Mighty Lou Girls’ Day Out

Hi Whitey,

Remember I told you I was escorting Lily to an event? Well, that happened yesterday. It was called Purses for Pooches and raised money to help animals. There was a luncheon, a purse fashion show and purses auctioned.

Me? I was one of two or three men there, but my Lily needed me so I went.

Mighty Lou and his Mother-in-Law



First thing I had to do was confer with my mother-in-law. She was running the registration table but she needed a little Mighty Lou advice to start her day.





Mighty Lou watches over Lily



Once I got her under control I moved on to other things needing my attention. Most important was guarding my Lily as she slept. She took a moment out to get a beauty catnap and I made sure no one bothered her.







Mighty Lou checks out the table setting



Next on the agenda was to check and make sure our table was set properly. I made sure we had a table with nice people.

These ladies loved your old Mighty Lou and spent a lot of time adoring me. They were really nice and they have cats. One of the ladies has a special needs cat so we had a lot in common. Take a look at the special needs kitties in my Friends Like Me Program.




Mighty Lou Doesn't Like Iced Tea


Lunch was being served…

​ …but I didn’t mind. I just let the waiters serve around me.

Not a real fan of iced tea. ​



MIghty Lou prefers Bottled Water in his own bowll


I prefer bottled water in my own bowl, but thank you anyway.




Mighty Lou says "Real Cats eat Quiche"



​Lunch was a nice salad and quiche. Yes, real cats eat quiche! But my Aunt Mary gave me some turkey, too.






Mighty Lou and his mom wear matching shades




It was a little overcast when the day started but the sun came out soon enough. ​​Mom and I wore our matching shades.







Mighty Lou Window Shops for Lily at Saks



The real reason I attended this event was to be with Lily. She was one of the purse models on stage so I had some waiting time. I did a little window shopping for something for Lily. I thought I would get her something nice to remember the day.








Mighty Lou finds Saks prices too steep


Upon closer inspection of the prices, I was forced to say….

​”No thanks, Saks!”






Mighty Lou and Lola



Miss Tracey is the President of the Board for Lily’s organization. ​I met her dog, Lola, in front of Saks. Pretty cute for a dog.







Mighty Lou and his bride, Lily

Enough of this waiting. It was time to do what I came to do; give my Lily a gift to remember this day. We picked a quiet place, away from all the fashion show activity. She was pretty in pink and tickled pink to see me!





Lily is pretty in pink


There she is, my little cutie. I have her a pretty pink purse, just her size. And I gave her a locket for her pretty neck. It has my picture in it so I will always be close to her heart. Doesn’t she look pretty?






Mighty Lou prefers monster trucks


All in all it was a great day. But I’ll tell ya, Dude – girly fashion shows and quiche are not much for the man in me. I liked it because Lily was there. But next time she’s going with me to a monster truck show or something!

Am I right?

Until next week!

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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