Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – August 28, 2017

Bow-Tie shows off his ruler tieDear Everyone,

I’ve got a very specific bow tie on today.

And a very specific reason for wearing it.

How do you like it?

It has rulers on it.


This message is all about measuring up.

You’ll notice I’ll be using a lot of analytical terms here.

(Well, as many as I can comfortably throw into my message.)



Bow-Tie poses with toolsSo, what are the tools of measuring?

There are many and they come in different shapes and sizes.









Bow-Tie doesn't know what to do with the toolsQuite frankly though…

…I’m not sure how to use any of them.








Bow-Tie looking cute with his rulerWhy am I talking about measuring, then?

(I actually got myself confused there for a minute.)

Seriously though, what I want to talk about is how to adopt a cat.

Humans go to the shelter to size up the potential adoption candidate.

Humans expect the cat to measure up to their specifications.

Humans assess all the candidates.

Humans evaluate and analyze everything before they make a decision.


That isn’t how you adopt a cat.


You let the cat pick you.

You go to the shelter and stand there.

The cat who wants you will come to you and sit on your lap or rub against your leg.



The cat chooses you, and cats always pick the right human.


Bow-Tie laughs at humansHumans make us laugh.

They always make things so difficult.



Go to a shelter.

Let a cat pick you.

Live happily ever after.

The length of time it takes to meet isn’t important.

What’s important is the depth of the heart.


Bow-Tie says, "I'm outta here"Done.

I’m outta here.



The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 9, 2017

Hey Everyone, look at my bow tie…

Bow-Tie wears a golf bow tie

…yep, golf balls!


Look into my eyesNow look into my eyes…

…this is my serious look, because I have serious cat business.








Cat Depot Golf TournamentAnnouncing the first annual Cat Depot Golf Classic!

It’s February 6, 2017 at the Founder’s Club in Sarasota.










Tee Sign for Bow TieGuess who has been asked to be the poster cat for one of the holes?

But of course!

This is the tee sign that will be on one of the holes.


You can sponsor a hole and have a tee sign of your own!

Each sign is 18×24 and full color, just like mine.

You can dedicate the hole to a family pet or family member.

Dedicate it to whoever you choose, and we’ll print it on the tee sign.

Each tee sign is available for a $100 donation to Cat Depot.

When the event is over, you can have the sign!

It will be at Cat Depot, waiting for you to take it home.


Tee Sign for Mighty LouI am purrsonally purchasing the first tee sign and here it is…

It is my tribute to the great Mighty Lou.


There are only 20 tee signs available and they will go fast.

Here’s how you can get one:

Call my friend Tim at Cat Depot, 941-366-2404.

He will take your information and ask you to send him the photo.

If Tim is not available, you can ask for Claudia.

That’s all there is to it, but the deadline to order is January 15.


Can you imagine your own fluffy pet out there for everyone to admire?

Or maybe you just want to write something special on your tee sign.

Anything goes, just let Tim know what you want.

I will be there that day, so I want to see all of your tee signs displayed proudly


Bow-Tie is grumpyThis is my grumpy face.

I will look like this if you don’t get one.

We don’t want that.


Remember, the deadline is January 15, so you have to hurry up.

My man Tim is waiting for your call.


By the way, you don’t have to live in Sarasota to get a tee sign.

We’ll make it and when the tournament is over we’ll mail your sign.

Now that’s a good deal.


Bow-Tie looking up

Thanks and bye for now.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 1, 2017

Bow-Tie contemplatingHappy New Year, Everyone!

The parties are all over.

The holidays are behind us.

It’s a brand new year – Welcome 2017.







Bow-Tie the morning afterAs we start this new year, I’m just sitting here, thinking.

I have some unfinished business from the year just past.

Something very important to me.

It involves some of my special friends.








Stardust wore a party hat, ready to celebrate her forever homeThis is Stardust.

She had her party hat on last night.

She was all set to go to a new home for the new year.

But guess what?

She’s still at Cat Depot this morning.







Stardust is disappointed no one came for herShe took the party hat off, because no one came for her.

She’s just looking around, wondering why no one wanted to adopt her.

She is the longest term resident at Cat Depot.

She’s sad, and I’m sad for her.








I’m all about making everyone happy.

Stardust deserves to be happy in a home of her own for 2017.


She really is a beautiful girl.

She’s seven years young, loves to play and snuggle.

She needs special food, but a generous donor has provided a six-month supply.

Her adoption fee has been reduced to $30.00.


I have been promoting her, but still no home.

I won’t give up on her.

I will see to it that early 2017 is her turn to go to a permanent home!


Guess who else is still sitting at Cat Depot, waiting for a home?

ChamomileMeet Chamomile.

Isn’t that a pretty name?

Chamomile is 3 1/2 years old.

She loves other cats, so wants to find a home with other feline friends.

She’s a little shy around people, so wants to find a home with a patient pet parent.

Both Stardust and Chamomile are long-time residents, and dream of finding homes.




Bow-Tie ready to raise a glassI’m working as their purrsonal ambassador to find those homes.

This is me smiling, ready to make a toast to their new homes!

You’ll hear a big cheer from me when that happens.

As we wait to hear the good news, I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

Heartfelt thanks to all humans who help us felines.

We need you, and we love you more than you’ll ever know.

Happy 2017!

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – May 2, 2016

Dear Everyone,

Bow-Tie preparing to work in the yardThere was a big Volunteer Appreciation event at Cat Depot this weekend.

I wasn’t invited so I didn’t attend.

No problem, I’m an Ambassador, not a volunteer.

What I did instead was stay home and supervise some yard work.

I was wheeled to the job in what seemed to be a fitting vehicle given the task at hand.



Bow-Tie inspecting bags with shellsAccording to these directions shells bring a beautiful, permanent addition to the garden.







Bow-Tie doesn't want to work in the yardBeautiful and permanent after a lot of work.

The work I do is spreading the work about special needs cats.

I do not spread shells on the ground.





Bow-Tie poses in the yardLeaving that to humans to do, I preferred the lighter task,,,

…posing in garden positions among other feline decor.







Bow-Tie poses on the porchAnd then the all important…

…catnap with some other feline friends.








Courage feels out the new shellsWhen the work was finished I brought Courage out to feel the new shells.

She enjoyed the new footing and smelling the flowers.

All in all it was a good weekend.

Work can be fun.





Bow-Tie approves of the projectSupervising has its reward in a job well done.

And this project has received the Official Bow-Tie Seal of Approval

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 14, 2016

Bow-Tie and clock, pondering daylight savingsHi everybody,

Did you set your clock forward?

We lost an hour of sleep, but here I am anyway, writing the blog for you.





Bow-Tie preparing to paintWhat a busy day I had Saturday.

Courage and I had to help with an animal painting workshop.

We had everything ready to go and headed to the art center.







Bow-Tie and PorterGuess who came in first?

This big lug is Porter.

Cute, right?

You only think so because you see me looking at him.








Handsome Porter

This is what I saw…











Bow-Tie modelngWhen it was time for the students to come in I took my position.

It was important that I got to greet everyone as they came in.







Bow-Tie and dogsThere were two fancy pants dogs there to help me supervise.

They did a good job.








Bow-Tie kissed a dogOne in particular wanted a little extra attention from me.

“I kissed a dog and I liked it.” He he he

After that I thought we were friends.

But I’ll tell you what, you can’t trust dogs!




Dog stealing cat treatsReally…

…the thief stole my lunch!







Dog sniffing Bow-Tie's behindAnd here’s another reason you can’t like dogs,,,

…and this one is even more insulting.

How dare he!







Courage playing with paintWhat was Courage doing the whole time?

She was just playing. The dogs didn’t mess with her.

It was a great day.







Bow-Tie paw printEveryone had fun and they all went home with a nice painting…

…even me!

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent



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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – December 7, 2015

Hi Whitey,

It’s the party season and I’m no slouch at parties.

We had a nice evening last night at our local pet supply shop.

It was time for Courage to make her public debut.

Courage in bow tie

I loaned her one of my old bow ties from before I had my purrsonal tailor.

She liked it.


Arrival to the storeAs soon as we got there, one of the owners of the store had to come over and greet us.

He likes that we are the only cats among all the dogs.







Bow Tie meets a dogSpeaking of dogs…

…this little sweetie came over to say hi.

He’s not special needs but he has special eyes.

One is brown and one is blue.

I liked that look.





Bow-Tie eats dog ice creamKnow what else I liked?

The ice cream!

They had special ice cream for dogs.

Of course they had none specific to cats.

I put in an order for tuna flavor next time.




Courage tastes ice cream for the first timeCourage never had ice cream before.

She didn’t understand the cold when she touched it.

With a little help, she got the idea.

We may be having some ice cream at our house from now on.






Bow-Tie wants shrimpsThey had shrimp too.

I wanted some, but they are hard to chew with no teeth.

A nice lady kept dipping her fingers in them and letting me drink the juice.

That’s service!







Bow-Tie gets a massageAnd then, speaking of service, of the most purrsonal kind…

…a couple nice ladies found my sweet spot and gave me a good massage in all the right places.








It was a great party and a lot of people came because they are our Facebook friends.

One Facebook friend couldn’t be there to meet us.


Bow-Tie gets a phone call

…she phoned in to see me all the way from Pennsylvania!

Now that’s a good friend!

We had a great time with great people.

Courage did wonderfully, and she will now be going everywhere with me.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

Party on, Dude!

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 5, 2015

Hi Whitey,Bow-Tie assisting at the booth

This week I’m writing from out of town.

I’m working a big cat show and it’s so much fun.

My mom has a booth for her art and I’m the assistant.

When people come to the booth, I try to direct them to the pretty pictures, but everyone who comes is more interested in seeing me than the paintings.

When I’m not working the booth, I like to visit neighboring vendors.

This was my favorite vendor. He had handmade toys and I loved them all.

Bow-Tie visiting vendors

Bow-Tie gets a snackBut more than the toys…

…I enjoyed sharing his lunch with him.

He had Chinese food.

Who knew I liked Chinese food?





Bow-Tie and Helen Keller snuggling

Helen Keller was with me, so when the crowd thinned, I gave her some one-on-one time.








Then it was back to work.Bow-Tie collecting money for Cat Depot

Not my best pose, but as you can see I’ve got a paw on the money box for Cat Depot.

People are very interested in my story and they are filling it up.



Bow-Tie likes hugsLots of people wanted to give me a hug and I was happy to oblige.

I’m always up for a hug.








Bow-Tie gets visitors from Cat DepotTo my surprise, some Cat Depot friends came all the way down to see us!

They got to see me and meet Helen Keller.







It is a lot of fun working at the booth and meeting all the people, but it’s tiring.

Back into the cushy hotel bed for a few minutes before I go back today.Bow-Tie relaxing in the hotel room

Have a happy week!


The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 28, 2015

Hi Whitey,Bow-Tie with veggie bowtie

No important events to attend this weekend, so I went out for a fun day.

If the events don’t come to me, I go to the events.

Look at my tie.

Vegetables, right?

So, where do you go wearing a vegetable tie?

You go to the Farmer’s Market.




 My first stop was at a booth with a nice lady who makes tin fish.

Bow-Tie in a box


Tin fish?

I’m in.


I jumped into a box of tin fish.




I’ve heard of fish in tin cans, but these were tin fish in boxes.

Bow-Tie in a box 2

People gathered around to take pictures of me.

Humans are entertained simply by a cat sitting in a box.

Wonder how many Facebook posters have this on their page today.


Bow-Tie snuggleThe nice lady who makes them loves cats and wanted her picture with me.

She just graduated with a degree in Animal Control.

She was very interested in my story and the horrors of hoarding.

That’s what she is going to dedicate her life to – saving us from that situation.

I wanted to thank her for her dedication, so gave her a big hug…


…but in all honesty, I was still concentrating on those fish over there.


Bow-Tie checking out veggiesEveryone walked around with baskets of vegetables.

I sat at the perfect level to see what everyone had in their baskets.







Bow-Tie in his cartBut then my view was blocked.

Seems we were in the market for some vegetables too.

Who knew.

It was a good day socializing and spreading the word about special needs cats.

The bonus?

Showing the lady who is going to dedicate her life to helping animals what hoarding looks like from the cat’s point of view.

That memory and my story will stay with her and help her save cats.


At the end of the day, I took time to smell the flowers.

Bow-Tie smelling the flowers

And to give you one of my famous Bow-Tie smiles.

Until next week.

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 14, 2015

Dear Whitey, Bow Tie Shopping

I had a little shopping to do this weekend.

My favorite local store always serves me well and they love me there.

I’m the only cat who comes into the store.

I was looking for something special, and this is not it.

Obviously some thoughtless canine left a trademark in the middle of the aisle.

Bow-Tie searching the store

Moving on.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) here either.






Bow Tie shopping for Helen KellerHere it is.

I wanted to buy some girlie shampoo for Helen Keller.







Bow-Tie testing treatsThe store owner always wants me to taste her newest products.

How can I resist?








Helen Keller taking a bathWith purchases in paw I headed home.

Miss Helen Keller needed a bath.

She was a good girl.

I think my rubber duckie gave her confidence.





Bow Tie conforting Helen KellerShe was great in the bath but cried a little when she got out.

This is where I do my best work…




Bow-Tie comforting Helen Keller

…”It’s OK, Helen Keller. I’m here.”







When she was all dry and fresh as a flower I took her out into the sunshine she loves.

Hellen Keller in the sunshine

Isn’t she pretty?


I just sat back and watched her, knowing I did my best to take care of her.

Bow Tie in the sun

That’s my job.

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 8th

Dear Whitey,

This was a huge week for me, for Cat Depot, and for our feline friends.

I know you and your family worked hard too. Everyone did.

Bow-Tie working hard for the giving challengeI was able to be there at Cat Depot when the Giving Challenge started.

Everyone was putting donations into the computers and the numbers added up fast.

They were all excited.







Bow-Tie and Petunia working for the Giving ChallengeMiss Lynn took us over to meet the people who were matching funds. Petunia and I got to go along as mascot and spokescat for Cat Depot.

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m going to talk to Petunia about how to hold me.

She always puts me in a choke hold. She doesn’t hurt me, but it doesn’t look professional.

I prefer a view from the top!





There we were, Petunia and me, right in front of the whole Community Foundation.

Cameras were sure snapping on this one.

Bow-Tie on Petunias head - a view from the top!


The event at JDub’s Brewery was a lot of fun.

Bow-Tie at JDub's brewery, posing with his custom label!

I got to sit on the bar all afternoon and greet people.

Bow-Tie makes a friendThe best part for me was meeting a new little friend and then seeing her adopted.

She went home that afternoon, and so did one of her siblings.

That made me really happy.






Bow-Tie at JDub's brewery, posing with his custom label!

This is a picture a lot of people posted on their Facebook pages.

Contrary to the comments by those people, I did not drink too much.

What I did was get worn out from working too hard, so I took a little cat nap.






It was a very exciting week and a very good week for Cat Depot.

The donations received during the Giving Challenge will benefit and help care for the cats all year.

My thanks to everyone who worked so hard, and everyone who gave help to our feline friends.

Have a good week, Whitey.

The Dapper Gent

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