From the Files of Mighty Lou – 4/27/15

Hi Whitey and Friends,

Writing that got me to thinking about friends. Friends are what it’s about, right? If you have friends you have a happy life. I was lucky enough to have a lot of friends and that made me happy. Everyone is different and we can’t judge our friends for their difference.  For instance…..

Mighty Lou has lots of friends


​We can’t judge our friends if they look a little kooky. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.





Little Girl has a grip on Mighty Lou


​Sometimes our friends hold us a little too tight. But they love us so we let them hang on……..all in the name of love.



Mighty Lou and dressed-up doggie


​We should always tell our friends they look pretty……..even if they are a little over the top. That just makes them unique.




Mighty Lou and monkey friend


​And when our friends are less attractive than others, we need to love them even more. When others look away or treat them bad, we need to love them even more. They are just like us on the inside.


Mighty Lou and Lily


And, when we find that extra special someone, we need to be the kindest of all. We need to make sure they get our best. Even when our best means we can’t touch their food even if they don’t eat it as fast as us. Know what I mean?





Whitey Wobbles is Mighty Lou's Best Friend


Whitey, you are my best friend, my caped buddy. Carry on my mission to help cats especially those with special needs.





Mighty Lou's Kitten friends


Tell all the humans that cats make the best friends. Tell them there are always too many cats waiting for too few homes. (The similarity in looks to mine is purely coincidental)

Tell them to go to Cat Depot and pick out a best friend. Thank you, my friend.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

Donate to Friends Like Me – Mighty Lou’s Program to benefit special needs cats at Cat Depot.


Whitey Wobbles’ Vet Trip and Recovery and Get Well Wishes

Hey Mighty Lou,
I feel much better, so I will tell you about my week.

Whitey is ready to go to the vet.Well, my mom caught me and into the carrier I went. I did ask her to bring my cape along to wear during my surgery. Believe me, I was not a happy Caped Hero!  Mom kept saying I really needed to have this growth removed, so I gave in and quit meowing.

Cat HospitalIt only took a few minutes to get to the Cat Hospital and once I was there, all went well. Those girls loved me. They treated me like the Caped Hero I am, so I was nice and relaxed. Before I knew it, I woke up in a small cage and it was over!  I don’t even know what happened. It wasn’t so bad after all. The nice lady fed me when I woke up and told me my mom would come to take me home at 3 p.m.

Sure enough, my mom was there to pick me up at 3 p.m. sharp. I was sure glad to see her. A short ride home and I was in my own bed. Harley and Daisy treated me really nice. I slept quite a bit, except when my mom woke me up to give me medicine…I did not like that.

Whitey's ScarThe bad part is they had to shave my back and now I have a bald spot. They used glue to hold my incision together…cool, huh?  Anyway, my cape does cover the incision, so that’s cool. I’m all recovered and doing fine, so I will be back to my responsibilities soon. Hope you are doing more good stuff, Mighty Lou!

Until next week,
Whitey Wobbles



Mighty LouDude!

So sorry about your surgery! Don your cape and cover that cut, Man. Stiff upper lip. Caped Heroes can’t be kept down!

Caped Power Get Well Wishes,
Mighty Lou



Whitey Wears his CapeMighty Lou,

I did have my Cape on for a day or so, but I have found that I get much more sympathy and just about anything I want with the cape off! That way, everyone sees my incision and feels sorry for me. That’s Cape Power thinking, Mighty Lou!






Hey Whitey,
Just think of the cool scar you’ll have!
P.S. Lucy Lu  got adopted. I’ve got my room back!





Might Lou


Cheers to Lucy Lu!