Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 9, 2018

Annie SullivanDear People Out There…

I am Annie Sullivan.

I keep hearing how cute Broshi is, and how Broshi is in a lot of Bow-Tie’s blogs.

Well, I’m here to tell you I am just as interesting as Broshi, and I may even be cuter.

(Of course, neither Broshi nor I know how cute we are, because we can’t see, but that doesn’t matter.)

It’s my turn this week!



Annie with ballI like to go outside. (Safely, of course.)

Usually, I take a toy with me.








Annie with glassesSometimes I like to wear my glasses. Just to look cool, of course.









Annie with wingsSometimes I like to wear my angel wings…

…well, because I’m an angel.










Annie with wings, ball, and glasses 2Sometimes I do all three things at one time…

…I play with my ball while wearing my sunglasses and angel wings.

That takes talent.

Try to do that, Broshi! Ha!






Annie in the bird bathWhen I’m not basking in the sun, I like to explore.

Don’t you think I could easily be mistaken for a beautiful garden statue?







Annie with lizardSometimes I like to meet new friends outside.

This guy didn’t talk very much, but he seemed nice.








Annie in flowersSo next time you think Broshi is “all that,” think about how cute I am, and how interesting I am.

The name is Annie Sullivan.

I know you won’t forget me now.


Love to everyone!

Annie Sullivan
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The Dapper Gent


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