Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – July 25, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Bow-Tie and Annie Sullivan on the counterThis was both a learning and an adventure week.

It all started when the doorbell rang.

Annie Sullivan and I were both on alert, because we didn’t know who was there.


A lot of people come to see me because I’m so famous (hee hee).

But I didn’t have anyone on my calendar.

I was confused.


Annie Sullivan whispers to Bow-TieLittle Annie Sullivan had to help me out.

She whispered, “It’s for me, it’s my Foster Mom!”

Foster Mom?

What’s a Foster Mom?





Bow-Tie explainsI had to do a little research on that one.

Turns out a Foster Mom (or Dad) is a very important person.

They provide temporary safe and loving homes for cats not ready for adoption.

Not ready for adoption means they are too young, too sick, or have behavioral challenges.

Foster parents take them into their home and help them get ready for their adoptive homes.


Little Annie Sullivan was too young and her eyes too infected for her to be at Cat Depot.

She went to live with her Foster Mom until her eyes got better and she became a few weeks older.

Her Foster Mom loved her and took good care of her.

She wanted to come and see how Annie was doing.

Annie Sullivan and her foster momIt brought a tear to my eye when I saw Annie reunited with her Foster Mom Karyn.

Annie remembered her and started purring right away.

Foster Mom Karyn was really happy to see how well Annie is doing in her forever home.


I learned a lot about Foster Parents.

People can be Foster Parents for a few days, weeks, or months.

They can foster newborns, kittens, cats, special needs, injured, or the behavior challenged.


Annie Sullivan plays with her foster momI also learned that Foster Moms bring toys for everyone when they visit!

They like to play with their foster kitties.







Foster moms bring treatsMore importantly (to me anyway)…

…Foster Moms bring food and treats!








Bow-Tie breaks into the food bagI found out Foster Moms let you do things you usually don’t get to do!

It’s really easy and anyone can be a Foster Parent.

Cat Depot offers a one hour class that tells people everything they need to know.

Fostering a cat or kitten will change your life and the life of the cat.






Foster mom kisses Annie SullivanAnnie Sullivan will always love her Foster Mom Karyn.

Obviously the feeling is mutual.

Everyone should find out about the Foster Program.

Change your life and the life of your foster kitty!

Thank you, Foster Mom Karyn.

You gave Annie Sullivan the good start she needed for a good life.






Bow-Tie kisses Annie SullivanI’ll take it from here…

…I’ve got her now.

Love and thanks to all Foster Parents and to everyone else.


See you next week.

The Dapper Gent

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Mighty Lou’s Warm Wishes and Whitey Wobbles’ New Digs

Dear Whitey,

Brrrrrrr!  It’s cold, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to think of ways to stay warm during this cold snap.

Mighty Lou Curls Up for Warmth


First thing I thought of was the usual feline tight curl. Keep your body parts as tightly coiled as possible to keep the warmth in. That only worked for a short time because my top was still cold.

I had to move on.

Mighty Lou tries keeping warm in a basket

The basket kept the draft out but I still had that problem with the top being cold so that didn’t work either.


MIghty Lou tries keeping warm in a pot on the stove


I moved onto the kitchen because I know some really hot things come out of there. This might not have been the best idea in the world but I tried it. Still, that top draft was getting in.

Mighty Lou tries to keep warm in the oven


OK, so maybe this wasn’t the best choice. My mom came flying into the room screaming in terror. I suppose it was dangerous, but I was cold!



Mighty Lou checks out the microwave


There is no flame involved in a microwave but she still freaked. Besides, I had the problem of how to pull the door shut and then push the button. Not very well planned.



Mighty Lou enjoys laying on the warm clothes in the dryer


Now this was a pretty good one. The clothes inside were nice and warm and the circulated air was still warm, too. But after a while it got cool and I was right back at being cold again. I knew resetting the cycle was going to be painful so I skipped that step.

Whitey, I just was cold and didn’t know what to do. We have homes and we are certainly warmer inside than outside. So I started thinking about all of the cats that don’t have homes. They must really be cold.

Let’s make this the year we get all of our feline friends adopted into homes! Because I learned one thing after all of my work today. In all of my attempts to stay warm I realize one thing. A cat cannot find warmth anywhere that compares to what those humans can give us.

Even with our cape powers, we are powerless to do it on our own. They have the one thing that can keep us warm forever and ever. The only true place it is really warm, the kind of warm us cats need is this…

Mighty Lou cuddles with his human to keep warm


…the arms of someone who loves us and someone we love. Now that’s forever warmth!

Can you hearing me purring from there?

Let’s do it, Whitey. Let’s get them all adopted into homes this year! I know you’ll help me.

Happy New Year, My Caped Friend,
Mighty Lou



Hey Mighty Lou!

I bet you thought I would never get back to you. Sorry! We moved on Friday and I love this cozy 2 bedroom apartment my parents rented while our house is being built. I have a few spots to keep warm.

Whitey Wobbles sleeps in Daisy's pink crate


The first is my sister, Daisy’s carrier. Please don’t laugh because it is pink. It has a nice soft cushion in it.


Whitey finds a perfect sunny spot on the carpet to keep him warm

The next good spot I found was in on the carpet in the sunshine. Daisy joined me and tried to get my spot, but I held my ground!

I keep thinking how lucky I am that my parents took me along when they moved. I know some kitties get left behind to fend for themselves. You are right. We have a lot of work to do this year to get “forever” homes for all of our friends at Cat Depot. Being a Caped friend of Mighty Lou comes with a great deal of responsibility. I plan to work very hard and use all of my Cape powers to better the lives of all cats and kittens. I’m sure I will make new friends in our apartment and I will tell them all about Cat Depot and the Friends Like Me Program.

Just a word of advice before I go rest…stay out of the oven and dryer, Dude! Blankets or a  warm human are better!

Whitey Wobbles loves his new patio


I want you to see my new digs. I get the little porch all to myself to relax and plan my next move.

Gotta go. Mom is calling me to get Harley out from under the bed. He isn’t sure about this new apartment yet.

Meow Dude,
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou’s Message to Hector

Dear Hector,

Mighty LouMighty Lou here. I heard the great news about your move into a foster home and I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you. You may already know my story, but I’m diabetic too, (among other things but we won’t go into that here) so I can relate to your special need. It is so exciting that you have found the purr-fect foster home. You enjoy yourself over there, behave and do everything you can to capture their hearts. I went to a foster home, worked my magic and they adopted me! You can do it. You just be your sweet, lovable self and they are bound to fall for you and give you a forever home. I’m there for ya, Guy!

Much love and thanks goes out to your foster parents, too. Without them, special cats like us would never be able to have a chance.

Be good, my new friend!
Mighty Lou 


Mighty Lou, I am certainly enjoying my time with my family. I have room to wander and many places to hide and just take a nap! My family likes me spending time with them too, and I know I make them really happy when I sleep on their pillows at night – not much room there but I just wrap around their heads!

It looks like the home routine agrees with me – they already cut my insulin in half. Maybe I can go off insulin like you, Mighty Lou!

Hector cuddles with his mommyMy mommy wasn’t feeling well one day this week, so I cuddled with her to make her feel better, as you can see in this picture.

All the best to you. And thanks for getting in touch.

Mighty Lou Meets Jackson Galaxy

Hey Whitey,  

Remember that Jackson Galaxy dude? The one with the famous TV show, “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet? The one everyone was so excited to see on stage? The one who came to talk to all the people about their problem cats? The one who sold out 500 seats in a week?  Well, the event happened on Saturday. The crowd gathered. The excitement was peaking. Mr. Jackson was in town.

Jackson Galaxy Meets Mighty LouBefore he went to the speaking event he came to Cat Depot for a tour. Little did he know the event of his life was going to take place. He did get a tour of Cat Depot and he was impressed with it. He loved all the cats, was impressed with their care and even spent time with a few of them who showed off a little. But, the thrill of his life was about to take place. Oh yes, Mr. Jackson was about to meet…Mighty Lou.


Mighty Lou and Jackson GalaxyI was waiting in the conference room for him to come and see me. Of course I made HIM come to me. I am, of course, Mighty Lou. MY fans come to me. He loved me, Whitey. As soon as he saw me he smiled and rushed up to me. He loved my cape and we had matching heads. He laughed.

Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy

We spent time getting to know each other. He was very interested in my special needs. He loved the story of my rescue by Cat Depot and the care I had to get to where I am today. [Everyone thinks I was saved by humans but you and I know it is the special cape powers.]

After our private meeting we all went to his speaking event. They showed a movie of ME, Mighty Lou! The crowd was captivated by my handsomeness and mightiness. They were clapping and laughing for old Mighty Lou! Then Shelley called ME up on stage. The crowd roared with excitement.

I helped introduce Mr. Jackson and we presented him with a cape. Now, Whitey, don’t get upset. It wasn’t a powerful cape like ours. It was just a symbol that he can be a caped brother. We’ll let him think he has powers but you know only you and I have the real power.

Mighty Lou is Bald


His speech was wonderful and everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards he signed books and greeted the audience. All in all it was a great day. I know everyone will remember the day the Cat Daddy came to town. The day bald was surely beautiful. Because they met the greatest bald guy in the cat kingdom…

Mighty Lou!


The Caped Buddies Have a New Mission

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou Looks Through His Reading MaterialHave you seen the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter? Hmmmmm?  Have ya?  Have ya? I had a little time between public appearances and wanted to catch up on some feline facts. There was quite an array of feline reading material available at home. As I was going through it I couldn’t find anything that I hadn’t already seen or that really sparked my curiosity. But then – wait a minute. There it was…right under my nose!

Mighty Lou sees his photo on the cover of Cat Depot's NewsletterIt was the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter and I, Mighty Lou, am on the front cover! There I am, in all my mightiness…

The featured article is introducing the new program Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me. The article tells a little bit about my bad, bad story and its happy, happy ending. There are so many more cats like me who have special needs. So often we are overlooked in this world already over-populated with too many cats and too few homes. We have special needs but we also have a special ability to capture people’s hearts if they give us a second chance.

Mighty Lou reads Cat Depot's newsletterI got my second chance and now I have made it my mission to help others like me. Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me is a program to help my special needs friends. People can read about it in this newsletter and then they can go to the website to help. If they go to and look for my handsome mug on the left then click on Friends Like Me they can donate a little or a lot to help me help my friends.

This is going to be great! I can’t wait to see how many people reach into their pockets to pull out a treat for me and a dollar for my friends!

Cat Depot Newsletter - Cat Depot ConnectionHey, Whitey, you better get a copy of the newsletter and you better look at it closely. You are pictured in there too! You and your cape, my friend, look pretty good! So here we go on another adventure!

This is me, Mighty Lou, and I am asking everyone who is reading this blog and everyone who sees my newsletter to please help my friends. And call me if you want me to come over and personally endorse the program. I work for treats.

Love you all!
Mighty Lou, Spokescat for Friends Like Me


Hey, Mighty Lou!

Whitey Wobbles reads Cat Depot's newsletterGreat minds think alike. I was reading Cat Depot’s newsletter when you posted your blog entry.  What a great story about cats like us. I had a broken leg when my humans adopted me. I didn’t think anyone would want a broken kitten. I felt so lucky to get a forever home. We do need to help our friends get homes. That is a great picture of you and I do like my photo! Makes me look pretty cool!

I helped sell 4 tickets last week to my mom’s friends for the Galaxy Jackson event. I hope all the tickets get sold, cause the proceeds all go to help friends like us! Isn’t that great???

I hope that everyone who reads our blog will donate to Cat Depot if they can’t attend the event on September 14th. There are lots of ways to help our friends. Donating food, supplies, money or even volunteering some time like my mom does – every little bit helps. I plan to sell more tickets this week, but I’m going to take a nap now!

Stay cool, Mighty Lou,
Whitey Wobbles




Mighty Lou and Whitey Wobbles Encourage Cat Lovers to go to Cat Depot to Find their Purr-fect Companions

Dear Whitey,

As if two days at a cat show this weekend weren’t enough, this morning I had to get  up early for another event.  Mom and I met Miss Lynn early this morning and Miss Lynn drove us over to WENG radio in Englewood.  We were the guests on the “All About Animals Show” hosted by Dee Ann Roberts.

Mighty Lou in Cat Depot VanHere’s what I was thinking when we loaded into the Cat Depot Van.  For a moment I got scared I was being returned.  I started thinking about life in the shelter.  While Cat Depot is wonderful and certainly the best, it is not a good home for cats.  We need a real home and a real family.  You and I are lucky, we live in loving homes (even if we have to keep our humans in line once in a while).

We need to really encourage everyone who reads our blog to go into Cat Depot, find a cat that suits them and sign those adoption papers.  Right?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could spring all of the cats there now into new homes?  Put on your thinking cap, Dude.  If we can do it, they can all do it.

Hope you recovered from that trip to the vet.  Not a good way to spend a day.

Mighty Lou


Hey Mighty Lou,

You are so awesome dude!  Working for the cats at Cat Depot is what we do.  I have my cape and thinking cap on.  I will come up with some ideas to get homes for all the dudes and dudettes still at the Cat Depot.  At least we can help raise money to feed them!

My Mom has some bags of cat food to donate to people who need it to feed their kitties.  Lets  spread the word and collect food, money and parents for our friends at Cat Depot.

Cape Power!
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou Gets a Present and Whitey Wobbles Has Cape Woes

Mighty Lou’s Present

Dear Whitey,

I am going to write my regular blog in the morning because I’m very upset right now and can’t concentrate.

All Mighty Lou Got Was this Lousy T-ShirtAs you know my mom was out of town last week.I was so excited that she was going to come home. She did come home. And, as they say when someone goes on vacation and doesn’t take you with them……My Mom Went On Vacation And All She Brought Me Was This Lousy T-shirt!

I am NOT amused!

Later, Dude.
Mighty Lou







Whitey Has to Share His Cape??

Hi Mighty Lou,

Eddie the dog wears Whitey wobbles' capeI guess I’m not the only one upset tonight.  That T-shirt you got is pretty bad for a Mighty Lou!  I understand your frustration with your Mom.  My parents returned from Michigan and invited my cousins to come stay.  If that isn’t bad enough, my Mom said I should let Eddie use my Cape to make him feel at home.  Of course, I said a big Meow “NO.”  But behind my back, she did this.

I like Eddie, but no one gets to use my Cape!  Don’t worry, I took it off him.  We need to get together and decide what to do about our humans!  They are making us look silly!

More later good buddy.
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou Goes Shopping

Hi Whitey,

That dog wearing your cape is just about the worst thing I’ve ever seen. What were they thinking? No dogs are allowed to wear our capes.  NO one is allowed to wear our capes. We need to get some dog repellent or something.

Mighty Lou goes shoppingI went over to our friend’s store, Cats and Dogs, to see what I could find. I was thinking maybe a new tag to ward off intruders.  She tried to show me some fancy girly tags.  Mighty Lou does not do rhinestones. Mighty Lou does not do pink ribbons. And Mighty Lou definitely does not do Hello Kitty!

Mighty Lou tries to engrave his own tagI went over to the engraving machine and figured I could print up one of my own. They were on to me and wouldn’t let me mess with the machinery.

The only thing left for me to do was just to dig into some dog treats and see if I could ward them off with some of their own medicine. I actually ate a few but didn’t think too much of them.  They’re grainy.

Mighty Lou tries dog treatsListen Whitey, get that cape away from that dog and keep it away. No way are we going to let a dog bring us down.

Cape Power, Dude! Stand strong against the enemy!

Mighty Lou





Whitey’s Cape is Returned

Whitey Tries to blend in with the statuesHappy Monday, Mighty Lou,

Good news!  I got my Cape back!  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  First I had to disguise myself, so Eddie didn’t see me coming.  I blended right in with my 3 frog friends.

Next, I carefully removed my Cape from the sleeping dog and quickly departed to my bed where I donned the Cape and took a little nap!

Whitey wants to use his umbrella so he can go outsideThis past week was very rainy here in Sarasota.  I couldn’t even go out on the lanai  because it was raining so hard.  That made me sad.  I decided to find an umbrella and wait by the door for Noah to come get us!

I asked my Mom why I couldn’t go to stores like you do.  She said when I get a lot older, maybe I can.  She thinks I won’t behave in a store.  Oh well – for now, I will have to be happy with your accounts of scoping out the stores and restaurants!

Whitey can finally relaxThank goodness, Eddie & family just left, so I can get some much needed rest.  More next week!

Your Caped bud,
Whitey Wobbles



Whitey’s Memorial Day Escape Plan

Happy Memorial Day Mighty Lou,

Ready to hit the road!


My weekend was almost perfect!  My parents were gone on a vacation for 3 days.  I had all my plans in order.  I found my Memorial Day scarf, my Harley hat and I was almost ready to roll.






The bike is ready



I went to the garage to make sure the bike was ready.  Looks perfect!  My Dad just spit-polished it!  I made sure I had a helmet for you, so I could take you for a spin when I got to your pad.





The scenery was perfect



I had a beautiful ride along the beach.  Even saw a pretty cool sunset.






Oh no!  Then it got dark and I can’t drive in the dark…back home I went.  I will have to try again and leave in the morning!


What IS this thing?



I am working on something pretty cool.  I see the humans using this thing all the time…I’m not sure what they sit on it for, but I’m willing to try!  So far, I don’t see why they like to sit here.  I’ll let you know if I can figure it out.





Marshmallow signing her autograph



My mom brought home this picture of Marshmallow.  Marshmallow goes to the meetings at Cat Depot with our moms.  She is really pretty and is waiting for some human to adopt her.  Looks like she is pretty smart…using a pen!  I’m impressed!






I am taking time to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.  Thanks to all the humans who have helped us be free and safe.

Until next week,

Whitey Wobbles

Whitey Wobble’s Busy Week

My mom loved her flowers!


Meow Mighty Lou,

Hope you remembered that today is Mother’s Day!  My Aunt Amy helped me get my Mom’s favorite flowers and I gave them to her this morning.  She was so happy!






Keeping mom off her feet


This has been a busy week for me.  I have been taking care of my Mom.  She had a little accident getting off my Dad’s Harley and twisted her knee. The doctor says she can’t play golf or walk very far for 2 weeks.  I have to sit on her to keep her down.  She is doing better and can do a little more now with her knee brace on.







I'm the only caregiver in this house!


Harley doesn’t understand and I have to fight him off when he jumps on Mom.  Mom says I’m her little angel!  I think she means Great Caped Caregiver!  I have been wearing my Cape so that Mom remembers that I’m in charge.








The Caped Caregiver!


Have a great week, Mighty Lou.  You know where to find me if you need me, good buddy.  Make your mom feel special today!  Our moms gave us forever homes and I hope lots more moms go to Cat Depot and find their forever cats to take home.

Later good buddy,

Whitey Wobbles





Trying it on for size

Dear Whitey,

I’m so sorry to hear about your mom hurting herself.  You are doing one good job of sitting on her to keep her down.  They sure do like to move around, don’t they?  Isn’t it nice when they sit in one spot and let us rest with them?  I love it.  I wonder if my mom can have a trip on the Harley so she can hurt herself just enough to let me take care of her for two weeks.  (Uh oh, did I just say that?)

Yes, I remembered it was Mother’s Day today.  I see these other cats around here trying to claiming her for their own but I know I’m Number One in her book.  I gave her some kisses this morning.  She loves my tuna breath all over her face, I just know she does.

They got a nice orchid to take to my grandma today.  I thought I would get up where I’m not supposed to be and try it on as a hat.

Just Right!


After a little adjustment, I think I got it just right.  I like it off to the side just a bit. Don’t you think it’s a good look for me?

Have a good week, my caped friend.  We’ll blog next week.

Your friend,

Mighty Lou





Someone's got to keep up the tough guy image.

Oh Dude!

What are you thinking…wearing a flowery hat?  That is going to wreck our “tough” guy image!  No more flowers on your head!  Give them to your Grandma….she is a girl and they love flowers.  The only time us Caped Dudes can wear flowers is on Halloween.  I do have to say, you looked mighty cute with the orchid on your head!  Did you get in trouble or were you smart and you didn’t let the humans catch you?

Time to go sit on my Mom.  She is trying to do too much!

Later Caped Hero!

Whitey Wobbles




The mightiest


I, Mighty Lou, do not get into trouble.

I, Mighty Lou, rule the roost!

I am, after all, Mighty Lou.

Later Dude.