Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – June 18, 2018

Bow-Tie getting a massageDear Friends,

This is Father’s Day weekend.

What is a father?

He’s someone who loves you and takes care of you.

That care may mean giving you a good massage when you need it.

Strong hands give a strong massage.





Bow-Tie getting a chin rubThose strong hands can give a good neck and chin massage, too.











Dads can help get the bow tie straightMost of all, a Dad’s hands can make sure your bow tie is on straight.

That’s very important to me.








Bow-tie winksBut do you know what is not Dad-like?

Cats running the streets, making kittens all over the place.

Neuter your cats.

They will thank you for it.


Love you all,

The Dapper Gent

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