Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 5, 2018

Bow-Tie is ready for the time changeGuess what time it is???

You probably aren’t sure right now.

I’m not so sure either.









Bow-Tie and his clockThis is that one day a year we gain one more hour.

Fall back!

Fall back?

That means when it’s 9 o’clock one minute, the next minute it’s 8 o’clock?

Should I stay up late, or go to bed early?

Do I eat at the old time, or eat at a new time?





Bow-Tie and his clockIt’s all so confusing.

I am thankful for the extra hour of sleep though.

You should be thankful too.









Bow-Tie is ready for the time changeRemember to change your clocks and remember to sleep a little longer.


Love you,


The Dapper Gent


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