Whitey Gets in Trouble!

Hey Mighty Lou,

Sorry, I didn’t respond to your email sooner, but I was on a BIG timeout this weekend! I’ve been getting pretty bored in this small apartment, so I thought I would explore some new things.

Whitey finds the stove


I first  found the stove and thought I would sit there until my Mom made me some breakfast. She didn’t think I was cute sitting there! She made me get down, so I was off exploring with Harley.



Whitey and Harley discover blinds


WE found these really cool things hanging in the window. They made noise as we moved them and we could hide in them!

Well, guess what??? We got caught and had to get down again. Seems like us felines can’t have any fun!




Harley and I again set out to find something fun to do. We found Daisy!

You guessed it. Before we ever got to attack her, my Mom caught us and told us to leave our sister alone! Now, my Mom was angry with me. She said I better go on a timeout and think of some good things to do.


Whitey Wobbles has a timeout


I did some thinking about all of our friends who are still at Cat Depot waiting for their “Forever Homes” and how lucky we are to have our families. I’m going to work harder to help find homes for our felines at Cat Depot. I did encourage my friend, Gail, to foster Amelia Earhart and she is loving her new home. My Mom went to visit her today and she has a new name…Lily. She is extremely happy with Ms. Gail and Mr. Ted.

I plan to come see you Saturday, February 8th at The Sarasota Garden Club for the Paint & Petals Event. I am bringing all of my money, so I can buy one of your Mom’s paintings. I heard all of the money will go to help Cat Depot.  See you then, Caped buddy!

The new and improved,
Whitey Wobbles


Whitey Wobbles and Mighty Lou Both Have BIG News

Hey, Mighty Lou!

Well, we have lots to celebrate this week. Let me tell you about it. My Mom has told me Whitey Wobbles dons his capeabout one of her favorite cats (besides me, Daisy and Harley) at Cat Depot. His name is Hector and he lives in Ms. Corey’s office  I asked why he wasn’t with his buddies in the big pods and she said because he is diabetic like Mighty Lou! He has to be on a special diet and gets daily insulin injections. My Mom said he is a very sweet boy who loves to play and cuddle. She asked for my help in finding him a “forever” home or a foster home. I decided to accept the challenge and donned my cape for duty!

I headed for the door and was off to find Hector a family. I remembered my Mom telling me about a nice lady named Gail who volunteers at Cat Depot. Well, her beloved cat, Sammy, crossed the rainbow bridge a little while back and I thought she would be the perfect mom for Hector. I heard that Gail and her husband, Ted, just returned from for the winter…for Hector and his foster mom, Gailsome reason, they head north for the summer. I will never understand humans! I asked my Mom to tell her about Hector. Well, guess what? The very next day, the phone rang and it was Ms. Gail. She had Hector at her house!!! She decided to Foster him for now.  She was all gushy about sweet Hector is. Anyway, my mission was accomplished!


Whitey Wobbles takes a rest

I think I will concentrate on Petunia this week. Any ideas? Maybe she will quit bugging us with her silly agility videos if we find her a home! Well, I’m gonna take my cape off and get some much needed rest. Have a great weekend good buddy.

Cape Power!
Whitey Wobbles



Dear Whitey,

My news for this week is huge.  HUGE I tell ya! I have been keeping a secret for several weeks now and it’s finally time to tell the world. My cape was working full time giving me the power to keep it quiet but now it’s time. Yes it’s time to make the biggest announcement of Mighty Lou’s life yet!

I, Mighty Lou, made the front cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine!


There I am with my cape and my cape power tag! Don’t you love it? I am so honored to be this month’s cover star. This issue is devoted to Cat Depot’s 10th Anniversary and to the Friends Like Me Program. Inside there is a wonderful article about me, Mighty Lou and a big spread on Cat Depot through the years.

So how did this all happen? Miss Candace Botha called my mom and asked if I could be on the cover. My mom almost jumped through the phone yelling “yes, yes, yes!” Miss Candace brought Miss Connie Summers down to photograph me. We had fun playing in the grass and taking pictures. They said I was a perfect model because I went to my mark and posed as long as they wanted me to. Miss Connie was snapping away and I was loving it.

I was so happy when I saw the finished magazine I was almost airborne with my cape flying proudly. When Miss Candace showed Miss Lynn and Miss Shelley at Cat Depot the cover, they called my mom and were screaming into the phone with excitement. The magazine is out now and everyone can get a copy. It’s a very, very special issue for Cat Depot and for me.

This is huge and I am very thankful to Miss Candace and Miss Connie for their idea and for their talent that made it all possible. Mighty Lou is a poster boy!

Here’s hoping the issue, the article and the people who read it will help the Friends Like Me Program by helping special needs cats like me.

Thank you Miss Candace, Miss Connie and Cat Depot. You have made Ol’ Mighty Lou very happy and very proud. I love you all!

Mighty Lou

P.S. Pawtographed copies available for the asking!

Whitey Wobbles

WOW…double Wow!  That is the most exciting news I have ever heard! This is so BIG for Cat Depot and our friends like us. Our Capes truly have power. Whitey Wobbles is very honored to know the Famous Mighty Lou!

Please let me have the first paw graphed copy! Let me know if you need an agent. Whitey Wobbles will work for treats.

A huge Meow to you!

Your caped buddy,
Whitey Wobbles



Mighty Lou


You’re on, Dude, both for the first pawtographed issue and the agent slot. Capes rule! And we are the caped duo! 

Your Bud,
Mighty Lou


Whitey Wobbles Has Some Words for Petunia Too

Dear Ms. Petunia and Harley,

Whitey Wobbles is here to agree 100% with Master Caped Hero, Mighty Lou. I’ll tell you Harley likes to climb up highthat Harley has been trying to earn, or steal, a cape for well over a year now. He too, climbs up ledges and try’s to prove his worthiness…ain’t gonna happen, girlfriend!  Maybe you two should get together and start your own club or whatever you crazy kids want to do. Mighty Lou and I are the only caped heroes forever!

I do think you are awfully pretty and your skills are magnificent, for a girl. Maybe we Caped Heroes can put the word out to more humans and help find you a forever home. You do deserve it and I think your time is near. Keep us posted and I will tell Harley about you. Just to let you know, he is not always well behaved!


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil


From left to right in the picture is: See no evil, hear no evil and EVIL!!!

Have a good day, Petunia and keep climbing! No Cape EVER!!!

Whitey Wobbles the Caped Hero

The Caped Buddies Have a New Mission

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou Looks Through His Reading MaterialHave you seen the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter? Hmmmmm?  Have ya?  Have ya? I had a little time between public appearances and wanted to catch up on some feline facts. There was quite an array of feline reading material available at home. As I was going through it I couldn’t find anything that I hadn’t already seen or that really sparked my curiosity. But then – wait a minute. There it was…right under my nose!

Mighty Lou sees his photo on the cover of Cat Depot's NewsletterIt was the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter and I, Mighty Lou, am on the front cover! There I am, in all my mightiness…

The featured article is introducing the new program Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me. The article tells a little bit about my bad, bad story and its happy, happy ending. There are so many more cats like me who have special needs. So often we are overlooked in this world already over-populated with too many cats and too few homes. We have special needs but we also have a special ability to capture people’s hearts if they give us a second chance.

Mighty Lou reads Cat Depot's newsletterI got my second chance and now I have made it my mission to help others like me. Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me is a program to help my special needs friends. People can read about it in this newsletter and then they can go to the website to help. If they go to www.catdepot.org and look for my handsome mug on the left then click on Friends Like Me they can donate a little or a lot to help me help my friends.

This is going to be great! I can’t wait to see how many people reach into their pockets to pull out a treat for me and a dollar for my friends!

Cat Depot Newsletter - Cat Depot ConnectionHey, Whitey, you better get a copy of the newsletter and you better look at it closely. You are pictured in there too! You and your cape, my friend, look pretty good! So here we go on another adventure!

This is me, Mighty Lou, and I am asking everyone who is reading this blog and everyone who sees my newsletter to please help my friends. And call me if you want me to come over and personally endorse the program. I work for treats.

Love you all!
Mighty Lou, Spokescat for Friends Like Me


Hey, Mighty Lou!

Whitey Wobbles reads Cat Depot's newsletterGreat minds think alike. I was reading Cat Depot’s newsletter when you posted your blog entry.  What a great story about cats like us. I had a broken leg when my humans adopted me. I didn’t think anyone would want a broken kitten. I felt so lucky to get a forever home. We do need to help our friends get homes. That is a great picture of you and I do like my photo! Makes me look pretty cool!

I helped sell 4 tickets last week to my mom’s friends for the Galaxy Jackson event. I hope all the tickets get sold, cause the proceeds all go to help friends like us! Isn’t that great???

I hope that everyone who reads our blog will donate to Cat Depot if they can’t attend the event on September 14th. There are lots of ways to help our friends. Donating food, supplies, money or even volunteering some time like my mom does – every little bit helps. I plan to sell more tickets this week, but I’m going to take a nap now!

Stay cool, Mighty Lou,
Whitey Wobbles




Mighty Lou Visits the Eye Doctor and Whitey Wobbles Loses his Meow

Dear Whitey,
I know your humans have you all tied up for a while and you won’t be blogging me back.
Mighty Lou's Feline Eye Chart
That’s ok, Cape Buddy.  You just keep them in line and get back to me when you can. I’ll hold down the blogging fort until you return to us. This week?  No big public appearances for me because I had some personal business to attend to. As you know, I wear glasses on occasion (when I have to see).  So I was off to the eye doctor.

They presented that dreaded eye chart to see how good my vision is. They also presented an assortment of new Mighty Lou specks for me to check out.

Mighty Lou Tries on the Rimless Glasses

My first selection was these nice rimless jobs. They looked pretty good on me but I was up for trying others.

Mighty Lou's Harry Potter Look









This is my Harry Potter look. Quite attractive. I like the way the gold rims match my Cape Power tag.



Mighty Lou's Elton John LookAlways a favorite, here is my Elton John look. With so many outdoor events this may be the way to go. They also have the handsome gold rims to coordinate with my tag.

And oh yes, there are the reading glasses for getting close to my work. These are a must when I write the blog, read your blog or do anything up close.

Mighty Lou's Reading Glasses








Now Whitey, you know I, Mighty Lou am an original. I do my own thing my own way. I like to make my own rules and show my individuality. Oh yes I often march (or in my case limp) to a different drummer. Unique, that’s the name of my game. With that in mind, I decided I would be the one to choose my new glasses. No one else agreed with me but I am Mighty Lou. I do it my way.

Mighty Lou Hams it up for the Camera



Here is my personal choice for my new glasses…

Ha…made you laugh!

Have a good week.

With love,
Mighty Lou





Well, Mighty Lou,

I just have to take a minute and answer this blog!

I laughed so hard, I can’t meow anymore! I love your eyeglasses choice…perfect for the Caped Mighty Lou! When I get older and need glasses, I will do the same. None of these human glasses.

Whitey Wobbles Plays with his CousinsYep, my humans are keeping me very busy with cleaning out my toys, putting my mice away, etc. I  guess if things work out, we are building a new house. I hope I get my own room! Don’t worry, we are only going 1/2 mile away. I can run back to my old neighborhood from there.

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, so my cousins were here. They love to play with me.

I will keep in touch good buddy! Let me know if we have any Caped missions coming up. I’m thinking we may need to go to Cat Depot and help Molly find her “forever” home. That poor feline has been waiting so long and she is so cool!

People can read about Molly: http://www.catdepot.org/adoptions/operation-adoption.aspx.

Meow for this week!
Whitey Wobbles