Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – May 2, 2016

Dear Everyone,

Bow-Tie preparing to work in the yardThere was a big Volunteer Appreciation event at Cat Depot this weekend.

I wasn’t invited so I didn’t attend.

No problem, I’m an Ambassador, not a volunteer.

What I did instead was stay home and supervise some yard work.

I was wheeled to the job in what seemed to be a fitting vehicle given the task at hand.



Bow-Tie inspecting bags with shellsAccording to these directions shells bring a beautiful, permanent addition to the garden.







Bow-Tie doesn't want to work in the yardBeautiful and permanent after a lot of work.

The work I do is spreading the work about special needs cats.

I do not spread shells on the ground.





Bow-Tie poses in the yardLeaving that to humans to do, I preferred the lighter task,,,

…posing in garden positions among other feline decor.







Bow-Tie poses on the porchAnd then the all important…

…catnap with some other feline friends.








Courage feels out the new shellsWhen the work was finished I brought Courage out to feel the new shells.

She enjoyed the new footing and smelling the flowers.

All in all it was a good weekend.

Work can be fun.





Bow-Tie approves of the projectSupervising has its reward in a job well done.

And this project has received the Official Bow-Tie Seal of Approval

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 25, 2016

Bow-Tie isn't just a pretty face - he is a working cat.Dear Everyone,

This is not just a pretty face.

This is the face of a working cat.

See my bow tie?

I’m about giving special needs cats a paw-up in life, and that includes money.

They need money to help with medical care to help them be all they can be.





Bow-Ties work to get fundingSo, I work hard on my end to get that funding.

Everywhere I go, I take my donation box.

It has my before and after pictures, and my story.

People can see how far I’ve come in life.

Then they see what money can do and they always drop in coins and dollars.




Bow-Tie counts money - and plays with the coin wrappersWhen the donation box is full it’s time to count.

The thing I like most about the counting is the coin wrappers.

They’re fun to chase around the room.

That is a bit unproductive though… back to work.




Bow-Tie goes through his pile of donationsI like to go through the big pile and see what’s there.

One person put a $20 bill in the box.

I remember that lady… she cried when she heard my story.







Bow-Tie sits on his money to appreciate itI’ve heard of people rolling around in a pile of cash to appreciate their landfall.

Me? I’m more reserved and prefer to just sit on it.


When all the counting was done, there was a total of $149.50 in the box.

That’s not bad for a working cat out there, working for Friends Like Me.

I’m going to add 50 cents from my treat money to make it an even $150.



Bow Tie Friends Like MEI told you I wasn’t just a pretty face.

I’m Bow-Tie and I work hard for special needs cats.

They are Friends Like Me!

See you next time.

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 18, 2016

Dear Everyone,

It’s a busy weekend for me.

I’m up in St. Pete at a cat show.

It’s a “fancy pants” cat club.

The only ones here without papers and long name are me and Courage.

So what?

We’re just as good as those fancy pants cats with pedigrees.

Our job is to educate people that shelter cats rule, and those pedigrees are just so much fluff.

I helped pack everything.

Bow-Tie in suitcase



Bow-Tie packing his coin bankThe most important things got packed first…

…my bow ties and the Friends Like Me coin bank.








We were there bright ad early, waitingBow-Tie and Courage waiting for the show to start for the show to start.

This is most unbecoming.

I hate waiting.







Bow-Tie ready for the show to startOnce we were all set up I got to take my place.

This is more like it.

My job is to sit on the table and help people put money into our donation box.

They love to pet me and marvel at my laid-back purrsonality.







Bow-Tie getting a hugSome cat lovers came just to see me.

This is a friend who came just to give me a hug.

I obliged.








Bow-Tie sharing breakfast with a friendBut there was one person in particular who I call a good friend.

She’s a breeder (not fond of that part) and is showing her cats.

She came by to say hi.

It was early in the morning.

She was hungry, and so was I.

We shared a cheese and egg sandwich.



Courage with her ribbonCourage was with us and she went into the show ring.

She did really well and seemed to really like the spotlight.

Everyone accepted her as a special needs cat and embraced her beauty.

She competed with all the other cats in her class and did very well.

She even placed 4th best in her whole class.

That’s really good, and I’m proud of her.

She’s pretty proud of herself too.

And we’re both proud that we can represent special needs cats here in front of this large audience.

We are well received and have spent the weekend educating people that special needs cats are indeed special.


Bow-Tie restingOn the other hand (I mean paw)…

…the whole thing was quite exhausting.

See you next week!

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 11, 2016

Dear Everyone,

This is going to be a very sad story turned into a happy story.

That’s what I’m all about.

Taking the bad and turning it into good.

Cat Depot did that for me, and I believe in passing it on!


Cages with cats saved by Cat Depot's Community Cat teamHere’s where it all began…

…in a hoarding house.

Cat Depot’s Community Cat team went in and rescued all the cats.






Among those cats was a little girl, terrified and sight impaired.

They named her Blueberry.

Bow-Tie kisses Blueberry

You’ve heard her story before.

Her nickname was Turtle Girl, because she wouldn’t come out of her shell.


Blueberry with a harnessWell, not in Bow-Tie’s world!

I have been working with this little girl for two months now.

Look how far she’s gotten…

…I’ve been taking her outside.

That’s waaaaay out of her shell.




Bow-Tie and Blueberry outsideI’m so proud of her.

She stays close for comfort, but has started going off on her own.







Blueberry ready to exploreShe was born in and lived in a filthy attic for her first 9 months of life.

The whole outside world is new to her.







Blueberry and CourageShe likes saying hi to the kitties inside while she’s out in the big world.








Blueberry relaxesShe’s comfortable in the outside world now.

We keep her leash on in case she does something crazy.








Blueberry digs a holeOh wait. She did do something crazy…

…she dug a big hole…







Blueberry rolls on the ground…and then she rolled in it.

She had a good time.

She’s got a good life now.

She is healthy and happy.

She still can’t see very well, but that’s not important.

What’s important is she gets to be a happy cat in a happy home forever.

Thank you Cat Depot, and thank you Community Cats.


Blueberry enjoys the worldIt’s a big world out there Blueberry…

…and it’s yours to enjoy!

See you all next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – April 4, 2016

Bow-Tie with dog bone bowtieHi Everyone,

Did you know I like all special needs animals, not just cats?

Of course cats are my purreference, but I love them all.

This weekend I had a special assignment with someone very special.


See my bow tie?

It’s dog bones.


Because I took care of a special needs dog.

Bow-Tie and TopoThis is Topo.

As soon as he got to my house I kissed him right on the mouth.

I just knew we would have a great weekend together.

Topo is a retired show dog and he was quite the celebrity in his day.

He is retired now, but still beautiful and very loving.

He had a stroke, he has glaucoma, and a lot of his teeth are missing (just like me).

He’s so special, and he needs me.


Bow-Tie walking TopoIt was my job to show him around.

I took him by his leash.








Bow-Tie and Topo checking out the deckIt was a really nice day to be outside.

He was content to lie around, but I always had my watchful eye on him.







Bow-Tie and Topo both have a droopy earNow this is funny…

…you see he has the same ear problem I do?

We are both one-eared, and it’s our right one.

Or is he just making fun of me?






Topo kissing Bow-TieHe was always kissing me.








Bow-Tie and TopoSometimes he just nosed me.

His tongue has a mind of its own.

It’s from the stroke, and because he doesn’t have any teeth to hold it in.

I just love this guy and all his special qualities!





Bow-Tie and Topo holding pawsWhat did I learn from this weekend with my special needs friend?

That all animals need love and give love.

We need to be kind to them all and love them for who they are.

We need to teach that to all our humans too.






Bow-Tie says cats ruleOh, and I did learn one more thing…

…cats are supreme to dogs and must be honored by them.

Bow to me you simple canine!

Hee hee hee hee




See you all next week.

Thanks for the weekend, Topo!

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 28, 2016

Bow-Tie with film cameraHi Everyone,

I’m so excited!

What a great week I had and I can’t wait to share it!

This week my blog will be a picture show.

Know why?

Because a big California screenwriter came to see me and Cat Depot.

The best thing is, he adopted one of my special needs friends!

This is Hunter.

Hunter, special needs cat from the Friends Like Me program

Hunter has neurological problems and walks all wobbly.

His head is wobbly too, but he’s so cute.

Hunter relaxing, being cuteThis is the face that attracted his new dad.

I put it on my Facebook page and asked someone to please adopt him.

It worked!

His new dad flew in from California and swooped him up.

Hunter had no idea what was in store for him.



Hunter, special needs cat, looking around his new homeThis is his confused face (hee hee hee)

He just flew all the way across the country and found himself in a new place.

Any cat would be confused.






Hunter looking around his new roomBut he relaxed very quickly.

Looking around the room, he senses there may be some music in his future.







Hunter with his new big brotherHe has a new big brother too.

Brother Saigo is cool, but there’s that confused look on Hunter’s face again.






Hunter lies down to eatHunter likes to lie down to eat.

Saigo probably thought that was weird, but it didn’t interrupt his own dinner.










Hunter on his yoga matHunter has to exercise his legs so he can walk better.

He brought his own yoga mat with him.








Hunter is going to have a long, happy life in Sunny California.

Hunter happy to be a valley boyHe’s a Valley Boy now, and he’s really happy…

…this is his big smile face.


I’m so happy for Hunter and so thankful to his new dad.

Thanks also to Cat Depot for giving him a chance, and to his foster dad, Dennis.


You want to know why his new dad knew about Friends Like Me all the way in California?


Because one day he Googled “Super Hero Cat” and found this…

Mighty Lou Super Hero Cat

…the founder of Friends Like Me.


Thanks everyone!

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 21, 2016

Bow-Tie sadHi Everyone,

This is my sad look.

You know what makes me sad?

Seeing all the lost dogs and cats on Facebook.

Have you seen them all?

I always try to spread the news if they’re local, so they can get back home.





Bow-Tie in the yardIt’s really bad when a pet is lost.

They’re very scared and often hide, so it’s hard to find them.

Cats are especially scared, so people have a hard time even seeing them.

They say only 2% of lost cats are returned to their owners.






Bow-Tie demonstrates how small a cat isWe’re really small, and the world is really big… and scary.

There are so many dangers outside.







Bow-Tie in the jungleOnce we have a nice home, we are unequipped to handle the outside.

Everything poses a danger and we have a terrible time.







Bow-Tie poses in the yardSo, what’s the answer?

Most importantly, don’t let indoor cats outside.

Sometimes we make a mistake and run out an open door.

Please run after us!

We really would rather be inside than outside.





Bow-Tie talks about microchipping petsAnd, there is something you can do as soon as you adopt us, to make sure we get back home.

A microchip!

It’s as tiny as a grain of rice.

It goes under the skin with a needle in seconds.

And it saves lives!




Bow-Tie the explorerEvery microchip has a unique number and is registered.

It has the cat’s information and the owner information.

Cat Depot puts a microchip in every single cat before they are adopted.

Then, when they are adopted, the new owner’s information is registered.

Microchips give us the best chance of getting back home to you.




Bow-Tie peeking through the fenceWant to hear a funny story?

A lady adopted a dog and the shelter told her he had a microchip.

She asked how far he could go before it started beeping.

That’s funny, because a microchip isn’t a tracking device, like a GPS.

Anyone who finds a lost animal still needs to take it to a shelter or vet to be scanned.

A scanner can detect the microchip and find the owner.




Bow-Tie presents the moral of the storyThe moral of the story?

Humans – keep your cat inside.

Cats – stop running out the door.

Cat Depot – thanks for microchipping us!

Until next week,

The Dapper Gent



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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 14, 2016

Bow-Tie and clock, pondering daylight savingsHi everybody,

Did you set your clock forward?

We lost an hour of sleep, but here I am anyway, writing the blog for you.





Bow-Tie preparing to paintWhat a busy day I had Saturday.

Courage and I had to help with an animal painting workshop.

We had everything ready to go and headed to the art center.







Bow-Tie and PorterGuess who came in first?

This big lug is Porter.

Cute, right?

You only think so because you see me looking at him.








Handsome Porter

This is what I saw…











Bow-Tie modelngWhen it was time for the students to come in I took my position.

It was important that I got to greet everyone as they came in.







Bow-Tie and dogsThere were two fancy pants dogs there to help me supervise.

They did a good job.








Bow-Tie kissed a dogOne in particular wanted a little extra attention from me.

“I kissed a dog and I liked it.” He he he

After that I thought we were friends.

But I’ll tell you what, you can’t trust dogs!




Dog stealing cat treatsReally…

…the thief stole my lunch!







Dog sniffing Bow-Tie's behindAnd here’s another reason you can’t like dogs,,,

…and this one is even more insulting.

How dare he!







Courage playing with paintWhat was Courage doing the whole time?

She was just playing. The dogs didn’t mess with her.

It was a great day.







Bow-Tie paw printEveryone had fun and they all went home with a nice painting…

…even me!

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent



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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – March 7, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am tired.

The big Love Me Do Gala was last night.

I didn’t get home until midnight.

I just may go back to bed after I write this.

The gala?



Bow-tie working check-inThe first thing I had to oversee was the check-in table.

We made sure everyone got a pretty yellow wristband.

Then it was on to greeting some of the guests.







Bow-tie discusses Bow-tiesOne very special fellow was one of the first to arrive.

He wore a bow tie just for me!

He’s the dad of my good feline buddy.








Bow-ties galoreNot to be outdone…

…another dude wore a bow tie just for te picture with me.

I’m flattered by both of them.







Bow-tie meets gala guestsOn to meet more guests.

There were some really cool pink glasses I tried to knock off.

But Ringo himself stopped me. (he he he he)







Bow-Tie with the chance drawing ticketsThere were great raffle items.

The big prize of the night was a trip to London.

I didn’t win.







Bow-Tie meeting Sgt. PepperThere were tiny kittens visiting the crowd.

Sgt. Pepper himself brought one over to visit me.

It was a wonderful night and lots of money was raised to help all the cats.







Bow-Tie sits on the tableThere were wonderful presentations.

There was only one guest who got to sit on the table for the video…

…oh yes I did!







Bow-Tie thinks about salmonAnd for dinner?

I had the salmon and it was purrfect!

Thanks for the wonderful party, Cat Depot!






See you all next week.

The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – February 29, 2016

Bow-TieHi everyone,

My job for Cat Depot and the cat world is to help special needs cats.

Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund is my cause.

It helps these special felines, and I spread the word far and near.

This weekly blog helps spread that word.





Mighty Lou on MarqueeBut today I step out of the picture to let the real star shine.

One year ago today, the original Caped Crusader for Special Needs crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Today we remember him…

…he was one of a kind.







Mighty Lou by pondHe sailed through life and spread the word.







Mighty Lou as captainAnd he always had to be in control.









Mighty Lou out drivingHe was the driving force behind Friends Like Me.










Everyone knew him and everyone loved him…

Mighty Lou and Jackson Galaxy

Mighty Lou and Nancy Colby


Humans did crazy things just to be with him.








In all the world…

Mighty Lou posing with a globe

…there will only be one Mighty Lou.


Mighty Lou posingHe danced to his own drum.




















Mighty Lou at a restaurantHe was a man about town and loved the limelight.









Mighty Lou in art galleryHe will never be truly duplicated.









Mighty Lou was a winnerHe was a real winner.

He will be forever loved and missed.









Bow-Tie in red bow tie
We will all carry on the mission for special needs cats in his memory and honor.

Friends Like Me lives on because you lived.

Thank you, Mighty Lou.

The Dapper Gent

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