Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – February 19, 2018

Bow-Tie with his souvenirsHi Everybody,

I’m wearing my grumpy face in this picture.

That’s because someone in this house went to London and left me home.







Bow-Tie didn't get to go to LondonMy grumpy face quickly turned to a happy face though. There were souvenirs.

Hey, there’s one over here that looks really good.








Bow-Tie has a red catnip doubledeckerNow, that I like…

…it’s a London bus filled with catnip.









Bow-Tie has his own Big BenAnd then, of course, Big Ben made his appearance.










Bow-Tie made Big Ben into the leaning tower of... LondonI found a way to turn him into the Leaning Tower.

(Oh, sorry. Wrong city.)









Bow-Tie likes his catnip toysI’m very thankful and happy for my London souvenirs.

I love the London catnip bus, the Queen’s Catnip, and Big Ben (he’s catnip, too.)









The telephone booth is Bow-Tie's favoriteMost of all though, I think I like the telephone booth…

…it has cat treats in it.









The telephone booth is Bow-Tie's favoriteNow I’m convinced…

…London is a very good thing.




Love you all!

The Dapper Gent


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