Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – June 8, 2015

Dear Whitey and Friends,

Let me just start you out with a test…..

Bow-Tie's Choppers


See those choppers?

And see those other choppers?

What’s the difference???






Bow-Tie doesn't have any teeth




​The difference, my friend, is one has teeth and one doesn’t.


One guess which is which.





Bow-Tie's Selfie



I took a selfie to prove my point…………

Took this one hour after I woke up from a three hour induced sleep.

Note the glassy eyes and druggy stare.




They pulled all of my teeth out with the exception of six on the top. What I’m going to do with those, I don’t know. I guess I can gnash some corn on the cob.

When I got home, I was happy but a little unable to control my actions.

Bow-Tie and his favorite toy


​I ran over to my favorite toy. But once I got it in my mouth I forgot where I was again. I sat there for a long, long time seemingly engaged in a drug induced fixation.

That passed then the next couple of days were filled with soft food and more drugs.





Bow-Tie says No to Drugs





By day three I “Just Said NO”…….
No more meds for me!


Tomorrow I’ll go back to the doctor and get my medical release. I have had to lay low here a while until I was declared medically sound to hit the road. I’m excited and I’m thankful you have my back, Whitey.


So, here I go……….
Bow-Tie is on the Path


I’m on the path.

I see the light before me.

I’m ready to fill the might paws set before me.

Signed a healthy, happy and ready,

Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent

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Mighty Lou’s Message to Petunia

Dear Petunia,

Mighty Lou here.

It has come to my attention that you are working very hard to become the star resident of Cat Depot, to find a forever home and to become a caped super hero. I have been watching your daily activities and your attention grabbing antics. While I admire your determination and your agility, I find it necessary to put you in your place on a few issues.

Petunia on the LedgeYou are very clever and have captured the hearts of your fellow humans there at Cat Depot with your daily antics. Your most recent attempt and attention grabbing effort of walking the high ledge there is impressive. Your little girlish figure and those young muscles give you the ability to leap and perch yourself in high places. I will give you points for that. You also get cuteness points.

These things will endear you to humans and will set you in the perfect place to get a perfect forever home. I hope humans are watching your daily log and will come in a scoop you up, take you home and love you forever. Every cat deserves that and this is your time. Good luck, you little cutie. I hope you go to a wonderful home very, very soon.



If you think any of these little ploys will gain you a super hero cape, you are sadly mistaken! It doesn’t take cuteness, agility or intelligence to gain the super hero cape. It just can’t be done. Whitey and I have set a very high standard and this is a very elite honor bestowed on very, very few, possibly only the two of us. We are not going to allow any little girly girl into our inner circle. Dream on, Cutie.

You concentrate on setting your sights on the perfect human. Your time is now and your human will be there soon to take you home.It can happen, Petunia. Each of us in our own time have our dream of a home come true.

Personally, I hope you go soon so you stop showing off at Cat Depot and they can get back to thinking about me day and night. Mighty Lou will not take second place!

So good luck, Cutie. Send me your new address when you move into your new home. And forget about that super hero cape………… ain’t gonna happen!

The Great Mighty Lou has spoken


The Great Mighty Lou has spoken.