Mighty Lou is Grumpy

I am grumpy (in attitude, not an impostor of that somewhat well known other guy) about the weather. Can you tell me what’s going on these days?  Yesterday is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Mighty Lou in Blanket



I slept a little late because I was so cold. I had to get an extra blanket on my bed.





Mighty Lou hides from the cold




It was time to get up but I was not exactly into it. Everywhere I looked it said “cold”.






Mighty Lou Huddles in his Blanket



Are they kidding? Are we in Florida or what? Is it really supposed to be near freezing here? I don’t think so.






Mighty Lou dons winter duds




It was time to get up and brave it though. So the Caped Crusader did what had to be done. I donned some winter duds and headed into the day. You’re laughing aren’t you?








Mighty Lou Dons His Flannel Cape


Well it’s cold; what am I supposed to do?! I even had to wear my flannel cape reserved for only the most severe temperatures. It was still just too cold yesterday morning to do anything productive.

And I wasn’t having any of it. So I made the decision just to give in and go back in the house.

However………Mighty Lou does not give in even to the weather. And I must have the last word.



So hey, you weather….



Mighty Lou sticks his tongue out


​Take that!!


Until next week, stay warm and stay cool!

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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