Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 7, 2019

Bow-Tie and Annie Sullivan got a presentHappy New Year, Everyone!

This is my first message of the new year.

Hope you are all well and happy.

Annie Sullivan and I just got another Christmas gift!

It’s wrapped in a cozy kitty blanket.





Annie Sullivan opens the packageAnnie Sullivan is really good at opening things, so I’ll leave it to her.

She’s persistent!








Annie Sullivan opened the packageSee what I told you…

…she got it open.

It’s a great new kitty activity box.

It has a feather outside, balls inside, and a scratching surface.

Any kitty’s dream gift!





The girls enjoy the new toyCourage came running when she heard the scratching and the balls rolling around.

Being the gentleman I am, I stepped aside for the girls.








Mixie plays with the featherMixie was quite intrigued with the feather.










The girls enjoy the new toyBroshi was attracted by the sounds.

Mixie was a bit selfish about sharing at first…








The girls enjoy the new toy…but then she helped Broshi find out how to play with the balls inside.











The girls enjoy the new toyI think I’ll just take a nap and let the girls play for a while.

Who can resist such cuteness?








Bow-TieSee you next week!


The Dapper Gent


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