Mighty Lou Love Me Tender

Elvis did “Love Me Tender,” but Cat Depot did it better!

Mighty Lou gets a new cape for Cat Depot's gala


Saturday night was the “Love Me Tender” Gala and quite a party it was (view photos of the gala). I had a special cape made for the event.








Mighty Lou on his pedestal



It’s a good thing I did because as soon as I got there they put me in the position I rightfully belong. On a pedestal!








Mighty Lou's badge


I acted as official greeter (although they gave me a name tag that said otherwise).




Mighty Lou and Jeff Donahue


I was all set to meet and greet the public. My first visitor was an old friend. ​Jeff and I go way back to my Cat Depot days so I let him help me with my glasses.




Mighty Lou and Jeff have matching glasses



​We had a private moment before the crowd began. Don’t you think we look good in matching glasses?







Mighty Lou with Bev Meadows and Garo Partoyan



​Everyone who was anyone wanted a moment with Ol’ Mighty Lou, Founders included.







Mighty Lou meets Elaine Spang



​​I hadn’t met Miss Elaine before but she passed the Mighty Lou sniff test. She can stay.





Mighty Lou and Mary Budd




​Mary Budd had that “I found you so you owe it all to me” look on her face. She’s right though, I do owe her for bringing me to Cat Depot in the first place.






Mighty Lou and Katie Norvell




​Old friend and big fan, Miss Katie, stopped by for a Mighty Lou smooch.









Mighty Lou and Shelley Thayer


​Miss Shelley was still hard at it all night but she never misses an opportunity to touch the great cape.









Mighty Lou and Lynn Rasys


Miss Lynn and I posed for quite the formal portrait. Lookin’ good.







Mighty Lou and Petunia - Cat Depot's Mascot



​Not all of my admirers were human. Petunia couldn’t believe her eyes. Even she dared to touch the mighty cape.





Mighty Lou and his admirers



Everywhere I turned they were looking for the Mighty Lou stamp of approval. ​You’re good to go, girls.




Mighty Lou sits down to dinner



Finally I got a break for dinner. ​Dining on mahi mahi, Hyatt Regency style. Not a bad paycheck.







Mighty Lou receives a Valentine



​Everyone got a Valentine at the table including me.









Mighty Lou checks out a $4,000 bracelet



​They tried to get me to bid on a $4000 bracelet. Uh, thanks but no thanks. Not right now.







Mighty Lou works at the checkout table



After dinner I was back to work. ​In addition to opening the night as greeter, I closed the night at the auction check-out table.







Mighty Lou and Lena Hernandez



​Miss Lena did a fantastic job but everyone needs a little Mighty Lou assurance.



Dude, I’ll tell ya I had a great night but it was long. I was there at 5 PM and I didn’t leave until after 11 PM. Now only a guy can relate to this, but I had finally had it with that tuxedo. I couldn’t wait to get out of it.



I waited until everyone had left the building and then I did it. The tux and the cape were off………..
Mighty Lou has left the building



​….and Mighty Lou has left the building.

Thanks, Cat Depot, for a great time.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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