came in first?

This big lug is Porter.

Cute, right?

You only think so because you see me looking at him.








Handsome Porter

This is what I saw…











Bow-Tie modelngWhen it was time for the students to come in I took my position.

It was important that I got to greet everyone as they came in.







Bow-Tie and dogsThere were two fancy pants dogs there to help me supervise.

They did a good job.








Bow-Tie kissed a dogOne in particular wanted a little extra attention from me.

“I kissed a dog and I liked it.” He he he

After that I thought we were friends.

But I’ll tell you what, you can’t trust dogs!




Dog stealing cat treatsReally…

…the thief stole my lunch!







Dog sniffing Bow-Tie's behindAnd here’s another reason you can’t like dogs,,,

…and this one is even more insulting.

How dare he!







Courage playing with paintWhat was Courage doing the whole time?

She was just playing. The dogs didn’t mess with her.

It was a great day.







Bow-Tie paw printEveryone had fun and they all went home with a nice painting…

…even me!

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent



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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – June 15, 2015

Dear Friends,

Hope your week was a good one. I’ve been out on the road talking it up about special Bow-Tie at Cleanersneeds cats. My first order of business was getting my wardrobe in tip top shape. I took my laundry over to my favorite cleaners for some much needed attention.

They say no cat has ever brought bow ties, or anything else for that matter, in to be cleaned. What are they doing then? I am a dapper gent and want to look spiffy at all times. Am I wrong?




Bow-Tie Inspects the laundry


I even asked for a boost up to inspect them closer. After the sniff test to make sure they were fresh, I gave my paw of approval.







Bow-Tie Approves of his clean bow ties



The finished product was bagged, tagged and delivered. Wonderful service and wonderful handling of those precious bow ties.





Bow-Tie wants to help pets in need



When it was time to pay I noticed something on the counter.
​My cleaners supports local pets in need, especially cats! They particularly help bad situations like I was in. I had to help them help the others. So I gave them what I had………



Bow-Tie donates his precious crinkle ball to help cats in need


…I gave them one of my precious crinkle balls. It hurt me a little to give something up but then it felt so good knowing I was helping.

Humans have money they can give to help. I don’t really understand money being more valuable than a crinkle ball, but I hear it is.

We need to continue to tell them to give those pennies, nickles and dollars to help cats. (Donate to Friends Like Me) Look where I came from and where I am. Every penny counts. Am I right?


So that was my adventure earlier this week. Then I donned a clean bow tie and hit the streets but more on that next week. For right now…………….

Bow-Tie Loves his new Cleaners


​……a big toothless smile for my purrsonal cleaner!

Bye Bye for this week,
Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent

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Mighty Lou Gets the Final Word

Dear Friends,

I just took another adventure. This was my final adventure. I passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. Please don’t be sad, I don’t want that. What I want is for you to remember me for my Mightiness and my caped strength.

Mighty Lou's Final Blog



I was special needs and my second chance at life was special.








Mighty Lou had many adventures


The world is a big place. It’s frightening for a cat on their own. But the lucky ones who are saved and given a second chance get to enjoy it. ​I wanted to make a mark on this new world I was given and worked hard to do that.

I charted my own course and enjoyed every ride. My mission was to show people that special needs cats are indeed special. We may take extra effort, but we’re so worth it.


Mighty Lou Loved to Make People Laugh




My way of showing people that was to make them laugh. You just laughed, didn’t you? Good. I don’t want you to be sad.






Mighty Lou Loved a Party



No one loved a good party more than me! Bad Legs?  What bad legs. I could shake it up pretty good!







Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy



I wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Jackson Galaxy thinks he’s somebody? He’s met his match in me.





Mighty Lou on the Radio



I wasn’t intimidated by public speaking either. ​If I could get a chance to talk about special needs, I was there. When Mighty Lou speaks they listen (take that, E.F.Hutton).







Mighty Lou was committed to raising funds for special needs cats



My mission was always to promote adoption, support and love for special needs. ​I did what I could whenever I could to help Friends Like Me.




Mighty Lou admiring Mighty Lou



Of course I did it the Mighty Lou way because no one admired me more than me!​​​




Mighty Lou on the cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine



Except when it was the entire population admiring me….







Mighty Lou in his Tuxedo





No one liked a party more me. And, by the way, no one looked better in a tux than me.






Mighty Lou in his lion costume




Actually, I looked good in just about anything.








Mighty Lou weathered many storms




I weathered all kinds of storms in my life……but I did it with my Mighty Lou smile and those piercing eyes.





Mighty Lou fought many battles


I fought battles in my life. Not the battle of special needs but the battle to get humans to love us as we are. I was one of the very lucky ones to be so loved by so many.

So I leave some parting words for humans everywhere. Please consider opening your heart to a special needs animal. Special needs simply means they need a little extra. In exchange they give so much more back.

The Mighty Lou legacy will go on.
Friends Like Me will go on.
My love for you will go on.




Mighty Lou at Computer




Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my Mighty Lou-isms. ​I enjoyed it.






Mighty Lou's Final Blog




Remember me with a smile. Keep the memory, humor and uniqueness of Mighty Lou alive.

I loved you all.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader


Mighty Lou’s Working Weekend

Hi Whitey,

I’m up early getting ready for another day of work. There is a two-day cat show in Fort Myers and I’m there both days wowing the crowd.

Mighty Lou Front and Center


The middle of the table always seems like the right place for me. After all, I am the best work my mom does!

There I was, minding my own business and waiting for the public to enter. Just then, a lady I don’t know came up and was asking my mom something. Next thing I know, this happened…..


Mighty Lou with a harness


They dared to take my cape off and put this thing on me! I do not like this sissy thing. And it’s disrespectful of the cape!

Then it got worse.



Mighty Lou on a Leash??


The lady put a leash on me! A leash? Is she kidding? Mighty Lou cannot be leashed! Turns out the lady is a vendor and sells these items. Not to me, she doesn’t! She wanted me to be her model for the day. No way!





Mighty Lou re-dons his cape



My cape went back on and I took my rightful place next to the Cat Depot collection box. My purpose for being at the show was to promote special needs cats and help Cat Depot. That, my dear sir, is a dignified job.

What happened next was exciting.





Mighty Lou and his adoring fans



I was missing my Lily because she’s usually at this show but she had to be somewhere else. Two people came running across the room shouting “It’s Mighty Lou!!” And there they came, just wanting to touch the great Mighty Lou and let my mightiness rub off on them. They were talking all about the pending wedding and how they follow Lily and me.

Awwwwww, shucks.

It was a really busy day.



Mighty Lou keeps an eye on the cash box


Towards the end of the day, I checked the money box as I usually do. ​It is full. Time to turn this one in and get an empty box to get back out there. No time this weekend though, I’ll have to do some cramming because I expect another crowd on Day Two.

Whew.  I was tired at the end of the long day.



Mighty Lou rests on his mom's arm


On the ride home, I needed the comfort of my mom’s hand. She had to drive home with one arm, but that’s OK, I needed her.

Back to work today, Dude! Have a good one.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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You GO Mighty Lou! 

Whitey Wobbles


The hard work you and I are doing is well worth it. There are so many of our feline friends in need. We need to work every waking hour to raise money and awareness for them.

My Mom volunteered at Cat Depot yesterday and she told me about the great work they are doing with the spay and neuter clinic. That is only one little thing that needs to be done. The list is very long of needs, as we know.

I have been working my cute little butt off trying to get more sponsors for the PawPurr’s walk on December 7th. I’m up to 12 and guess who number 12 is……drum roll…Miss Shelley! Yep. Even though she spends most of her time and efforts on Cat Depot, she still sponsored the Caped Whitey Wobbles!

Well, I am headed out to visit some new neighbors and try to get sponsors. You go to Fort Myers now and wow those crowds with your awesomeness!

Over and out for this week,
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou’s Moment

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou is ready for the art show


More big news from my end. Last night my mom had a big art show. Of course you know I’m the real talent in the family but sometimes I let her go out there on her own.

She has a one person show at Englewood Art Center and it will be there all month. Last night was the opening. Everything in it is animals.

Mighty Lou is dressed up with nowhere to go


Everyone was invited so I got all dressed up. Then I found out I wasn’t allowed to come.

Now can you tell me how they can have a show about animals and not have Mighty Lou front and center? Not possible. But here I was at home and there they were enjoying the evening.

Visitors Admire Mighty Lou's mom's art show


There were a lot of people there but everyone was focused on one or two paintings. They could not stop staring at the splendor of it all. Was my mom really that good an artist? Were these people just slow to take it all in?

After analyzing all of the pictures from the evening I finally determined why the crowd was so amazed at certain pieces of work. They were not art lovers at all………..they were lovers of Mighty Lou and they were staring at the portraits of me!


Mighty Lou's Portrait titled Kitty Slicker


This one is entitled “Kitty Slicker”.

One of my many admirers said, “That is Mighty Lou’s special eyes!” Sure is.

But the masterpiece of it all is my mom’s personal favorite. It got the place of honor and had the brightest light shining on it. It stole the show. What was it you ask?

Mighty Lou's mom displays Mighty Lou's portrait


The formal portrait entitled “Mighty Lou, The Caped Crusader”, unveiled for the first time ever…Ahhhh……now that’s real art! I sure love me a good portrait of me!!


Mighty Lou's portrait


Have a good week, my caped friend.

Mighty Lou, Super Model





Mighty Lou Works the Arts for “Friends Like Me” and Whitey Wobbles Discovers TV

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou supports the Arts


My public calls again. This time it’s the art world that gets to see your old friend up close and purr-sonal.

You know my mom is an artist. Well a group of her artist friends are having a big event and they asked me to be there in purr-son. I am a lover of the arts (well mostly walking in paint but that’s beside the point) so they asked me to help bring in the crowd.



MIghty Lou poses with flowers


The event is called Paint & Petals, so I got some flowers and did them a good Mighty Lou pose for their flyer. I know, I look really good with those colors don’t I?

Anyway, the event is called Paint & Petals and all kinds of artists and floral designers are going to be there. They will be selling their art for good prices, so it’s a great time to tell everyone to come over.



Here’s the information:

When:             Saturday, February 8, 2014
Time:              10 am – 4 pm
Where:           Sarasota Garden Club (next to Art Center Sarasota)
                        1131 Boulevard of the Arts
                       Sarasota, FL  34236

Mighty Lou helps his mom in the art booth


I’ll be working with my mom in her booth and she will be showing all kinds of pet portraits. Here’s the best part though…

All of my mom’s prints of her paintings will be sold for a donation in any amount to Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund! They are 11×14 ready-to-frame paintings and normally sell for $20 but on this day people can donate ANY amount and get one!



Mighty Lou adds up the cash


Can you imagine if they each donated even half the regular price to Friends Like Me? I am having a hard time adding all of that cash up!



Mighty Lou wants his cat treatsIt will be a fun day and there’s food! I think I will be able to get some tuna as a reward for all my hard work.


If everyone who reads our blog comes over to see me and donates something to Friends Like Me I’ll be bringing back a nice haul!

The work of the Caped Crusader never ends!

Love ya, Guy!
Mighty Lou



Hey Mighty Lou!

I am so happy to see you are so busy with events to raise money for Cat Depot! You are really in the spotlight lately. I plan to come to your event on Feb. 8th at The Sarasota Garden Club. I am trying to save as much money as I can, so I can buy one of your Mom’s prints. Then the money will go to Cat Depot to help provide medical care for our friends there. We need to get lots of friends to come too. I will ask everyone I know!

Whitey waits for his tv show


Now, I want to tell you what I discovered this weekend. My mom was flipping channels and came upon a show called “Cutest Kittens” on The Animal Planet channel. Well, I got up close and waited for the show to start!



Whitey watches his tv show


Then it started!!! It was so weird…there were cats talking to me and I couldn’t get them out of the TV! I watched the whole show, but none of the cats were as cool as we are, Mighty Lou!



Whitey gets some shut-eye


After watching TV for so long, I got really tired, so I climbed onto the couch for a little snooze. I had to cover my eyes to get some good shut-eye.




Whitey sleeps in suitcase


Then I was awakened by the sound of my parents talking about going to Las Vegas tomorrow. Well, I am not going to be left behind, so I’m gonna go get in the suitcase! See you in a couple weeks, Caped Bud!


Whitey Wobbles