Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – December 14, 2015

Dear Whitey,

Things are in full mode “Holiday Spirit” over here.

It’s official now… the tree is up.

Well, MY tree is up.

What do you think?

Bowtie with his new tree

Quite the collection, don’t you think?


Bowtie putting a finishing touch on his tree

Oh, wait.

One more adjustment…

…Now it’s purrfect.

This will be my first Christmas.

Never before have I lived in a home.

Never before have I felt loved.

Never before have I been happy.



Things are different now!

I am so thankful to have a home of my own, someone to love me, and food every day.

My Christmas wish is that every cat at Cat Depot has the same happiness I do.

And if the special needs cats would be the first to find homes, I would be over the moon!


Now, I hear the tradition is to put milk and cookies out for a guy who comes down the chimney.

I won’t give up the milk and I don’t have any cookies, but…

Bowtie preparing for Santa Paws

…I have something more valuable to put out for him.

Bowtie waiting for SantaEveryone likes crinkle balls, don’t they?


Bowtie and Courage talking about SantaCourage has never had Christmas either.

This is the first time she has a home, love, food, safety, and is pain free.

So we had a little meeting.

“Yes, Courage, there is a Santa. He sends angels to adopt us and love us. You and I are very lucky.”






Bowtie posing by his tree




We’re on our way to a Merry Christmas.

I’ve got this one!


The Dapper Gent





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