Mighty Lou, MD

Dear Whitey,

Will the talents of Mighty Lou never end? I say not. My work is always in front of me and this week was no exception. This week I went where no cat has gone before.

Mighty Lou - Doctor of Love


My official medical career began……….

I became Mighty Lou, Doctor of Love.


My little Lily got spayed this week. She was afraid but it had to be done. You know how many kittens can come from one little girl? So many the shelters could not possibly keep up. The world would be overrun with unfortunate cats without homes. (Sorry, I got on my soapbox again.)

Get Well Flowers for Lily from Mighty Lou



Anyway, she was spayed and I swooped in to make her feel better. First thing I did was send her some pretty flowers. They were waiting when she got home from the hospital.

She was a little groggy but she said she liked them. Once she started to wake up a little more she asked for warm whipped cream and catnip. That’s my baby asking for her favorite treat. She was back.




Lily Wears the Cone of Shame




Ahhh, but she was a bad girl and wouldn’t leave her stitches alone. Don the Cone of Shame……….

Oh, Lily.


She has a big event next week. It’s a luncheon and she really wants to go. So I am going to go with her, just to make sure she doesn’t overdo. This will be the first time “Mr. and Mrs. Mighty Lou” will be appearing together socially. You’ll see more on that later.


Dr. Mighty Lou


Can I talk to you man-to-man now? ​

As much as I love her and as much as I know she was hurting, I did have something I wanted to say to her. You know how girls are. They’re fragile. We’re supposed to be males and strong. But I wanted to say, “Lily, do you know what they do to male cats?! THAT is something to be upset about! Your pretty hair will grow back over that scar. We had parts taken off and they don’t grow back!”



Mighty Lou's look of shame


Now THAT requires the cone (or at least the look) of shame!!

However, it was necessary and I’m glad I did it. We have to all help control and stop the kitten over-population. Humans need to get us all spayed and neutered. It’s the only way.

Did you know that Cat Depot has received grant money to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries to qualifying kitties in Sarasota zip codes: 34232, 34234, 34235 and 34237? To schedule an appointment, please call (941) 366-2404, extension 320, or email spayandneuter@catdepot.org.

Pass the word along! Let’s declare 2015 Happy Neuter Year!!

Have a happy week, Dude.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Hey Mighty Lou,

I’m  proud  of you! Sounds like you took real good care of your sweet Lily…she is one  lucky girl!

I don’t  remember  being “teutered” (that’s  what cat depot folks call it, so they don’t  scare the kitties ). My Mom says I  was teutered  when I  was 6 or 7 weeks old. It’s  best to do it while you are a kitten. I hope everyone reads this and passes the word about spaying  and neutering  your cats.
Whitey's Dad Made Shelves for the Kitties


Now, I  want you to see what my Dad made for us.
Pretty cool!  Shelves for us to climb up to the ceiling!  We have the best Dad ever!

Later Dude,
Whitey  Wobbles