Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – July 24, 2017

Bow-Tie is sadDear Friends,

It was a sad week in our household.










Monet and BuddyMy sister who lives in the studio went over the Rainbow Bridge.

It was beautiful Monet’s time to cross the bridge.

We all said a tearful good-bye.

Buddy Van Gogh was her life-long studio friend.

He found himself alone and sad.







Red with her new toyLucky for Buddy I have friends at Cat Depot who stepped up to help him heal.

I contacted my good friend Marianne, and Whitey Wobbles Mom.

They work in Adoptions.

They helped pick out just the right new friend for Buddy Van Gogh.

Meet Rembrandt Red.



Her name was already Red (a good color name for a studio cat.)

We added the Rembrandt part to make her even more artsy.

She settled in right away with a new toy.


Red with a brushShe’s a bit of a character.

Toys weren’t enough.

She stole a brush right off the art table.








Red with string and BuddyBuddy Van Gogh accepted her right away.

He finds her both silly and entertaining.








Red and Buddy eatingCat Depot sent her home with some kitty food.

It is different than what Buddy Van Gogh had, so he’s enjoying a new taste.








Red with a brushThanks for making our home and hearts happy again, Rembrandt Red!









Bow-Tie with his heart bow tieThe moral of the story?

A tiny little ball of fur can help heal hearts.


I’m wearing my heart bow tie.

See what I did there?

I made you smile at the end of the story!

It’s what I do.


Have a happy week everyone!




The Dapper Gent


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