From the Files of Mighty Lou

Hi Whitey,

Don’t freak, my man. I was not able to garner up enough cape power to get back to you. Sorry. But I don’t want my good work and my legacy to help special needs cats to stop because I had to leave. I have left behind volumes of my oh-so-creative and ever-entertaining writings to still thrill my public. Your Ol’ Mighty Lou cannot be silenced. The work is too big and has to go on.


​…writings and pictures will go on.

Mighty Lou at His Computer


My weekly blog will go on and my Facebook page will go on.

I have left instructions in my files that someday, somewhere, someone will take my place. (I already have some ideas).

Until you receive further instruction from me, know that I’m here, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, watching over special needs cats everywhere.

I miss everyone and I know everyone is sad because I’m no longer there.


Don’t be sad.

Continue my work and my files will direct the path.

Mighty Lou at Computer


With cape power from beyond, I am,

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

The Mighty Lou Memorial Fund was set up to continue his mission and a very special room at Cat Depot will be dedicated to Mighty Lou. Donate to Mighty Lou’s Memorial Fund.

Response from Whitey Wobbles

I hear you good buddy! You just made my day, because I do miss my best caped buddy (BCB) very much.

I’m staying on this side of the rainbow bridge to carry on as you direst! You can count on Whitey Wobbles!

Whitey Wobbles and his friends


I have been teaching Daisy Doodles and Harley a few things that will help us also. They are all for helping special needs cats and Cat Depot cats in general. They both donated their allowance to buy food for the monthly food bank.

Keep up the instructions from wherever you are…good to hear from you, ML!

Your Caped friend,
Whitey Wobbles


Mighty Lou Gets the Final Word

Dear Friends,

I just took another adventure. This was my final adventure. I passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. Please don’t be sad, I don’t want that. What I want is for you to remember me for my Mightiness and my caped strength.

Mighty Lou's Final Blog



I was special needs and my second chance at life was special.








Mighty Lou had many adventures


The world is a big place. It’s frightening for a cat on their own. But the lucky ones who are saved and given a second chance get to enjoy it. ​I wanted to make a mark on this new world I was given and worked hard to do that.

I charted my own course and enjoyed every ride. My mission was to show people that special needs cats are indeed special. We may take extra effort, but we’re so worth it.


Mighty Lou Loved to Make People Laugh




My way of showing people that was to make them laugh. You just laughed, didn’t you? Good. I don’t want you to be sad.






Mighty Lou Loved a Party



No one loved a good party more than me! Bad Legs?  What bad legs. I could shake it up pretty good!







Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy



I wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Jackson Galaxy thinks he’s somebody? He’s met his match in me.





Mighty Lou on the Radio



I wasn’t intimidated by public speaking either. ​If I could get a chance to talk about special needs, I was there. When Mighty Lou speaks they listen (take that, E.F.Hutton).







Mighty Lou was committed to raising funds for special needs cats



My mission was always to promote adoption, support and love for special needs. ​I did what I could whenever I could to help Friends Like Me.




Mighty Lou admiring Mighty Lou



Of course I did it the Mighty Lou way because no one admired me more than me!​​​




Mighty Lou on the cover of Sarasota Pet Magazine



Except when it was the entire population admiring me….







Mighty Lou in his Tuxedo





No one liked a party more me. And, by the way, no one looked better in a tux than me.






Mighty Lou in his lion costume




Actually, I looked good in just about anything.








Mighty Lou weathered many storms




I weathered all kinds of storms in my life……but I did it with my Mighty Lou smile and those piercing eyes.





Mighty Lou fought many battles


I fought battles in my life. Not the battle of special needs but the battle to get humans to love us as we are. I was one of the very lucky ones to be so loved by so many.

So I leave some parting words for humans everywhere. Please consider opening your heart to a special needs animal. Special needs simply means they need a little extra. In exchange they give so much more back.

The Mighty Lou legacy will go on.
Friends Like Me will go on.
My love for you will go on.




Mighty Lou at Computer




Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my Mighty Lou-isms. ​I enjoyed it.






Mighty Lou's Final Blog




Remember me with a smile. Keep the memory, humor and uniqueness of Mighty Lou alive.

I loved you all.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader


Mighty Lou is Grumpy

I am grumpy (in attitude, not an impostor of that somewhat well known other guy) about the weather. Can you tell me what’s going on these days?  Yesterday is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Mighty Lou in Blanket



I slept a little late because I was so cold. I had to get an extra blanket on my bed.





Mighty Lou hides from the cold




It was time to get up but I was not exactly into it. Everywhere I looked it said “cold”.






Mighty Lou Huddles in his Blanket



Are they kidding? Are we in Florida or what? Is it really supposed to be near freezing here? I don’t think so.






Mighty Lou dons winter duds




It was time to get up and brave it though. So the Caped Crusader did what had to be done. I donned some winter duds and headed into the day. You’re laughing aren’t you?








Mighty Lou Dons His Flannel Cape


Well it’s cold; what am I supposed to do?! I even had to wear my flannel cape reserved for only the most severe temperatures. It was still just too cold yesterday morning to do anything productive.

And I wasn’t having any of it. So I made the decision just to give in and go back in the house.

However………Mighty Lou does not give in even to the weather. And I must have the last word.



So hey, you weather….



Mighty Lou sticks his tongue out


​Take that!!


Until next week, stay warm and stay cool!

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Love Me Tender

Elvis did “Love Me Tender,” but Cat Depot did it better!

Mighty Lou gets a new cape for Cat Depot's gala


Saturday night was the “Love Me Tender” Gala and quite a party it was (view photos of the gala). I had a special cape made for the event.








Mighty Lou on his pedestal



It’s a good thing I did because as soon as I got there they put me in the position I rightfully belong. On a pedestal!








Mighty Lou's badge


I acted as official greeter (although they gave me a name tag that said otherwise).




Mighty Lou and Jeff Donahue


I was all set to meet and greet the public. My first visitor was an old friend. ​Jeff and I go way back to my Cat Depot days so I let him help me with my glasses.




Mighty Lou and Jeff have matching glasses



​We had a private moment before the crowd began. Don’t you think we look good in matching glasses?







Mighty Lou with Bev Meadows and Garo Partoyan



​Everyone who was anyone wanted a moment with Ol’ Mighty Lou, Founders included.







Mighty Lou meets Elaine Spang



​​I hadn’t met Miss Elaine before but she passed the Mighty Lou sniff test. She can stay.





Mighty Lou and Mary Budd




​Mary Budd had that “I found you so you owe it all to me” look on her face. She’s right though, I do owe her for bringing me to Cat Depot in the first place.






Mighty Lou and Katie Norvell




​Old friend and big fan, Miss Katie, stopped by for a Mighty Lou smooch.









Mighty Lou and Shelley Thayer


​Miss Shelley was still hard at it all night but she never misses an opportunity to touch the great cape.









Mighty Lou and Lynn Rasys


Miss Lynn and I posed for quite the formal portrait. Lookin’ good.







Mighty Lou and Petunia - Cat Depot's Mascot



​Not all of my admirers were human. Petunia couldn’t believe her eyes. Even she dared to touch the mighty cape.





Mighty Lou and his admirers



Everywhere I turned they were looking for the Mighty Lou stamp of approval. ​You’re good to go, girls.




Mighty Lou sits down to dinner



Finally I got a break for dinner. ​Dining on mahi mahi, Hyatt Regency style. Not a bad paycheck.







Mighty Lou receives a Valentine



​Everyone got a Valentine at the table including me.









Mighty Lou checks out a $4,000 bracelet



​They tried to get me to bid on a $4000 bracelet. Uh, thanks but no thanks. Not right now.







Mighty Lou works at the checkout table



After dinner I was back to work. ​In addition to opening the night as greeter, I closed the night at the auction check-out table.







Mighty Lou and Lena Hernandez



​Miss Lena did a fantastic job but everyone needs a little Mighty Lou assurance.



Dude, I’ll tell ya I had a great night but it was long. I was there at 5 PM and I didn’t leave until after 11 PM. Now only a guy can relate to this, but I had finally had it with that tuxedo. I couldn’t wait to get out of it.



I waited until everyone had left the building and then I did it. The tux and the cape were off………..
Mighty Lou has left the building



​….and Mighty Lou has left the building.

Thanks, Cat Depot, for a great time.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Rides Again

Hello Friends!

Mighty Lou at Antique Car Show



There’s an antique car show twice a year over here. They cannot function properly without Mighty Lou on the grounds. So once again I drove over to be a part of the day. I had to get there at the crack of dawn. My eyes are still a little sleepy, but I’m here.




Mighty Lou Helps Unpack at Car Show



There was a lot of unpacking to do and I had to show them what went where.







Mighty Lou in his Cat-o-Lac



When the cars were coming in to take their places, I made my entrance. Mom helped power my special CAT-O-LAC.






Mighty Lou Meets the Parking Director



​​I made the Director of Parking come to my level to direct me to my spot. They all bow to Mighty Lou (but of course).





Mighty Lou's Next Ride



​This may be my next set of wheels. It’s a pretty good fit for me.

Mighty Lou is a handsome devil



And I look amazingly handsome on it, if I do say so myself.





Mighty Lou's favorite car is a Lincoln



​This antique Lincoln was my favorite car but not for the reasons you think. The reason I liked it so much?



Mighty Lou checks out his reflection in the bumper




It was a classy mirror for me to check my classy looks in the bumper!





Mighty Lou poses in his cape



All in all it was a sunny, fun day for your Ol’ Mighty Lou. Lots of attention and a few short catnaps in the shade. Another job well done by yours truly.

You have a good week, my friends.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Painting is exhausting work!

Lou in artroomI had to work all day on Saturday. My mom was giving an animal painting workshop and of course she needed my help. We got there early so I could be on hand to greet everyone.They all took their seats and set up their paintings. I made sure everyone was in the right seat. And of course I made sure they saw me.



Lou head of roomAfter everyone saw me and the purrfection which is Mighty Lou, I chose the seat more fitting the Caped Crusader. ​I went right to the head table. ​The head of the class is the place for me. I can see everything from here and supervise them all.
Lou demo


Mom gave demos for people and they all came up to “my” table. ​They were all watching the demo, but I was being ignored. Mighty Lou will not be ignored!
Lou on artwork

​You can get all the attention if you just spread yourself out on top of the demo and stop the whole thing!





Lou with photoMy mom talked to the group about understanding the photo reference before painting it. Hey I wanted to learn too, so I got a close-up look.





Lou drinking paint waterThis was a watercolor class so they had to use a lot of water. But if a guy’s thirsty. . . ​….a guy has to get a drink and the painting has to wait. Am I right??




Lou and little friend

There were a few visitors who came into the class to see what was going on. This was my favorite one. ​She picked that brush up and just started petting me with it. She especially liked my glasses. I liked that she pronounced my name “MY-t-lu”. Everyone loves Mighty Lou.



Lou with paint brushFinally, as it always happens, I had to show the humans how things should be done. It’s always Mighty Lou who has to step in to get the job done. This painting workshop was no exception. It takes the Caped Crusader to get it done right . . . ​So I grabbed the brush and got the job done.


Lou sleepingIt was a long and tiring day.

Until next week, my friends.

Mighty Lou

Mighty Lou Girls’ Day Out

Hi Whitey,

Remember I told you I was escorting Lily to an event? Well, that happened yesterday. It was called Purses for Pooches and raised money to help animals. There was a luncheon, a purse fashion show and purses auctioned.

Me? I was one of two or three men there, but my Lily needed me so I went.

Mighty Lou and his Mother-in-Law



First thing I had to do was confer with my mother-in-law. She was running the registration table but she needed a little Mighty Lou advice to start her day.





Mighty Lou watches over Lily



Once I got her under control I moved on to other things needing my attention. Most important was guarding my Lily as she slept. She took a moment out to get a beauty catnap and I made sure no one bothered her.







Mighty Lou checks out the table setting



Next on the agenda was to check and make sure our table was set properly. I made sure we had a table with nice people.

These ladies loved your old Mighty Lou and spent a lot of time adoring me. They were really nice and they have cats. One of the ladies has a special needs cat so we had a lot in common. Take a look at the special needs kitties in my Friends Like Me Program.




Mighty Lou Doesn't Like Iced Tea


Lunch was being served…

​ …but I didn’t mind. I just let the waiters serve around me.

Not a real fan of iced tea. ​



MIghty Lou prefers Bottled Water in his own bowll


I prefer bottled water in my own bowl, but thank you anyway.




Mighty Lou says "Real Cats eat Quiche"



​Lunch was a nice salad and quiche. Yes, real cats eat quiche! But my Aunt Mary gave me some turkey, too.






Mighty Lou and his mom wear matching shades




It was a little overcast when the day started but the sun came out soon enough. ​​Mom and I wore our matching shades.







Mighty Lou Window Shops for Lily at Saks



The real reason I attended this event was to be with Lily. She was one of the purse models on stage so I had some waiting time. I did a little window shopping for something for Lily. I thought I would get her something nice to remember the day.








Mighty Lou finds Saks prices too steep


Upon closer inspection of the prices, I was forced to say….

​”No thanks, Saks!”






Mighty Lou and Lola



Miss Tracey is the President of the Board for Lily’s organization. ​I met her dog, Lola, in front of Saks. Pretty cute for a dog.







Mighty Lou and his bride, Lily

Enough of this waiting. It was time to do what I came to do; give my Lily a gift to remember this day. We picked a quiet place, away from all the fashion show activity. She was pretty in pink and tickled pink to see me!





Lily is pretty in pink


There she is, my little cutie. I have her a pretty pink purse, just her size. And I gave her a locket for her pretty neck. It has my picture in it so I will always be close to her heart. Doesn’t she look pretty?






Mighty Lou prefers monster trucks


All in all it was a great day. But I’ll tell ya, Dude – girly fashion shows and quiche are not much for the man in me. I liked it because Lily was there. But next time she’s going with me to a monster truck show or something!

Am I right?

Until next week!

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou, MD

Dear Whitey,

Will the talents of Mighty Lou never end? I say not. My work is always in front of me and this week was no exception. This week I went where no cat has gone before.

Mighty Lou - Doctor of Love


My official medical career began……….

I became Mighty Lou, Doctor of Love.


My little Lily got spayed this week. She was afraid but it had to be done. You know how many kittens can come from one little girl? So many the shelters could not possibly keep up. The world would be overrun with unfortunate cats without homes. (Sorry, I got on my soapbox again.)

Get Well Flowers for Lily from Mighty Lou



Anyway, she was spayed and I swooped in to make her feel better. First thing I did was send her some pretty flowers. They were waiting when she got home from the hospital.

She was a little groggy but she said she liked them. Once she started to wake up a little more she asked for warm whipped cream and catnip. That’s my baby asking for her favorite treat. She was back.




Lily Wears the Cone of Shame




Ahhh, but she was a bad girl and wouldn’t leave her stitches alone. Don the Cone of Shame……….

Oh, Lily.


She has a big event next week. It’s a luncheon and she really wants to go. So I am going to go with her, just to make sure she doesn’t overdo. This will be the first time “Mr. and Mrs. Mighty Lou” will be appearing together socially. You’ll see more on that later.


Dr. Mighty Lou


Can I talk to you man-to-man now? ​

As much as I love her and as much as I know she was hurting, I did have something I wanted to say to her. You know how girls are. They’re fragile. We’re supposed to be males and strong. But I wanted to say, “Lily, do you know what they do to male cats?! THAT is something to be upset about! Your pretty hair will grow back over that scar. We had parts taken off and they don’t grow back!”



Mighty Lou's look of shame


Now THAT requires the cone (or at least the look) of shame!!

However, it was necessary and I’m glad I did it. We have to all help control and stop the kitten over-population. Humans need to get us all spayed and neutered. It’s the only way.

Did you know that Cat Depot has received grant money to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries to qualifying kitties in Sarasota zip codes: 34232, 34234, 34235 and 34237? To schedule an appointment, please call (941) 366-2404, extension 320, or email

Pass the word along! Let’s declare 2015 Happy Neuter Year!!

Have a happy week, Dude.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Hey Mighty Lou,

I’m  proud  of you! Sounds like you took real good care of your sweet Lily…she is one  lucky girl!

I don’t  remember  being “teutered” (that’s  what cat depot folks call it, so they don’t  scare the kitties ). My Mom says I  was teutered  when I  was 6 or 7 weeks old. It’s  best to do it while you are a kitten. I hope everyone reads this and passes the word about spaying  and neutering  your cats.
Whitey's Dad Made Shelves for the Kitties


Now, I  want you to see what my Dad made for us.
Pretty cool!  Shelves for us to climb up to the ceiling!  We have the best Dad ever!

Later Dude,
Whitey  Wobbles 

Mighty Lou’s Modeling Gig

Mighty Lou in the dressing room


It’s official!  I, Mighty Lou, am a model. It all started in the dressing room.

​It was full of girls and I don’t like to be capeless in public but….you have no idea what was going on in there with all those women! Clothes flying everywhere.




Miss Lynn visits with Mighty Lou




Miss Lynn did take advantage of touching the very capeless body of Mighty Lou. She’s cool though, she’s a Cat Depot insider.





Mighty Lou takes one last check in the mirror



I always feel better fully caped. One last mirror check……….Purrfection!!





Mighty Lou Purrection




Don’t mess with purrfection!






Mighty Lou is ready for the catwalk




Dressed and ready for the public. Hurry up, girls.





Mighty Lou is swarmed by Papparazzi



As soon as I hit the runway for a dry run….the Paparazzi swarmed in.






Mighty Lou inspects the Hello Kitty stockings



One lady was even showing me her leg………..Upon closer inspection, I saw she had Hello Kitty pictures on her stockings. Really????




Mighty Lou Poses with Miss Terri




Miss Terri wanted her picture with me. She’s cool, too. She works for me at Cat Depot posting the blog. Happy to oblige.

Mighty Lou on the catwalk



So this is life on the catwalk.






Mighty Lou sits down to lunch at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota




Now for the good stuff……

​Someone say “lunch”?!

This was a benefit for the Sarasota Garden Club. All the hot shots from garden clubs all over were there.



Mighty Lou and Barb


The head of it all, the incoming District Director sat at our table. She was honored to be able to rub shoulders with the great Mighty Lou. She held the program while I read.




Mighty Lou cleaned his plate



Lunch was great. We had chicken. I ate everything on the plate.

When the official modeling started after lunch we all had to take our places. Several Cat Depot cats there and they did their thing on a leash. But I, Mighty Lou, strutted out there leashless and proud! Miss Lynn said video is coming soon to a theater near you.


Mighty Lou relaxes poolside



After a very full day of work, a guy needs to chill. A nice deck poolside was in order for this caped model.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. And when it was all over, what will be remembered is……



Mighty Lou leaves pawprints at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota


….Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader, left his pawprints on the Hyatt Regency Sarasota.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Glamour Puss

Hi Whitey,

It’s only the first week in the new year and I am already back to work. This week there’s a big fancy gig in town and they can’t do without your old Mighty Lou. It’s a fashion show called Catwalk on the Boulevard. Guess who is going to be one of the models?

But of course!

Since I am now adding modeling to my very lengthy resume, I decided to go out and get some glamour puss shots for my portfolio. You know, the kind of shots those fancy pants cats always get. Ready?


MIghty Lou's Formal Pose


Here’s my formal pose…..

You just gasped at my beauty, didn’t you?






Mighty Lou Poses While Wearing his Glasses


Here’s another:

​This is more me, with my glasses on. The photographer is used to taking pictures of fancy pants cats. He never saw any other cat wear glasses. He was quite intrigued with me.


I had to give him a little bit of my Mighty Lou-ness, just for fun…..

Mighty Lou Makes a funny face



​I quite like this one, but he didn’t.


Back to business….





Mighty Lou's Lying Down Pose



​Handsome is as handsome does. And I do it quite well if I don’t say so myself.

This event is Friday, January 9th at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota. Cat Depot will be represented. I hear tell there will be a few cats on leashes strutting their stuff. There’s also a rumor that Miss Terri from Cat Depot will be a model. She’s cool. She works for me doing my blog.

Mighty Lou's Serious Pose



Here’s another more serious shot but I gave it a little head tilt for fun.

I never know when my next opportunity will pop up but I’m ready now. Mighty Lou is versatile and ready at a moment’s notice.

I’ll report back on the event. Hopefully the cats that are coming from Cat Depot will find new homes. And Cat Depot will get good exposure to a new audience. Isn’t that why we all work so hard?





Enjoy your week, Dude!

Mighty Lou Signs Off


Mighty Lou, Model Extraordinaire

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