Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 11, 2016

Bow-Tie waiting for Cookie's arrivalHi everyone,

The New Year is off and running and I’m back at work.

This week I was called to do a very important job that involved a special guest.

I was up early and waiting outside for the special limo to arrive.






Bow-Tie peeking in at CookieFinally… the arrival.

(Forgive the angle, but I had to get a good look inside.)

Cat Depot sent me a very special guest, and there she was.






Cookie looking aroundIt’s Cookie.

She is from Africa and has a passport to prove it!

She is nine years old and was the much loved girl of a nice lady.

The lady had to go to an assisted living facility and sadly Cookie could not go.

Now Cookie finds herself looking for a new home.




Bow-Tie saying hi to CookieCookie came to live with me because she is special needs.

She has diabetes.

I told her it would be OK. I will help her find a home.







Bow-Tie and Cookie hanging outIn the meantime, we will spend some time together.

We are also going to get her some acupuncture (I know that’s needles, but it doesn’t hurt.)

Maybe we can get her sugar under control and get her off the insulin.

But, she’s very good about her shots, so the right person would have no problem.

Until then, she’s under my watch and I’m on it.



Bow-Tie and Cookie taking a napI’m glad I can help this little girl.

She deserves a new home for the second half of her life.

Special needs just makes her even more special.









Thanks to my friend Miss Dee for bringing Cookie from Cat Depot to my house.

Bow-Tie and Miss Dee

Although clearly the only reason she came was to get a Bow-Tie hug!

See you all next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Vet Gives Mighty Lou Bad Diagnosis

Hi Whitey,

Got ya with that subject line, didn’t I? Nobody likes to get a bad diagnosis from a doctor or in our case a vet. But I got one this week. Here’s how it went.

Mighty Lou and Dr. Anita Holt


Dr. Anita Holt is both my friend and my vet. She’s the one who came to my house and gave me acupuncture. She brought treats and I didn’t mind one minute when she stuck those needles into me.

Mighty Lou and Miss Shelley


Miss Shelley is a witness to the good relationship I have with  Dr. Holt. She came over and saw first-hand how well-mannered I was during my treatments.



Mighty Lou is not fond of waiting


OK, so this week I traveled over to Dr. Holt’s office for my annual check-up. I took a seat and waited for the doctor. Mighty Lou demands service and doesn’t like being kept waiting though.



Mighty Lou Contemplates Jumping Off the Counter



At one point I thought I would leave the table and go look for the doctor myself.

On second thought it looked a little too far down for me to jump.

On the other paw, maybe I could make out better staying up here.

Mighty Lou Spots Some Treats


I eyed some treats over there and I just may be able to make that jump.

Just then though Dr. Holt came in and we had a nice little visit. She said I looked great (of course I knew that) and she would send her assistant in to take a little blood. Mighty Lou is not squeamish about blood. After all the medical issues I’ve had in the past taking a little blood is nothing.

I was wrong.


Mighty Lou isn't happy to see the assistants in leather gloves

Dr. Holt didn’t send her “assistant” in. She sent three wrestlers dressed in assistant clothing in to strong arm Mighty Lou!! Their faces looked friendly but they were armed with leather gloves up to their elbows and needles!

One of them took me down in a choke hold before I knew it. I didn’t hear her come up from behind me and I was down before I could react!

They said Dr. Holt told them I didn’t like my back end touched and they needed to be prepared. Prepared!? Give a guy a chance!

I may have been nice to them. Though I am known to nip a little (ok, bite) but give me a chance.

MIghty Lou is still held down by the assistant with the leather gloves

That gloved one never broke her hold. She kept me down the whole time they drew the blood. Even as they discussed it with my mom she kept her leather fingers around my neck.

Whitey, does this look like the face of a bad actor? Don’t you think she could have let me go? This is insulting.

I had my Cape Power tag on but next time they’re getting the full cape and maybe they won’t mess with me.

The diagnosis?

Well, every single report came back as 100% purr-fect! Mighty Lou is healthy and there is no evidence left of any of the multiple medical issues I came to Cat Depot with. I go down in the medical archives as a success story for Cat Depot.

BUT……I have “bad” written on my chart at Dr. Holt’s office. And the assistants have those big leather gloves hanging next to my chart for my next visit.

I’ll be ready next time though. They haven’t seen the last of me.

But for now….

Mighty Lou leaves the doctor's office


Mighty Lou has left the doctor’s office.

Until next week my good buddy,
Mighty Lou



Mighty Lou Spring Breaker

Hey there Whitey,

Have you heard of Spring Break? It’s supposed to be a break from classes but what it really seems to be is Party Time!

Your Ol’ Mighty Lou loves a party and I decided I needed a spring break, too. So here’s how it went.

Mighty Lou goes on Spring Break


I got out my pool gear, Cat Depot sippy cup, boom box (of course I can’t hear it) and my private palm tree. It felt nice and warm in the sun.



Mighty Lou suns himself on Spring Break


You’ll notice I am not wearing my cape. I’ve heard a lot about “nudie” beaches so I went Full Monty!

It was getting a little warm after a while and I was getting a little restless. Time to make things happen.


Mighty Lou Gets A Shovel And Inner Tube


Let’s get this shovel out and maybe the inner tube. Seems like things should be a little more exciting than just sitting on a towel in the sun. A guy has to make his own fun.

Fun? Ahhhh….that’s Mighty Lou’s middle name.

Watch it now, Whitey…….



Mighty Lou on a Boogie Board


Dude, this is not Photoshopped. I actually got on that boogie board and rode the wild waves! OK, there weren’t wild waves in the pool but I did ride the board.



Mighty Lou dons his goggles



It was a little easier to see once I got my goggles on. It also helped that my back legs are flattened out – gave me a steadier stance. Aren’t I a good looking surfer?

Mighty Lou relaxes on Spring Break


After all of that surfing excitement it was time to rest in a nice shady spot. And then in a very short time I did something I like to do after any day of activity…




Mighty Lou takes a nap on Spring Break


Take a nice little cat nap and dream about my latest adventure. I had to dream about the girls in bikinis, too, because my Full Monty effort proved to have no takers.

So that was my Spring Break adventure.

One more thing.

What’s that you say? One more word from Surfer Mighty Lou…

Look down and see what I say…..

Mighty Lou is a cool surfer dude.



Ride the wave and ride it high, Guy!!
Mighty Lou




Mighty Lou is in Love!

Dear Whitey,

This is going to shock you, dude.

It was Valentine’s Day and it got me to thinking about the girls. Sure, years ago I got the “snip snip,” (I know you know what I mean) but I still “think” about the girls. So I set out on an adventure to meet a very nice young lady named Li’l Lily.

She belongs to a friend of my mom’s. She sounded purr-fect for me because she is a special needs little girl, too.

Diabetic Kitty Mighty Lou gets a picnic ready for his girlfriend



I got a nice little picnic lunch for us. I brought her some flowers and I waited. You’ll notice I also wore a new red, white and blue cape to match the tablecloth. She needed to know I was an all American boy.

Mighty Lou's date, Lil Lily Arrives to the Picnic



There she was! She arrived in a little pink carriage, very fitting for a little princess.



The first thing she did was smell the flower I brought her. She loved them. Tip Dude…..always lead with a gift when you’re wooing the girls.

See her front legs? She was born without one of the bones in her front legs so she stands up like that a lot. She has to walk on her elbows.



She’s purrfect for me! My back legs don’t work and I have to walk on my knees! Ahhhh….a match made in Heaven.

Mighty Lou and Lil Lily Enjoy their picnic lunch


We had a nice chicken salad lunch. She’s a dainty little girl. I wanted to snatch her food up but I was a gentleman. She’s a slow eater though and I was tempted.



Lil Lily Jumps into the Picnic Basket


After our lunch she got silly and jumped into the picnic basket. Actually, when I take a closer look at this picture, I think I know what she’s doing. She’s praying thanks that her knight in shining cape found her! Don’t you think so?


MIghty Lou and Lil Lily Relax after Lunch



We spent some quiet time together after a nice lunch. Sweet little girl put a flower behind her ear. I was more dignified because I really wanted to show her my handsomeness. She was really going for me.


Lil Lily Tries to Take Mighty Lou's Cape Home with Her


When our moms talked about leaving for the day, she jumped into her carrier and wanted to take my cape home with her. She was loving Ol’ Mighty Lou!

Mighty Lou is in LoveSo Whitey, it was a great Valentine’s Day for your friend Mighty Lou. I met the love of my life in Li’l Lily. Her differences just made me love her more. Special needs animals need a special human to accept and love us. It’s my hope that humans embrace our differences.

I was lucky to find my special human. Li’l Lily was lucky to find her special human.

And now Li’l Lily and your Mighty Lou have found each other and I will never be the same!

Mighty Lou is a changed cat because of Love



Until next week.

Your friend and Li’l Lily’s man,
Mighty Lou




Mighty Lou’s Message to Hector

Dear Hector,

Mighty LouMighty Lou here. I heard the great news about your move into a foster home and I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you. You may already know my story, but I’m diabetic too, (among other things but we won’t go into that here) so I can relate to your special need. It is so exciting that you have found the purr-fect foster home. You enjoy yourself over there, behave and do everything you can to capture their hearts. I went to a foster home, worked my magic and they adopted me! You can do it. You just be your sweet, lovable self and they are bound to fall for you and give you a forever home. I’m there for ya, Guy!

Much love and thanks goes out to your foster parents, too. Without them, special cats like us would never be able to have a chance.

Be good, my new friend!
Mighty Lou 


Mighty Lou, I am certainly enjoying my time with my family. I have room to wander and many places to hide and just take a nap! My family likes me spending time with them too, and I know I make them really happy when I sleep on their pillows at night – not much room there but I just wrap around their heads!

It looks like the home routine agrees with me – they already cut my insulin in half. Maybe I can go off insulin like you, Mighty Lou!

Hector cuddles with his mommyMy mommy wasn’t feeling well one day this week, so I cuddled with her to make her feel better, as you can see in this picture.

All the best to you. And thanks for getting in touch.

Whitey Wobbles and Mighty Lou Both Have BIG News

Hey, Mighty Lou!

Well, we have lots to celebrate this week. Let me tell you about it. My Mom has told me Whitey Wobbles dons his capeabout one of her favorite cats (besides me, Daisy and Harley) at Cat Depot. His name is Hector and he lives in Ms. Corey’s office  I asked why he wasn’t with his buddies in the big pods and she said because he is diabetic like Mighty Lou! He has to be on a special diet and gets daily insulin injections. My Mom said he is a very sweet boy who loves to play and cuddle. She asked for my help in finding him a “forever” home or a foster home. I decided to accept the challenge and donned my cape for duty!

I headed for the door and was off to find Hector a family. I remembered my Mom telling me about a nice lady named Gail who volunteers at Cat Depot. Well, her beloved cat, Sammy, crossed the rainbow bridge a little while back and I thought she would be the perfect mom for Hector. I heard that Gail and her husband, Ted, just returned from for the winter…for Hector and his foster mom, Gailsome reason, they head north for the summer. I will never understand humans! I asked my Mom to tell her about Hector. Well, guess what? The very next day, the phone rang and it was Ms. Gail. She had Hector at her house!!! She decided to Foster him for now.  She was all gushy about sweet Hector is. Anyway, my mission was accomplished!


Whitey Wobbles takes a rest

I think I will concentrate on Petunia this week. Any ideas? Maybe she will quit bugging us with her silly agility videos if we find her a home! Well, I’m gonna take my cape off and get some much needed rest. Have a great weekend good buddy.

Cape Power!
Whitey Wobbles



Dear Whitey,

My news for this week is huge.  HUGE I tell ya! I have been keeping a secret for several weeks now and it’s finally time to tell the world. My cape was working full time giving me the power to keep it quiet but now it’s time. Yes it’s time to make the biggest announcement of Mighty Lou’s life yet!

I, Mighty Lou, made the front cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine!


There I am with my cape and my cape power tag! Don’t you love it? I am so honored to be this month’s cover star. This issue is devoted to Cat Depot’s 10th Anniversary and to the Friends Like Me Program. Inside there is a wonderful article about me, Mighty Lou and a big spread on Cat Depot through the years.

So how did this all happen? Miss Candace Botha called my mom and asked if I could be on the cover. My mom almost jumped through the phone yelling “yes, yes, yes!” Miss Candace brought Miss Connie Summers down to photograph me. We had fun playing in the grass and taking pictures. They said I was a perfect model because I went to my mark and posed as long as they wanted me to. Miss Connie was snapping away and I was loving it.

I was so happy when I saw the finished magazine I was almost airborne with my cape flying proudly. When Miss Candace showed Miss Lynn and Miss Shelley at Cat Depot the cover, they called my mom and were screaming into the phone with excitement. The magazine is out now and everyone can get a copy. It’s a very, very special issue for Cat Depot and for me.

This is huge and I am very thankful to Miss Candace and Miss Connie for their idea and for their talent that made it all possible. Mighty Lou is a poster boy!

Here’s hoping the issue, the article and the people who read it will help the Friends Like Me Program by helping special needs cats like me.

Thank you Miss Candace, Miss Connie and Cat Depot. You have made Ol’ Mighty Lou very happy and very proud. I love you all!

Mighty Lou

P.S. Pawtographed copies available for the asking!

Whitey Wobbles

WOW…double Wow!  That is the most exciting news I have ever heard! This is so BIG for Cat Depot and our friends like us. Our Capes truly have power. Whitey Wobbles is very honored to know the Famous Mighty Lou!

Please let me have the first paw graphed copy! Let me know if you need an agent. Whitey Wobbles will work for treats.

A huge Meow to you!

Your caped buddy,
Whitey Wobbles



Mighty Lou


You’re on, Dude, both for the first pawtographed issue and the agent slot. Capes rule! And we are the caped duo! 

Your Bud,
Mighty Lou


Mighty Lou Teaches an Art Class and Whitey Wobbles Goes into Hiding

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou and Sandi HilliardYour old Mighty Lou enjoyed this week. You saw my previous blog about me meeting your mom and running that meeting over there at Cat Depot. Well that was the same day I had other work to do. I put on my cape and my artist beret and went with my mom to help teach her class at North Port Art Center.

As soon as I got there, Director Sandi Hilliard, had to check my membership. I’m guessing she did not quite understand that I, Mighty Lou, don’t need a membership. I get into any place simply because I am who I am. She was captivated by my looks and my outstanding attire so she granted me entrance without signing on the dotted line.

Mighty Lou visits the gift shop


My first stop was the nice gift shop. Never know when you might find something. Sandi showed me a few things she thought I might like. She was right, I found a few friends in there but I had my eye on something else out in the gallery.

Mighty Lou admires the fish portrait


A nice painting of a fish. Now that’s a good choice for a cat. I’ll take it.


Mighty Lou Joins the class

Then it was on to the classroom to create our works of art. The girls were quite captivated by my self-portrait. Or maybe they were captivated just because I am Mighty Lou.

Mighty Lou takes a nap


Painting that self-portrait and entertaining those girls tired old Mighty Lou out. It was time for me to take a little cat nap while they did their own work.


Mighty Lou gets a new colorful cape



I woke up to a gift from the class. They painted me a new cape to remember the day. Quite colorful, don’t you think?

That was my day on Tuesday but then I had an extra surprise on Wednesday. Miss Kim Cool and Miss Louise Hall featured me in another newspaper article. There I was on the front page of the North Port Sun! The article is entitled “Mighty Lou is a Super Cat!” They sure know me, don’t they?

Mighty Lou's Portrait


Then yet another moment of glory. I saw a portrait of me, Mighty Lou, hanging in the art gallery! My mom did it.

Mighty Lou signs off


Whew! Mighty Lou is tired after all of that activity! So this is me signing out…

Mighty Lou
Artist Extraordinaire




Hey Mighty Lou,

I hope you get this ok, because I am in the bathroom hiding from my humans. All was going so well this week until the phone rang yesterday and I overheard my mom talking to my doctor’s office. They said I was to be at the office Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. Next, the nice lady said that I couldn’t eat anything after 10 p.m. tonight. Yikes! They are going to starve me. Oh, but I can have water.  Woop-dee do! When you are hungry, water is no Whitey hides in the bathroomgood! The really bad part is, she said I would have to stay at the office all day. They are going to put me to sleep (I guess someone will sing me a lullaby) and then take a growth off my back. Last time I saw Dr. King, they checked this growth and he said it should come off. Nothing serious he said. Well, it is serious to me! I have my cape ready in case my mom finds me and I have to go through with this procedure. I will keep you posted.

By the way, you are quite the artist, Mighty Lou! Your talents never cease to amaze your caped friend!

Wish me luck.
Whitey Wobbles


The Caped Buddies Have a New Mission

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou Looks Through His Reading MaterialHave you seen the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter? Hmmmmm?  Have ya?  Have ya? I had a little time between public appearances and wanted to catch up on some feline facts. There was quite an array of feline reading material available at home. As I was going through it I couldn’t find anything that I hadn’t already seen or that really sparked my curiosity. But then – wait a minute. There it was…right under my nose!

Mighty Lou sees his photo on the cover of Cat Depot's NewsletterIt was the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter and I, Mighty Lou, am on the front cover! There I am, in all my mightiness…

The featured article is introducing the new program Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me. The article tells a little bit about my bad, bad story and its happy, happy ending. There are so many more cats like me who have special needs. So often we are overlooked in this world already over-populated with too many cats and too few homes. We have special needs but we also have a special ability to capture people’s hearts if they give us a second chance.

Mighty Lou reads Cat Depot's newsletterI got my second chance and now I have made it my mission to help others like me. Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me is a program to help my special needs friends. People can read about it in this newsletter and then they can go to the website to help. If they go to and look for my handsome mug on the left then click on Friends Like Me they can donate a little or a lot to help me help my friends.

This is going to be great! I can’t wait to see how many people reach into their pockets to pull out a treat for me and a dollar for my friends!

Cat Depot Newsletter - Cat Depot ConnectionHey, Whitey, you better get a copy of the newsletter and you better look at it closely. You are pictured in there too! You and your cape, my friend, look pretty good! So here we go on another adventure!

This is me, Mighty Lou, and I am asking everyone who is reading this blog and everyone who sees my newsletter to please help my friends. And call me if you want me to come over and personally endorse the program. I work for treats.

Love you all!
Mighty Lou, Spokescat for Friends Like Me


Hey, Mighty Lou!

Whitey Wobbles reads Cat Depot's newsletterGreat minds think alike. I was reading Cat Depot’s newsletter when you posted your blog entry.  What a great story about cats like us. I had a broken leg when my humans adopted me. I didn’t think anyone would want a broken kitten. I felt so lucky to get a forever home. We do need to help our friends get homes. That is a great picture of you and I do like my photo! Makes me look pretty cool!

I helped sell 4 tickets last week to my mom’s friends for the Galaxy Jackson event. I hope all the tickets get sold, cause the proceeds all go to help friends like us! Isn’t that great???

I hope that everyone who reads our blog will donate to Cat Depot if they can’t attend the event on September 14th. There are lots of ways to help our friends. Donating food, supplies, money or even volunteering some time like my mom does – every little bit helps. I plan to sell more tickets this week, but I’m going to take a nap now!

Stay cool, Mighty Lou,
Whitey Wobbles




Mighty Lou Goes to the Dogs

My Dear Caped Friend, Whitey,

I, Mighty Lou, have gone to the dogs.

On Thursday evening I went to Fisherman’s Village and an event called Muttini Mingle. It was an event just for dogs. Why don’t they have events for cats? I don’t understand that so I went to the dog event to see what it was all about.

For the protection of the dogs, I decided to ride in my cape stroller.  As we were packing up getting ready to go, these crazy girls thought this is how you ride in the stroller. That’s why they can’t go anywhere. They’re too dumb.

Mighty Lou at the FountainThe event was outside in a nice court yard. As soon as I got there I checked out the fountain. I was trying to think of a way to get that money out of there to give it to Cat Depot. But I didn’t have my swimming cape on so decided against it.

Mighty Lou waits by the fountain




While they were setting up the event, I just chilled by the fountain. It was relaxing just enjoying the evening air.

Mighty Lou is mighty bored







It took them a while to set it up though and Mighty Lou got mighty bored.


Mighty Lou is not impressed with the dog costumesThe guests started arriving.  Dogs in frilly outfits. They have to be kidding.

A dog stares at Mighty LouI decided to take a little nap and this guy made it his business to watch me the whole time. For a while I gave him the cape power stare so he would take the hint and back off. No luck.  He was intrigued with me.

After a short cat nap, I mingled with the crowd again. There I was, minding my own business and gathering admiration from my public. And then it happened……I got slimed! This horse decided to touch the Great Mighty Lou on the ear. I didn’t mind the gentle nudge, but she slimed me! Yuck.Mighty Lou gets Slimed

Mighty Lou looks at Angel's feet











I was thinking “Look at those feet!  How does she move around?”

Mighty Lou makes a new friendWe became pretty good friends. If we ever have an attack that our cape powers can’t handle, we can call Angel. Oh yes, that’s her name. She will help us.

So that’s what I did for fun this week. What’s going on with you my caped friend? Are you over your stressful trip to the vet? When are we going to get together again? It’s been since December that we’ve been in the same place at the same time.

Mighty Lou signs offUntil next time, this is Mighty Lou signing off from Dog Patch USA.

Mighty Lou



Mighty Lou Sails the High Seas and Whitey Wobbles is…a Florist?

Hey Whitey, “Ahoy Ye Land Lubber!” 

I learned that phrase this week on my adventure. Wait until you read this one! I left the mainland and drifted off into the wild blue yonder! It all started on a sunny Florida morning when I traveled down to visit the King Fisher Fleet in Punta Gorda.

Mightly Lou at the ticket boothFirst stop was with Miss Susan. She is the ticket mate and wanted to discuss the fare. She was all smiles when she realized it was me, Mighty Lou, wanting to step aboard. We chatted for a few moments while she admired my new nautical cape. She waived the normal charges for the cruise just for the honor of having me sail with them.

MIghty Lou Scopes out the marinaThe first order of business was to scope out the marina. Looked good from this angle. Everything secured, weather clear, it was a go.

You can never be too safe, so I made sure there were enough life preservers aboard. Everything checked out.

Captain Ralph Allen and First Mate Mighty LouCaptain Ralph Allen took his seat. I, Mighty Lou, was his first mate. He conferred with me before we set sail.

Mighty Lou spots the empty captain's seat

He stepped away from the wheel for a minute. I figured sailing wouldn’t be too hard for a caped hero with super power. I donned my shades because it was pretty sunny out.
You’ll notice my new nautical cape has matching captain’s cuffs so I was totally ready.

Mighty Lou takes the wheelCaptain Ralph was still away from the wheel, so I made my move. It was easy to see clearly with my shades on. The controls didn’t look that difficult though the steering wheel had me a little concerned.

Then I started thinking, why should a super hero do all the work? Wasn’t I supposed to be the VIP passenger and have my “people” take me for a ride? Of course. Mighty Lou is the guest of honor so I gave the wheel back to Captain Ralph. Between you and me, I think he was grateful I made that decision. Some of the other boaters were a little nervous as well. But no one was as nervous as the fish. A cat in a fishing boat? How much worse could the day get for a fish?

I took one more minute to feel the Captain’s seat and then I gave it back to Captain Ralph.

Mighty Lou and pirate dolphinsYou see these huge dolphins? Do you see how small I look when they made me sit on these crab traps?  Why would these humans put me, Mighty Lou the Caped Super Hero on a crab trap? I gave them the mighty regal pose, but I was not feelin’ it. Huge dolphins wearing pirate outfits? Really.

Mighty Lou close-up photoCaptain Ralph was quite taken with me. He took this photo himself. I think I was probably the most Purr-fect First Mate he has ever had.

Bon Voyage, My Good Buddy.
Mighty Lou


Good day, Matey (Mighty Lou),

Whitey has a knack for flower arrangingI’m not sure how to address you anymore-you wear so many different hats! Pretty impressive cape and cuffs buddy. You do look very dashing in your nautical outfit. Looks like you had a great day on the high seas. While you were out having fun on that big ship, I was home helping make centerpieces for a Cat Depot event in November. Believe it or not, I’m really good with flowers!  They are also fun to chew on.

Petunia admires the flower arrangements that Whitey helped createMy mom took a couple of the finished arrangements to her meeting last week and you just have to see what happened! They allowed a girl cat to be at the meeting.  Her name is Petunia.  Well, she jumped right up on the table and dove into the flowers! Then she saw your picture on the side and stopped dead in her tracks! I could read her mind. “Who is that handsome dude?” You have become a celebrity, Mighty Lou!

Petunia is taken by Mighty Lou's photoAll the centerpieces are complete now, except for the cat pictures. A kitty who now has or has had problems of some sort will be featured on each centerpiece. You are there because of your diabetes and deafness and me because I had a broken leg. This should help make humans aware that we are just as adoptable and need forever homes too! Great idea, huh??!!

Flower arranging tires out Whitey WobblesWell, I have to go rest now. Guess I’m getting old. All that flower arranging pooped me out.

I know you are adventurous, but please don’t call that Nik Wallenda guy and try to walk on the high wire! I’m not sure even your Cape would get you through that!

See ya next week, Captain Mighty Lou!
Whitey Wobbles