Mighty Lou’s Easter Wish

Dear Whitey,

Happy Easter from Mighty Lou


Happy Easter my caped friend!

Today is an important day. Lots of people are putting on their Easter bonnets and celebrating at church. Lots of other people are getting out baskets, eggs, chocolate bunnies and colorful paper grass. I’m not allowed in church so guess what I’m doing?



Mighty Lou Celebrates Easter his way

I got me some plastic eggs, pink paper grass, a big basket and a purple ribbon. Mighty Lou is celebrating Easter!


Mighty Lou wears his purple cape for Easter



I wore my purple cape since that’s a good color for this day. I fit well in the basket and can hide lots of things inside.

You know me though, I don’t do anything half-hearted. Mighty Lou is always up for a party and ready for fun.

So I went along with this formal shot and did my part to look serious about this day. But I couldn’t hold the pose. I had to do it. I had to, Whitey. I just had to………

Mighty Lou Hams it up on Easter


That’s the Mighty Lou everyone has come to love! The party guy! It made you laugh, didn’t it? That’s what I like! A Mighty Lou induced laugh!

I did have a little mishap this Easter though. Miss Shelley sent me some new hats for my wardrobe. You’ll be seeing some of them in the future. Many of them were nice and I approved. But she went to far with this one.


Mighty Lou doesn't like his Easter bonnet


She sent me an Easter bonnet!

Me! Mighty Lou! I do not wear Easter bonnets! I’m a caped hero! Miss Shelley, thanks but no thanks…

Read my face…I do not like the Easter bonnet!

So Whitey hope you had a nice Easter with your family. Don’t let them put an Easter bonnet on you.

Might Lou being goofy on EasterAnd here’s to all the cats at Cat Depot…may you all find new homes really soon. And may that home not put silly Easter bonnets on you!

Love you, my friend.
Mighty Lou




Happy Easter to you too, Caped Buddy!

One bit of advice…lose the sissy, girl hat!  Give it to one of your sisters.

I have no pictures for you this week due to our big move tomorrow. I can’t find any of my stuff!  They even took my climbing perch. Pretty rude, don’t you think?

I think you look best in just your Cape. You are a handsome CAT, not a silly rabbit!

My Easter wish is the same as yours. Forever homes for all our friends at Cat Depot and an end to animal cruelty.

I’ll try to report on the move next week, if I can find the computer!

Meow till next time,
Whitey Wobbles