Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – February 25, 2019

Broshi before the pawtyDear Everyone,

It’s me, Broshi.

Bow-Tie said I can write to you this week.

I went to a girly party and he doesn’t want to be part of it.

Ha ha ha for Bow-Tie.

This is me before the party.




Broshi going to a pawtyThis is me, all dressed up for the party!

It’s an event to raise money for animals by auctioning off designer purses.

This is my new dress and I feel very beautiful.






Broshi got her own chairWhen I got there, I got my very own chair.









Broshi got a purseBetter yet…

…I got my very own little purse!









Broshi looking cute at the partyMy chair is the perfect place for people to adore me…

…and they did.









Miss Lily was at the party tooMiss Lily was there, too.

She decided to go a bit more formal with her little black dress.








All the partying made Broshi sleepyA big party is a bit tiring for this kitty.

I was happy to curl up on my chair with my blanket and take a nice cat nap.

Thanks for listening to my story of the big day.

Bow-Tie will be back next week!


Sister to Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent


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