Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – July 31, 2017

There was excitement in our house this weekHi Everybody,

There was some excitement in our house this week.

It all started when an envelope came, addressed to Rembrandt Red.

It was from Whitey Wobbles.

(More on this envelope mess later.)





Mixie loved the padsMixie was there when the envelope was opened.

She very quickly discovered it contained catnip pads!

The beautiful card from Whitey Wobbles said his sister Daisy and brother Harley love them.

Clearly, Mixie loves them too.

The card also said they were for Rembrandt Red (Remi) and Buddy Van Gogh.

So off to the studio we went.



Remi with BuddyBuddy was the first to jump on the pad.

He motioned for Remi to come up with him, and she did.








Remi tells Buddy the pad is hersShe told him the envelope was addressed to her, and she should have the best seat.









Buddy didn't care that Remi wanted the good spotIn typical big brother fashion…

…Buddy told her that was tough. He wasn’t moving.








Remi says, "I have my own pad"Remi had a solution.

She moved the other pad to her own location and enjoyed it for hours.








Why are we talking about a torn envelope?By now you must wonder what happened with the envelope.

And why are we talking about a ripped envelope anyway?










Annie Sullivan playing with the envelopeBecause little blind Annie Sullivan thought the envelope WAS the gift!

And she had a fine time playing with it all by herself.

Ha ha ha


Thank you Whitey Wobbles, Daisy Doodle, and Harley!

The catnip pads were a great success.


Love to everyone,

The Dapper Gent


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One thought on “Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – July 31, 2017

  1. Happy Sunday, Bowtie!

    My Mom read your bulletin to me this morning and it made my heart happy to hear how all the furrbabies at your house loved the catnip pads and envelope I sent them in! I love mine so much that I keep it in my bed, so Daisy and Harley can’t use it. I know I should share, but they have their own.

    I do want to know that our good friend, Ms. Peggy, made those awesome catnip pads for Remi and Buddy. I have told her how much everyone loves them and we need more! She is using her scrap material to make them. She is the one who makes all those awesome, colorful beds for our friends at Cat Depot too.

    I only had 2 of those pads, so I thought I should send them to the “studio” kitties at your house, since Remi is new to your family. I wanted her to feel welcome. When I get some more, Maybe I will send you one! Take care good buddy!

    Whitey Wobbles

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