Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – May 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

Bow-Tie voicing his opinionI just heard Cat Depot had a Volunteer Appreciation Banquet the other day. They honored all the people who give their time to help the cats.

I said, “Hey…

…what about cats who help cats?”

I’m out there busting my tail all the time to help my feline friends!







Bow-Tie delivers carriers for catsFor one, I started the Carriers for Cats Program and purrsonally delivered the first load.

These donated carriers have helped a lot of cats so far this year.









Bow-Tie works on the Giving ChallengeThe Giving Challenge brought a lot of money into Cat Depot from various foundations.

Purrsonally, I think it was only such a success because of my handsome mug on the literature.






Bow-Tie collects money for cats in needAll the local cat shows know I’ll show up with my donation box.

People can’t resist my sweet smile and gentle ways.










Bow-Tie with his tribute beerThen there are those local businesses who want my presence.

Get a bottle, slap a “Bow-Tie Brew” label on it, and it’s a success!







Bow-Tie and PetuniaSometimes I let my friend Petunia share the limelight.

And yes, she likes it when I sit on her head.








Bow-Tie assists at an art workshopMy talents are limitless.

I have even been known to assist at art workshops



So here’s to the volunteers who make Cat Depot so successful!

Thank you!

Well done, humans!



And here’s to the little guy who overcame the adversities of life to be a volunteer.

Here’s to four paws on the ground at all times, to help other kitties wherever I can.

Bow-Tie is exhausted

It’s all in the life’s work of me, Bow-Tie.

Happy week, everyone!

The Dapper Gent


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