Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 27, 2017

Bow-Tie is a donutDear Friends,

I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable.

Me? I’m stuck back at Halloween.








Bow-Tie is literally a donutRemember the donuts?

Remember my donut costume?

Just when I thought this was in the past, it has come back around.







Guess what?

I got a call from a local pet supply store; Cats n Dogs.

They said I won Best Cat Costume in their contest!


Bow-Tie and Miss NancyHow exciting!

I went right over to Cats n Dogs to collect my prize.

Miss Nancy owns the store and is a really nice lady.






Bow-Tie won a scratcherShe gave me my prize.

It’s a really nice cat scratcher complete with cosmic catnip.









Bow-Tie finds the good stuffThat’s not all.

She pulled out a special box with some heavy duty catnip.

Far out!







Bow-Tie found free treatsThe best part was I got to surf her counter.

Of course I found the free samples.

It was for dogs and too hard for me to chew, but I sure licked it pretty good.

(No, the samples weren’t chicken feet. I wanted no part of that.)




Bow-Tie is a donutMoral of this story?

It pays to be a donut!


Love to you all!

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 20, 2017

Bow-Tie in the boothDear Friends,

What a busy and exciting weekend.

We went out of town to a cat show.

The theme of the show was falling leaves, so I wore my bow tie with leaves on it.

The crowd was impressed.




Bow-Tie in the boothMy job at the show was to hold down the booth and make sure things were in order.

The crowd was big and they all wanted to meet me.

My blog fame is astounding… and humbling.






Bow-Tie with his money boxAnother job I had was to watch the Cat Depot donation box.

All the donations go to the Friends Like Me fund for special needs cats.







Broshi taking a restBroshi came with us.

This was her debut into the show ring.

She took a few moments before entering the ring to rest and get her cuteness going.






Broshi getting love from the judgesOnce she entered the ring, the judges fell in love with her.

Each judge took their turn, cuddling this little love bug.









Broshi getting love from the judgesEvery ring was the same thing.

The judges fell under the spell of her sweetness.








Broshi getting some loveThe crowd was drawn to her too.

We don’t even know this lady, but we almost didn’t get Broshi back from her.








Bow-Tie meeting some friends from Cat DepotMe?

I was back at the booth, greeting the crowd.

It was so nice to see two dear Cat Depot friends.

They came a long way just to see me.






Broshi in the hotelCat shows are fun.

We made new friends.

We got donations for the Friends Like Me fund.

We brought awareness and respect to the special needs cats of the world.

Little blind Broshi is just as good as any of those fancy pants cats!

It was a very good weekend.


Love to you all!

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 13, 2017

Bow-Tie and BroshiDear Friends,

Happy Veterans’ Day Weekend!

This weekend we honor the men and women who keep our country safe.

This weekend we honor the men and women who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.





Broshi formalLittle Broshi wanted to help me with this message.

She’s very patriotic.









Broshi reaches for Bow-Tie's heartI’m always serious in our photo shoots, but Broshi is playful.

I’m being serious and she is trying to touch my heart.








Broshi touching Bow-Tie's heartShe’s done it.

She has touched my heart – in oh so many ways.








Broshi stole Bow-Tie's heartShe didn’t just touch my heart; she stole my heart. Literally.

I’m happy she stole my heart.

I give it to her willingly.

No one can steal our freedom, though.

This weekend we honor our Veterans.




Bow-Tie and BroshiThank you for our freedom.

Love you all!

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 6, 2017

There are so many clocksDear Friends,

What time is it?

It’s time to change the clocks again.







Bow-Tie looks at the clocksWhy do we change the clocks?

What was wrong with the old time?

It’s a pretty big task to change them all.

How many clocks do you have to change?

I have to change plenty of them.





Bow-Tie has his own clockI even have my own clock to change…

…I have to spin the dials on her pretty face.








You  have to keep checking the clockWhen you change the clocks, you have to keep checking the time.

It’s difficult to get them all just perfect.








Clock down! Clock down!There’s usually some incident along the way, too.

Well, at least there is over here, anyway.








Bow-Tie rubs against the clockThere’s one thing I really love about clocks this time of the year.

And I really love that one thing.









We got one extra hour of sleep!We get to sleep one more hour!

Any time I get to sleep one more hour I’m happy.







I love one thing about the time change...Enjoy your extra hour!

I sure will.





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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 30, 2017

Bow-Tie is a donut kittyDear Friends,

Remember when 62 members of my family and I were rescued by Cat Depot?

Remember when Cat Depot selected 13 of us and called us the Baker’s Dozen?

Remember when they nicknamed us the Donut Kitties?


That was cute, right?

I have always enjoyed being called a Donut Kitty.

My original name was even Glaze.



Bow-Tie donut with donutsHowever…

I never thought I would actually BE a donut.







I have a reputation for being sweet, but this may be going too far.

Bow-Tie is a donut

Hat and all, I am officially a Donut Kitty!


Bow-Tie donut standing upThe outfit suits me and I’m very comfortable in my official role…

…as a Donut Kitty.









Bow-Tie dressed as a donutI am happy to strut my sweetness all over town…

…or at least to costume contests and parties.









Bow-Tie is a sleepy donutBeing a Donut Kitty is tiring, though.

And a good Donut Kitty deserves a good donut nap.







Bow-Tie wishes a Happy HalloweenHave a safe and Happy Halloween!


One of the original Baker’s Dozen Donut Kitties


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 23, 2017

Bow-Tie funny close upHi Friends,

Do I look tired to you?

I’m okay now, but I was very tired on this day.

The photo shoot for this bulletin wore me out.

We were going to have our fall photos done.

It’s that time of the year and I like to have a nice, formal shot.

This year, I wanted to include Broshi, because she’s so cute.






Bow-Tie and BroshiHere’s one of our first shots.

Pretty cute, right?

She’s a pumpkin and I’m wearing one of my fall bow ties.







BroshiBroshi is a good pumpkin.

You probably think she’s going to be the perfect model, don’t you?

So did I.






Photo bombed!The next shot would have been a good one…

…but we were photo bombed by a black invader!

And it went steadily downhill from here.







A paw on Bow-Tie's headShe likes me, I get that.

But we are trying to pose seriously here, and she does this.








Bow-Tie in a pile of leavesThen she covered me with leaves and thought that was great fun.








Bow-Tie and Broshi cuddlingI don’t even know how to explain this one.








Bow-Tie and Broshi cuddlingI guess what she’s trying to tell me is to just lighten up and have fun.

She’s right.







We all need to be less serious and have more fun…

…and it’s better when you do it together.

Have fun!


The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 16, 2017

Bow-TIe with medicinDear Friends,

My concern is always for the kitties who don’t have homes yet.

My bigger concern is for special needs kitties like me.

Special needs kitties sometimes have a harder time finding homes.

That doesn’t stop Cat Depot from taking these guys in and helping them.






Kissa showing her legLet me introduce Kissa…

…isn’t she a pretty girl?


Two Cat Depot staff members saw a group of people on the road one night.

They surrounded Kissa, who had just been hit by a car.

What did they do?

They sprung into action, scooped her up, and took her to the emergency clinic.

Isn’t that cool?




KissaShe was evaluated and stabilized at the emergency clinic.

The next day, she came to Cat Depot.

The medical staff went to work on her.

She had an external fixator placed on her leg.

Now, I’m not sure what that is, but I’m sure it was necessary.

I’m assuming it’s that cute blue thing.



Kissa in the cone of shameShe also got what we cats call… The Cone of Shame.

It helps us not lick or chew a wound. Not a good look, though.


Thanks to staff members who were off the clock and still sprung into action.

Thanks to medical staff who know their stuff.

And thankfully, Kissa is on the mend and will be available for adoption when she’s well.



Kissa looking upShe’s a beauty.

Isn’t that a happy story?








Bow-TieI nose you like happy stories!

Have a great week.


The Dapper Gent




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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 9, 2017

Bow-Tie wears his boat tie

Happy Columbus Day Weekend, and Indigenous People Day!

I’m wearing my boat bow tie to celebrate.










Bow-Tie looks at the camera

Serious face, serious question:

Where did Columbus first land in America?


On his feet!

Ha ha ha!







Bow-Tie with the flag

Now I am being serious.

I’m proud to be an American cat.


Who was the first cat to discover America?

Christopher Columpuss!

Ha ha ha!



Now I’m being serious again.

We all need to be proud of America.

We have freedom and a country we can love.

Let’s take care of our country and of each other.


The cats are cute


The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 2, 2017

Bow-Tie with his treat jarDear Friends,

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

That’s what they say.

Well, look at this!

They made a treat jar in honor of me!







Bow-Tie head to headI have to believe that’s what they did.

I love him so much.

He looks just like me.







Bow-Tie says they lost their headsWe’ve lost our heads over each other.

Ha ha ha








Bow-Tie tries the jar on for sizeHe’s just my size, too.

Our heads are the same size.







Bow-Tie looking at the jarThere’s only one difference between us, but I know what to do.

I’m going to have to figure out a way to lop off his left ear.









Bow-Tie loves his treat jarSo meet my new buddy.

I call himĀ Sir Amic.

Get it?



Have a happy week!




The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 25, 2017

Have you seen my bow tie?Dear Friends,

I have a great new toy.

See my bow tie?

It’s fish, right?








My bow tie matches my new toyWell, don’t you know only the best dressed cat matches his toys?

Look how well my bow tie matches my new tunnel toy.








Have you seen my tunnel?What’s a tunnel toy?

It’s only the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s a long skinny tube thing that crinkles when I touch it.

I can run all the way through it, and it makes a fun noise.






I like to hide stuff in the hole

It has a really neat hole right in the middle.

I can run out of the hole or jump into it.








This hole is great for playing

Sometimes I put toys in the hole and hide them from myself.








I like my crinkle ballSometimes I just like to relax on it and chew my crinkle ball.









Perfect for stretching out on

Sometimes I like to just stretch out on it and relax.









Bow-Tie showing off his bow tieAll in all, this is the best toy I’ve ever seen…

…and I’m so thankful it’s mine.










The end, heheThe End!



The Dapper Gent


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