Mighty Lou’s Muttini Mingle

Dear Whitey,

Why do dogs have all of these events to go to and cats don’t have any? This week there was an event called Muttini Mingle. It was a party for dogs and kind of a pre-Easter event.

Easter Bunny


There was a human there in a bunny costume trying to convince the dogs he was the Easter Bunny. The dogs fell for it. Mighty Lou is smarter than that. I knew he was a human because he kept taking his bunny head off!


Mighty Lou Puts on Rabbit Ears to Celebrate Easter


Anyway, I’m always up for a party for I dressed for the occasion. Yes I know I’m listing a little to the left but those ears were hard to control. I was still cuter than any of those stinking dogs.


Well maybe I stand corrected.

Mighty Lou meets Sparkles


There was one dog who went way, way out of her way to come in full Easter finery. This is Sparkles and she certainly sparkled. She came over to see the great Mighty Lou and she couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it either. I was looking square into her face and thinking “What are you thinking?” But Sparkles always comes in over-the-top outfits.

No, you won’t be seeing me in any get-up that outrageous.

Mighty Lou takes a stroll


At one point I had enough of those dogs sticking their head in my carriage to smell me. I took a little stroll outside to see what was what. Ahhhh….a moment of tranquility away from those dogs.

But wait.

Mighty Lou's Peace is interrupted by a visiting bird


Another intrusion into my Mighty Lou moment. A bird? Really? Come on. That bird can’t find another post to sit on so I can be alone?

The dogs were all having their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Late in the evening my mom wanted my picture with him. As soon as I got into his lap I had a famous Mighty Lou meltdown. It was the “yowl” heard around the world!

Needless to say I got put in time out and went home shortly thereafter.

Mighty Lou is angry that he has to wear bunny ears


But I ask you, Whitey, what cat wants to wear rabbit ears? And what cat wants to sit in a human’s lap when they’re wearing a stupid bunny suit? Not the great caped Mighty Lou. I was out of there!

Angry in ears, I am,
Mighty Lou