Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – January 22, 2018

Bow-Tie in his map bow tieDear Friends,

Today you’ll find out something you didn’t know.

Today you will see a side of me you didn’t know existed.

Today you will share one of my many pleasures in life.

Here’s a hint.

I’m wearing my Route 66 bow tie.

It’s what I wear when I go traveling.

Yes, traveling.



Bow-Tie outside the carHere’s another hint…

…it’s done outside.







Bow-Tie posting by a tireAnd a bigger hint…

…it involves the car.









Bow-Tie in the driver's seatYes folks, I love the car.

I love to go for rides.

When there’s nowhere to go, I like to play in the car.

Sometimes I sit up front and pretend I’m in charge of an adventure.





Bow-Tie in the back seatSometimes I crawl into the back seat.









Bow-Tie enjoying the carFrom the back seat I can pretend I’m being chauffeured around town.








Bow-Tie climbing between the seatsSometimes I can’t make my mind up between the front and the back…

…and I just ride in the middle.







Bow-Tie dashboard surfingThen there’s the trickiest and most fun place of all…

…the dashboard.








Bow-Tie dashboard surfingThe dashboard requires great balance…

…and great spring action if you can’t balance.








Bow-Tie in the back seatSo there you have it, my world of adventure.


When the car moves, I am secure in my carrier.

But when we’re not moving, I’m a dare devil!


Love you all,

The Dapper Gent


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