Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 25, 2017

Have you seen my bow tie?Dear Friends,

I have a great new toy.

See my bow tie?

It’s fish, right?








My bow tie matches my new toyWell, don’t you know only the best dressed cat matches his toys?

Look how well my bow tie matches my new tunnel toy.








Have you seen my tunnel?What’s a tunnel toy?

It’s only the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s a long skinny tube thing that crinkles when I touch it.

I can run all the way through it, and it makes a fun noise.






I like to hide stuff in the hole

It has a really neat hole right in the middle.

I can run out of the hole or jump into it.








This hole is great for playing

Sometimes I put toys in the hole and hide them from myself.








I like my crinkle ballSometimes I just like to relax on it and chew my crinkle ball.









Perfect for stretching out on

Sometimes I like to just stretch out on it and relax.









Bow-Tie showing off his bow tieAll in all, this is the best toy I’ve ever seen…

…and I’m so thankful it’s mine.










The end, heheThe End!



The Dapper Gent


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One thought on “Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 25, 2017

  1. I like tunnels too. One of the best parts; you’re invisible in them! I know no one can see me when I’m hiding in the crinkly tunnel.

    =D Koda

    PS Mom says the Bow-Tie butt is adorable.

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