Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – August 7, 2017

Bow-Tie wants sunDear Everyone,

I’ve been a little out of sorts this week…

…hence my down in the dumps look.







Bow-Tie walks in the grassI like to go outside for short walks in the sunshine.

It has been raining so much here it has been very difficult for me to take my stroll.

The grass is way past my knees.

I don’t like it touching my tummy.





Bow-Tie has to lift his feetI also don’t like to have to lift my paws way up in the air in order to walk.

It makes me look funny and I don’t like looking funny.








Bow-Tie close upWe know it has to rain in order for things to grow.

Some days I even enjoy the rain.

But a guy has to get some sunshine once in a while.

Sunshine makes me happy.






Bow-Tie looking upSo I’ll just look up and check the weather each day.

If I get all squinty from the sunshine, I’ll take a walk.

If raindrops fall into my nose, I’ll stay inside.







Bow-Tie looking statelyThat’s the weather check according to me.

And there’s weather everywhere, don’t ya know!

See you next week.




The Dapper Gent


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