Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 21, 2016

Bow-Tie sadHi Everyone,

This is my sad look.

You know what makes me sad?

Seeing all the lost dogs and cats on Facebook.

Have you seen them all?

I always try to spread the news if they’re local, so they can get back home.





Bow-Tie in the yardIt’s really bad when a pet is lost.

They’re very scared and often hide, so it’s hard to find them.

Cats are especially scared, so people have a hard time even seeing them.

They say only 2% of lost cats are returned to their owners.






Bow-Tie demonstrates how small a cat isWe’re really small, and the world is really big… and scary.

There are so many dangers outside.







Bow-Tie in the jungleOnce we have a nice home, we are unequipped to handle the outside.

Everything poses a danger and we have a terrible time.







Bow-Tie poses in the yardSo, what’s the answer?

Most importantly, don’t let indoor cats outside.

Sometimes we make a mistake and run out an open door.

Please run after us!

We really would rather be inside than outside.





Bow-Tie talks about microchipping petsAnd, there is something you can do as soon as you adopt us, to make sure we get back home.

A microchip!

It’s as tiny as a grain of rice.

It goes under the skin with a needle in seconds.

And it saves lives!




Bow-Tie the explorerEvery microchip has a unique number and is registered.

It has the cat’s information and the owner information.

Cat Depot puts a microchip in every single cat before they are adopted.

Then, when they are adopted, the new owner’s information is registered.

Microchips give us the best chance of getting back home to you.




Bow-Tie peeking through the fenceWant to hear a funny story?

A lady adopted a dog and the shelter told her he had a microchip.

She asked how far he could go before it started beeping.

That’s funny, because a microchip isn’t a tracking device, like a GPS.

Anyone who finds a lost animal still needs to take it to a shelter or vet to be scanned.

A scanner can detect the microchip and find the owner.




Bow-Tie presents the moral of the storyThe moral of the story?

Humans – keep your cat inside.

Cats – stop running out the door.

Cat Depot – thanks for microchipping us!

Until next week,

The Dapper Gent



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4 thoughts on “Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 21, 2016

  1. My mom worries I’ll sneak outside, because I’ve learned to open doors. Luckily, I started with a door to another room, and now she’s really careful to keep everything locked.

    I also have ninja skills. Sometimes she thinks I’m in one end of the room, but I’ve already sneaked all the way across it and she almost stumbles over me.

    Mom says I’m a pretty big cat and calls me her house panther. I weigh over 12 pounds, whatever that means. When I heard a thunderstorm this weekend I decided size doesn’t matter and ran to a good hiding spot. She looked everywhere, and finally saw me peek out from under a shelf. According to her it’s too narrow to fit even a small cat, but I got under there just fine. Imagine if a kitty was hiding like that outdoors! The humans would never find it.

    And by the way, I wasn’t afraid of the thunder, not really. Just cautious.


  2. Bow-Tie what a paw some blog. People think cats are so resourceful, but when they live indoors they can’t fend for themselves and can’t always find their way back. When I rooted Princess, there was no info on her because she was dumped off and left at the pound (unthinkable) She is so special. One day when chasing a bug in the window, she pushed out the screen and fell out from the 2nd floor. I did not know. Out on my bike and went out back to lock up the bike. Heard a cat meowing, saw this dirty scared cat at the bottom of the laundry room stairs OUTDOORS. Though OMG have to call my rescue org. Upon closer look, realized it was my girl. I was shaking, scooped her up and ran upstairs with her. Isat on the floor hugging her and crying. The building was close Toma VERY BUSY road. She was not hurt thank God. Morale, I never dreamed that could happen. Keep your pets safe and be prepared for anything.

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