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Mighty Lou

Mighty Lou is a diabetic cat in loving foster care.  Prior to finding a foster parent for Mighty Lou, his health was difficult to regulate. Since arriving at his foster home, a transformation has occurred. His health is stable, he is making progress by leaps and bounds, literally, and he is happy.

Foster care is a life support for cats like Mighty Lou and others who are currently “learning the ropes” of family life,  through the loving and generous hearts of foster parents.

Please consider helping a cat or kitten this year by providing needed stability during a critical time in their life. Foster parents save lives.

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  1. Being a Foster Mom was the best experience of my life. I anxiously await the adoptions of Lovey, Applejack & Harley. They are three wonderful cats who deserve awesome homes! Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Foster program :)

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