Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 19, 2018

Bow-Tie on a shelf in the pantryDear Friends,

It wasn’t a good week in the Bow-Tie household.

I accidentally got locked in the pantry, broke a bottle of oil…

…and the result was an oily mess.








Bow-Tie made a mess on the pantry floorThere was oil as far as the eye could see.









Bow-Tie is greasyIt covered everything, including me.

I’ve heard oil is good for your coat, but this much is just too much.








Bow-Tie getting a bathOne bath didn’t really help…

…there was more oil in the tub than water.








Bow-Tie wrapped in a towelThree baths later most of the oil was gone…

…but I’m still pretty oily.








Bow-Tie is wet and greasyI know in the 50’s greasers were cool…

…but it’s 2018 now and this look is not cool.









Bow-Tie with his cute little tongue outLesson learned.

Don’t sneak into the pantry… The door could close and disaster could result.

Have a happy week!



The Dapper Gent


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