Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – February 29, 2016

Bow-TieHi everyone,

My job for Cat Depot and the cat world is to help special needs cats.

Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund is my cause.

It helps these special felines, and I spread the word far and near.

This weekly blog helps spread that word.





Mighty Lou on MarqueeBut today I step out of the picture to let the real star shine.

One year ago today, the original Caped Crusader for Special Needs crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Today we remember him…

…he was one of a kind.







Mighty Lou by pondHe sailed through life and spread the word.







Mighty Lou as captainAnd he always had to be in control.









Mighty Lou out drivingHe was the driving force behind Friends Like Me.










Everyone knew him and everyone loved him…

Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy

Mighty Lou and Nancy Colby


Humans did crazy things just to be with him.








In all the world…

Mighty Lou posing with a globe

…there will only be one Mighty Lou.


Mighty Lou posingHe danced to his own drum.




















Mighty Lou at a restaurantHe was a man about town and loved the limelight.









Mighty Lou in art galleryHe will never be truly duplicated.









Mighty Lou was a winnerHe was a real winner.

He will be forever loved and missed.









Bow-Tie in red bow tie
We will all carry on the mission for special needs cats in his memory and honor.

Friends Like Me lives on because you lived.

Thank you, Mighty Lou.

The Dapper Gent

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