Files Mighty Lou Left Behind

Hi Whitey,

If you’re reading this, I’m not here anymore but my spirit and my humor will live for ever. You help people remember me and always remember my mission, to help special needs cats.

Since you’re my closest feline friend and my caped buddy, I’m going to share some “outtakes” from some of my blogs. I only liked to show my best to my public, but I don’t mind letting you see the behind the scenes misadventures.

This is from the time I met Jackson Galaxy, Cat Daddy. He was really smitten with me and I know he’ll remember me forever.

Mighty Lou trying on his Jackson Galaxy cap




Being fit for that bald head was something. It seemed a little heavy at first.





Mighty Lou is falling over


​When I got my glasses on, the whole thing started to list to the right.






An off moment for Mighty Lou



​I knew I had to turn this around. No way was I going to let my public see me struggle with a stupid bald head.

Finally got her going in the right direction.




Mighty Lou in his Jackson Galaxy Get Up




This is what the public saw. The other ones made you laugh, didn’t they?

You help keep my humor alive, man.





Close Up of Mighty Lou



Because I was and always will be,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Meets Jackson Galaxy

Hey Whitey,  

Remember that Jackson Galaxy dude? The one with the famous TV show, “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet? The one everyone was so excited to see on stage? The one who came to talk to all the people about their problem cats? The one who sold out 500 seats in a week?  Well, the event happened on Saturday. The crowd gathered. The excitement was peaking. Mr. Jackson was in town.

Jackson Galaxy Meets Mighty LouBefore he went to the speaking event he came to Cat Depot for a tour. Little did he know the event of his life was going to take place. He did get a tour of Cat Depot and he was impressed with it. He loved all the cats, was impressed with their care and even spent time with a few of them who showed off a little. But, the thrill of his life was about to take place. Oh yes, Mr. Jackson was about to meet…Mighty Lou.


Mighty Lou and Jackson GalaxyI was waiting in the conference room for him to come and see me. Of course I made HIM come to me. I am, of course, Mighty Lou. MY fans come to me. He loved me, Whitey. As soon as he saw me he smiled and rushed up to me. He loved my cape and we had matching heads. He laughed.

Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy

We spent time getting to know each other. He was very interested in my special needs. He loved the story of my rescue by Cat Depot and the care I had to get to where I am today. [Everyone thinks I was saved by humans but you and I know it is the special cape powers.]

After our private meeting we all went to his speaking event. They showed a movie of ME, Mighty Lou! The crowd was captivated by my handsomeness and mightiness. They were clapping and laughing for old Mighty Lou! Then Shelley called ME up on stage. The crowd roared with excitement.

I helped introduce Mr. Jackson and we presented him with a cape. Now, Whitey, don’t get upset. It wasn’t a powerful cape like ours. It was just a symbol that he can be a caped brother. We’ll let him think he has powers but you know only you and I have the real power.

Mighty Lou is Bald


His speech was wonderful and everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards he signed books and greeted the audience. All in all it was a great day. I know everyone will remember the day the Cat Daddy came to town. The day bald was surely beautiful. Because they met the greatest bald guy in the cat kingdom…

Mighty Lou!


The Caped Buddies Have a New Mission

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou Looks Through His Reading MaterialHave you seen the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter? Hmmmmm?  Have ya?  Have ya? I had a little time between public appearances and wanted to catch up on some feline facts. There was quite an array of feline reading material available at home. As I was going through it I couldn’t find anything that I hadn’t already seen or that really sparked my curiosity. But then – wait a minute. There it was…right under my nose!

Mighty Lou sees his photo on the cover of Cat Depot's NewsletterIt was the latest issue of Cat Depot’s newsletter and I, Mighty Lou, am on the front cover! There I am, in all my mightiness…

The featured article is introducing the new program Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me. The article tells a little bit about my bad, bad story and its happy, happy ending. There are so many more cats like me who have special needs. So often we are overlooked in this world already over-populated with too many cats and too few homes. We have special needs but we also have a special ability to capture people’s hearts if they give us a second chance.

Mighty Lou reads Cat Depot's newsletterI got my second chance and now I have made it my mission to help others like me. Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me is a program to help my special needs friends. People can read about it in this newsletter and then they can go to the website to help. If they go to and look for my handsome mug on the left then click on Friends Like Me they can donate a little or a lot to help me help my friends.

This is going to be great! I can’t wait to see how many people reach into their pockets to pull out a treat for me and a dollar for my friends!

Cat Depot Newsletter - Cat Depot ConnectionHey, Whitey, you better get a copy of the newsletter and you better look at it closely. You are pictured in there too! You and your cape, my friend, look pretty good! So here we go on another adventure!

This is me, Mighty Lou, and I am asking everyone who is reading this blog and everyone who sees my newsletter to please help my friends. And call me if you want me to come over and personally endorse the program. I work for treats.

Love you all!
Mighty Lou, Spokescat for Friends Like Me


Hey, Mighty Lou!

Whitey Wobbles reads Cat Depot's newsletterGreat minds think alike. I was reading Cat Depot’s newsletter when you posted your blog entry.  What a great story about cats like us. I had a broken leg when my humans adopted me. I didn’t think anyone would want a broken kitten. I felt so lucky to get a forever home. We do need to help our friends get homes. That is a great picture of you and I do like my photo! Makes me look pretty cool!

I helped sell 4 tickets last week to my mom’s friends for the Galaxy Jackson event. I hope all the tickets get sold, cause the proceeds all go to help friends like us! Isn’t that great???

I hope that everyone who reads our blog will donate to Cat Depot if they can’t attend the event on September 14th. There are lots of ways to help our friends. Donating food, supplies, money or even volunteering some time like my mom does – every little bit helps. I plan to sell more tickets this week, but I’m going to take a nap now!

Stay cool, Mighty Lou,
Whitey Wobbles




Mighty Lou and Whitey Wobbles are Excited that Jackson Galaxy is Coming to Town

Dear Whitey,

Jackson Galaxy is coming to SarasotaDid you see that big announcement from Cat Depot? Jackson Galaxy the great cat behaviorist is coming to Cat Depot! Yep.  He’s going to come to help humans with their “Cat Mojo.” I know the humans are all excited about it.  This is huge for Cat Depot. The humans think they are going to get us cats all figured out. Well I’m kind of excited, too.  I like the guy. I watch his show, My Cat From Hell, on Animal Planet. It’s interesting how we cats are always right and we have to train our humans.

Mighty Lou copies Jackson Galaxy's hairstyle


I’ve already got a ticket to his show and am putting my outfit together. First thing I had to do was get a new haircut. I like his “do” and thought I would honor him by getting one for myself.


Mighty Lou goes for Jackson's entire look

He wears glasses so I will be wearing mine, too.

He doesn’t have a cape or a cape power tag but we do so I will wear mine. For this event I got a very special cape. I’ll put it on backwards so you can see what it says……..

Mighty Lou has a special cape for jacksonIsn’t that way too cool??




So I’ve got the outfit and I’ve got the ticket. All we have to do now is wait for the date to get here. I keep checking my watch to make sure I don’t miss it.

Mighty Lou keeps checking his watch to see if Jackson is here yet


Remember to remind your humans about the event:

Saturday, September 14, 2013
Hyatt Regency Sarasota – 1000 Boulevard of the Arts
3:00 PM Ticket Sales, Will Call and Book Purchase
4:00 PM Speaking Engagement
5:00 PM Book Purchase & Signing – Cat Daddy

Tickets are on sale on Cat Depot’s website or by calling them at 941-366-2404.

There is also a very special dinner with Jackson Galaxy from 7-8:30 PM and your humans can bid on a seat at his table. The proceeds will benefit Friends Like Me, a program to help sick, injured and special needs cats, just like me.

So you and I are part of an organization who has hit the big time. Let’s hope this event and others like it will really help Friends Like Me and all of my special needs friends.

Mighty Lou is watching you


Until next time, my Caped Buddy, I’ll be watching you………….
Mighty Lou




Whitey Wobbles is Excited!

Whitey has his Cape on to sell Jackson Galaxy TicketsWhat great news, Mighty Lou!  Jackson Galaxy coming to see us! Our humans think he is coming to talk to them and sign his book, but I bet he heard about us caped wonders. I mean, you are famous buddy. Newspapers write about you…everyone knows who the great Mighty Lou is now. I did hear from the humans that the money from ticket sales goes to Cat Depot and that will help our homeless felines friends find forever homes. That’s why I put my cape on and my special “Cape Power” tag you gave me…I’m headed out to sell tickets to everyone I can find.

Harley wears his TieI told Harley about it and he bought a ticket!  He also put his tie on thinking he would look cool when he meets Jackson. He doesn’t know that we need Jackson to straighten him out! He gets up at 3:00 a.m. and wakes my mom up to eat.  I try to sleep through it, but he is noisy! We need one of Jackson’s miracles to cure him.

Well, I better get busy and sell tickets. This is a big deal for us and Cat Depot, so we can’t let them down. I’ll let you know next week how I do selling tickets. How can anyone refuse this cute face???

Later caped friend,
Whitey Wobbles

Get your tickets to see Jackson!