Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – August 10, 2015

Hi Whitey,

Bow Tie's before-pictureSometimes I can’t believe that I have a seven year past of looking like this.

Pitiful for sure.

When Cat Depot scooped me up and brought me and my 49 house mates in, our lives changed.





Bow Tie after pic
My dapper dudeness is all around me now. But I’m more about helping other cats wherever I can.

Cat Depot has given me a platform to talk to the public and I take that position very seriously. This month in particular I’ll be very busy promoting the Giving Challenge and you’ll see lots on that.

But my day to day job is taking care of Helen Keller.

I believe in paying it forward. Cat Depot and humans have given to me. I give to her.

She sees me as her guardian angel, but she is the one who wears the wings.

Bow Tie and Helen Keller


I believe that someone with as many limitations as Helen Keller (blind, deaf and brain damage) is very brave. She doesn’t know she is different, she just lives her life.

When I think about my limitations due to my past, they seem like nothing when I look at her.

That’s why I believe in helping all of the special needs cats at Cat Depot. They just need love and someone to understand them.


Mighty Lou

This weekend was a big moment in my mission to help. Helen Keller and I have become quite popular on Facebook so we’re using it to help others.

We stepped into the mighty paws of Mighty Lou.

It took a while to find our own voice because his was so strong. Everyone loved him and always will.

Helen Keller and I will bravely and boldly carry on his mission.

This weekend the Facebook page has changed to Bow-Tie and Helen Keller but the mission stays the same.

I take my job seriously and my path is set before me. The job is a big one but I will help special needs cats find homes and their happiness.

Helen Keller and I are working to bring awareness to special needs cats.

I know you helped Mighty Lou and you will help us. Thank you! We can do it!

Gotta get back to caretaking now! See you next week.

Bow Tie and Helen Keller


The Dapper Gent
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2 thoughts on “Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – August 10, 2015

  1. Bow-Tie, those seven hellish years are almost more than I can bear to think about!!!
    THANK GOD, Cat Depot, and your angel Mommy Nancy Colby
    you are a new cat with a new WONDERFUL life!
    Busy with THE GIVING CHALLENGE, guardian angel to precious Helen Keller, and carrying on our beloved MIGHTY LOU’s mission helping Special Needs cats.
    The caretaking photo is PRICELESS!
    Bow-Tie knows what it’s all about! LOVE you, Dapper Gent and Helen Keller!

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