Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 7, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am tired.

The big Love Me Do Gala was last night.

I didn’t get home until midnight.

I just may go back to bed after I write this.

The gala?



Bow-tie working check-inThe first thing I had to oversee was the check-in table.

We made sure everyone got a pretty yellow wristband.

Then it was on to greeting some of the guests.







Bow-tie discusses Bow-tiesOne very special fellow was one of the first to arrive.

He wore a bow tie just for me!

He’s the dad of my good feline buddy.








Bow-ties galoreNot to be outdone…

…another dude wore a bow tie just for te picture with me.

I’m flattered by both of them.







Bow-tie meets gala guestsOn to meet more guests.

There were some really cool pink glasses I tried to knock off.

But Ringo himself stopped me. (he he he he)







Bow-Tie with the chance drawing ticketsThere were great raffle items.

The big prize of the night was a trip to London.

I didn’t win.







Bow-Tie meeting Sgt. PepperThere were tiny kittens visiting the crowd.

Sgt. Pepper himself brought one over to visit me.

It was a wonderful night and lots of money was raised to help all the cats.







Bow-Tie sits on the tableThere were wonderful presentations.

There was only one guest who got to sit on the table for the video…

…oh yes I did!







Bow-Tie thinks about salmonAnd for dinner?

I had the salmon and it was purrfect!

Thanks for the wonderful party, Cat Depot!






See you all next week.

The Dapper Gent

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5 thoughts on “Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 7, 2016

  1. Very cool, Bow-Tie. Looks like you made a great showing for us special needs cats!!

    I’m Sonny, the dude in charge at Cat Depot. I try to always check email and type when my roommate is out – oh oh – gotta run, she’s on her way back.


    • Oooooh. Sonny. Nice to hear from you! Be careful with those humans. They can be tricky. Better to use the computer after lights out.

      Write when you can!


      • Sonny! It’s black cat here! Do you remember me, Koda? I’m sending a photo of you and me, to freshen your memory. My mom wouldn’t take me to the Gala either. She said she had to work and that I get rambunctious. Slander. Seems like it turned out okay anyway – Bow-Tie held the fort.

        Bow-Tie, I remember people meowing about you at Cat Depot. I’m a Friends Like Me cat, and you’re kind of a big deal to us.

        Whitey, don’t know if I’ve had the pleasure, but I know your mom. She’s purrsome! The bug chasing sounds like fun. My mom won’t let me on the lanai, because she thinks I’d get out and she’d lose me. Again, slander.

        Speaking of moms, I hear her coming. I’d better get off the keyboard – she thinks I order stuff every time she sees me by the computer.


  2. Hey Bowtie…that’s my Dad in the picture with you! He wouldn’t take me to the Gala. Doesn’t seem fair to me, but humans can be weird sometimes. I do have a bowtie I could have worn. Maybe next year. They say that every year.

    Sonny…I do read your daisy messages on Face book and I think you are a really cool cat! You do deserve the title of Mayor. Please keep those humans in line over there at Cat Depot. My brother, Harley, and me are both former residents of Cat Depot. I sure hope a human comes to get you real soon. My Dad says no more furr babies in this house! He thinks 3 is enough. I would trade my sister, Daisy Doodles, in for another brother in a heartbeat! Girls are so moody and don’t enjoy being pounced on.

    My Mom just opened the door to the lanai, so I have to go out and chase bugs!

    Whitey Wobbles

  3. Dear Whitey, Sonny and Koda,

    You guys are all way coo!! Sneaking around on those humans is fun, isn’t it? They don’t have a clue.

    Whitey, you have one handsome and dapper dad there. I was so happy to meet him. His bow tie was over the top. That really made me smile my big toothless smile. I loved it.

    Sonny, you are the dude in charge over there. You are living in Mighty Lou Central so you get all the cape power. No wonder you are so cool. I like it when the pictures you post have paintings of Mighty Lou behind you sometimes. I like to look at him. The cape power glows.

    Koda, black cats rule. I have a black sister named Monet. You look like you’re living large and loving it.

    You guys are all great. Nice to hear some good, intelligent feline words once in a while. Humans are sometimes boring.

    Love you all!

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