Bow-Tie’s Gift Arrives!

Dear Whitey,

You surprised me! A package arrived yesterday addressed to me so I started to rip it open. If you have ever tried to rip something open with no teeth and a mouth full of stitches you would appreciate how unsuccessful that was. So my mom opened it. And there it was…..
Bow-Tie Wears His New Tie from Whitey Wobbles


​…my very special tie from my very special friend!

I love it and I know I’m quite handsome in it. Right? It will be my very special bow tie for special events.

Thank you very much for sending it. And thank you for being my friend.

Bow-Tie, The Dapper Gent

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3 thoughts on “Bow-Tie’s Gift Arrives!

  1. You look awesome Dude! These are our special “friendraiser” bowties.

    I’m glad your surgery is over and you are ok. By the way, you have a very cute nose!

    I’m just hanging out today. Have a great weekend, Bow-Tie.

    Whitey Wobbles

    • Dear Whitey,

      You don’t know me very well yet so I am not surprised you said I have a cute nose. As you come to know me better, you will come to realize I have a cute everything. Except maybe my ear which is gone, my tail which is also gone and now all of my teeth which have left me as well. Oh heck, I’m just still really cute!

      Bye for now.


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