Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 4, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s start the New Year off right.

“Right” in my book means helping others.

I have come to realize my main mission in life is to help.

To help others who need more than I do.

We can all do that, can’t we?

So, I’m starting the New Year off by doing just that.

Bow-Tie enjoying the sunSome people talk about the “Holiday Blues.”

Well, I’ve got the blues too, but in a very happy way.

Here’s a great big hint as to what I was up to this week.

No idea why I’m wearing blue and painting blue, right?

Let me explain.


My community has started a Blue Line Project.

A lovely lady comes and paints a blue stripe on driveways.

The stripe shows that the people who live in the house support First Responders.

First Responders are police, fire, and rescue vehicles.


Bow-Tie watching blue stripes on the sidewalkI’m all about rescuing, so I signed up!

Miss Sally came over and started our line.

But, she couldn’t start until I matched my bow tie to her paint.

Or before I took my rightful place of supervision.

“You may continue, Miss Sally.”





Bow-Tie examining the asphaltAll of a sudden something caught my eye and I left my place of supervision.

I saw a guy who looked just like me in the shadows.







Courage helps with the painting tooCourage came out to join the fun.

But she’s all about hugs and not so much about the work.









Me? I supervised every step of the way…

Bow-Tie and Courage supervising paint job

…including the removal of the tape at the end.


Bow-Tie and Courage give paw of approvalProject complete.

Bow-Tie paw of approval given.


Thanks, Miss Sally for our blue line.

We support those who rescue!


Mostly I support those who rescue cats.

Hey, we need a blue paw print on driveways!

Yea, there’s an idea.

Paws up, everyone!


Happy New Year!



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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – December 7, 2015

Hi Whitey,

It’s the party season and I’m no slouch at parties.

We had a nice evening last night at our local pet supply shop.

It was time for Courage to make her public debut.

Courage in bow tie

I loaned her one of my old bow ties from before I had my purrsonal tailor.

She liked it.


Arrival to the storeAs soon as we got there, one of the owners of the store had to come over and greet us.

He likes that we are the only cats among all the dogs.







Bow Tie meets a dogSpeaking of dogs…

…this little sweetie came over to say hi.

He’s not special needs but he has special eyes.

One is brown and one is blue.

I liked that look.





Bow-Tie eats dog ice creamKnow what else I liked?

The ice cream!

They had special ice cream for dogs.

Of course they had none specific to cats.

I put in an order for tuna flavor next time.




Courage tastes ice cream for the first timeCourage never had ice cream before.

She didn’t understand the cold when she touched it.

With a little help, she got the idea.

We may be having some ice cream at our house from now on.






Bow-Tie wants shrimpsThey had shrimp too.

I wanted some, but they are hard to chew with no teeth.

A nice lady kept dipping her fingers in them and letting me drink the juice.

That’s service!







Bow-Tie gets a massageAnd then, speaking of service, of the most purrsonal kind…

…a couple nice ladies found my sweet spot and gave me a good massage in all the right places.








It was a great party and a lot of people came because they are our Facebook friends.

One Facebook friend couldn’t be there to meet us.


Bow-Tie gets a phone call

…she phoned in to see me all the way from Pennsylvania!

Now that’s a good friend!

We had a great time with great people.

Courage did wonderfully, and she will now be going everywhere with me.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

Party on, Dude!

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 30, 2015

Dear Whitey,

You must be in charge over there.

I heard your humans are on a cruise.

Be good and take care of Daisy and Harley.


Bow-Tie showing off a new bow tieMe?

You know I’m in the care-taking business.

Since we lost my Helen Keller I haven’t had anyone to care for.

That changed last week.


You know I love my bow ties.

This is a new one.

Notice the pose.

It’s my typical, “Look at my bow tie” pose.


Guess what?

I’ve got a new little girl in training!


Here she is…

Courage sporting a bow tie

…this is Courage.

She has already learned the official Bow-Tie bow tie pose!

Last weekend a rescue group came to me because they heard about my care-taking skills.

They wanted a special home for this special needs little girl.

Of course I opened my doors and my heart.


Courage the new girl on the block

Like me, she is from a terrible hoarding house.

When she and 24 other cats were rescued, she was the worst of them all.

Her eyes were so infected and painful they both had to be removed.







Beautiful CourageShe is only nine months old, but all nine months were lived in pain and fear.

She is going to help me speak up for cats in hoarding situations.

Why do they do this to us?

It’s so bad.

My mission is to put a stop to it.





In the meantime, I have Courage, she has courage, and she will help get the message out.

Look at her… Isn’t she cute?

Courage enjoying the bed

She has a soft place to land now, she’s safe, and she’s pain-free.

Look at her tail.

She pulled all of the hair out, and out of her back, from the stress of it all.

Beautiful CourageShe’s still pretty.

We’ll get her all fixed up and she will be my helper.

Right now she is a little fearful of other cats (including me) – she was tormented by the bigger, sighted cats, and she is just afraid.

Sometimes she hisses at me when I try to get close.


At me?

I don’t get it.

But we’re working on that.

And you know if anyone can turn her around, it’s me…


…I have a way with the ladies, you know!

Happy week!


The Dapper Gent


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