Mighty Lou Heard It

Dear Whitey and Friends, 

Can you believe I heard something from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge? And did you notice I used the word “hear?” Yes, I can hear up here! All of the animals who were not physically perfect down there are perfect up here! Please tell the humans who loved them so much that we are all in perfect health!

Anyway, this is what I heard:

I heard that I am going to be a TV star once again! My friend, Marsha Panuce is going to feature me on her TV program again.

Mighty Lou does his happy dance




And this was my reaction:

My happy dance!







Mighty Lou and Marsha Panuce



Here’s Marsha and me. She loves me so. Marsha’s show is called Animal Outtakes. It’s on WWSB ABC7 in Sarasota. The show will air on Saturday, April 18th at 6:30 AM.

I know you’re up early but if your humans oversleep, they can catch it on www.mysuncoast.com.





Mighty Lou is still a winner



And so, Dude, your old Mighty Lou is still a winner……even now!

Thanks to Marsha and thanks to everyone for continuing to keep my memory and spirit alive!

I love you all.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader


Weekend Television with Whitey Wobbles and Mighty Lou

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hey Mighty Lou!

Whitey watches Mighty Lou on television


I woke my whole family up early today to watch the Animal Outtakes show you were on. I ate a little breakfast and then headed for the arm of the couch to watch TV.

First I had to watch a story about BIG cats. Well, they may be big, but none of them had capes like we do. One of them even let a dog clean his teeth…GROSS!!! Finally, the good part came on with a great story about Cat Depot. Ms. Shelley did a wonderful job of telling all about Cat Depot and the great work they do for cats of all kinds.


Nancy Colby on Animal Outtakes


Next, I got to see your Mom and she was awesome too. I wish she would have worn her Cape though. She did an outstanding job of talking about the cats she paints and special needs cats like you.


Nancy Colby's studio cats


I got to see some of your brothers and sisters as they helped your Mom paint. You are definitely the best looking Dude in the house!



Mighty Lou and his blue cape


FINALLY! The great Mighty Lou enters and struts his stuff! I love the blue cape on you.  Very becoming with your coloring.

You did a good job, Mighty Lou. I bet Cat Depot will get lots of money for the special needs kitties at Cat Depot. Maybe even get a few more adopted. That would be wonderful. A forever home for the Holidays!

MIghty Lou wearing glasses


I see you put your glasses on for the final segment. Makes you look very distinguished.  Good job, again, Mighty Lou. You work so hard for all of the special needs cats.

Time for a nap since I got up so early today. Oh, by the way, I taped your segment so I can watch it whenever I want to.

Your Caped Bud,
Whitey Wobbles


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dear Whitey,

You beat me to the presses this week with your news about the TV show. You got up early, Dude!  I love that front row seat you got for the show. I’m so glad you got to see the show and enjoyed it. Miss Marsha Panuce does a great job with her Animal Outtakes show. I love her (mostly because she’s impressed with the great Mighty Lou). She and her crew came over to the house for that interview.

MIghty Lou is Howling Mad


BUT……….they all went out to the studio and left me in the house!! I was not amused.  I was howling mad!

You see I live in the house and that Buddy Van Gogh character and his friend Monet live in the studio. They get to spend a lot of time out there with my mom and I don’t like it.

Last week I was after him because he looked like Suspect #1 when the Christmas tree was knocked down. Now he’s really on my list for upstaging me on the show. Mighty Lou will NOT be dethroned!

Buddy Van Gogh


So if you see this guy……..


…..get him!



If anyone wants to see any of the Animal Outtakes programs, go to http://www.mysuncoast.com/pets/animal_outtakes/.

Cat Depot and Mighty Lou were featured in Episode #1 and in Saturday’s episode (#3). Thanks to Miss Marsha and her team!

I’ll write more later my caped friend.
Mighty Lou