Mighty Lou’s Easter Wish

Dear Whitey,

Happy Easter from Mighty Lou


Happy Easter my caped friend!

Today is an important day. Lots of people are putting on their Easter bonnets and celebrating at church. Lots of other people are getting out baskets, eggs, chocolate bunnies and colorful paper grass. I’m not allowed in church so guess what I’m doing?



Mighty Lou Celebrates Easter his way

I got me some plastic eggs, pink paper grass, a big basket and a purple ribbon. Mighty Lou is celebrating Easter!


Mighty Lou wears his purple cape for Easter



I wore my purple cape since that’s a good color for this day. I fit well in the basket and can hide lots of things inside.

You know me though, I don’t do anything half-hearted. Mighty Lou is always up for a party and ready for fun.

So I went along with this formal shot and did my part to look serious about this day. But I couldn’t hold the pose. I had to do it. I had to, Whitey. I just had to………

Mighty Lou Hams it up on Easter


That’s the Mighty Lou everyone has come to love! The party guy! It made you laugh, didn’t it? That’s what I like! A Mighty Lou induced laugh!

I did have a little mishap this Easter though. Miss Shelley sent me some new hats for my wardrobe. You’ll be seeing some of them in the future. Many of them were nice and I approved. But she went to far with this one.


Mighty Lou doesn't like his Easter bonnet


She sent me an Easter bonnet!

Me! Mighty Lou! I do not wear Easter bonnets! I’m a caped hero! Miss Shelley, thanks but no thanks…

Read my face…I do not like the Easter bonnet!

So Whitey hope you had a nice Easter with your family. Don’t let them put an Easter bonnet on you.

Might Lou being goofy on EasterAnd here’s to all the cats at Cat Depot…may you all find new homes really soon. And may that home not put silly Easter bonnets on you!

Love you, my friend.
Mighty Lou




Happy Easter to you too, Caped Buddy!

One bit of advice…lose the sissy, girl hat!  Give it to one of your sisters.

I have no pictures for you this week due to our big move tomorrow. I can’t find any of my stuff!  They even took my climbing perch. Pretty rude, don’t you think?

I think you look best in just your Cape. You are a handsome CAT, not a silly rabbit!

My Easter wish is the same as yours. Forever homes for all our friends at Cat Depot and an end to animal cruelty.

I’ll try to report on the move next week, if I can find the computer!

Meow till next time,
Whitey Wobbles


Spa Day

Hey Mighty Lou,

Sorry I have been out of touch, but we are getting ready to move into our new house and I have been a busy cat. I had to find all of my mice and other toys, so my Mom could pack them. Then I had to find all of Harley’s toys, because he went to take a nap.

Harley gives Whitey an ear massage


Well, after all of that hard work, I headed to the spa for aHarley Gives Whitey another ear massage massage!  Actually, the spa is my parents room and Harley and Daisy are my masseuses. I asked for Harley first, since he does a great job on my ears.




Daisy cuddles with Whitey


After Harley was done, Daisy gave me a great leg rub and then she snuggled me for a nap!



Whitey Loves his Brother HarleyI am pretty lucky to have a step sister and brother who are so nice to me! They do know I am the caped one and they don’t mess with me.

I am a little jealous that you had such a cool Spring Break! I have been in the pool a couple times, but not because I wanted to! I fell in, but was able to swim to the side and get out. I don’t think I like water too much. Maybe I could just float on your surfboard sometime. You looked awfully cool in your shades! I bet the chicks were all over you!

Time to get back to packing. I move next Monday, so I will report in a couple weeks.

See ya good buddy!
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou Spring Breaker

Hey there Whitey,

Have you heard of Spring Break? It’s supposed to be a break from classes but what it really seems to be is Party Time!

Your Ol’ Mighty Lou loves a party and I decided I needed a spring break, too. So here’s how it went.

Mighty Lou goes on Spring Break


I got out my pool gear, Cat Depot sippy cup, boom box (of course I can’t hear it) and my private palm tree. It felt nice and warm in the sun.



Mighty Lou suns himself on Spring Break


You’ll notice I am not wearing my cape. I’ve heard a lot about “nudie” beaches so I went Full Monty!

It was getting a little warm after a while and I was getting a little restless. Time to make things happen.


Mighty Lou Gets A Shovel And Inner Tube


Let’s get this shovel out and maybe the inner tube. Seems like things should be a little more exciting than just sitting on a towel in the sun. A guy has to make his own fun.

Fun? Ahhhh….that’s Mighty Lou’s middle name.

Watch it now, Whitey…….



Mighty Lou on a Boogie Board


Dude, this is not Photoshopped. I actually got on that boogie board and rode the wild waves! OK, there weren’t wild waves in the pool but I did ride the board.



Mighty Lou dons his goggles



It was a little easier to see once I got my goggles on. It also helped that my back legs are flattened out – gave me a steadier stance. Aren’t I a good looking surfer?

Mighty Lou relaxes on Spring Break


After all of that surfing excitement it was time to rest in a nice shady spot. And then in a very short time I did something I like to do after any day of activity…




Mighty Lou takes a nap on Spring Break


Take a nice little cat nap and dream about my latest adventure. I had to dream about the girls in bikinis, too, because my Full Monty effort proved to have no takers.

So that was my Spring Break adventure.

One more thing.

What’s that you say? One more word from Surfer Mighty Lou…

Look down and see what I say…..

Mighty Lou is a cool surfer dude.



Ride the wave and ride it high, Guy!!
Mighty Lou




Mighty Lou’s Muttini Mingle

Dear Whitey,

Why do dogs have all of these events to go to and cats don’t have any? This week there was an event called Muttini Mingle. It was a party for dogs and kind of a pre-Easter event.

Easter Bunny


There was a human there in a bunny costume trying to convince the dogs he was the Easter Bunny. The dogs fell for it. Mighty Lou is smarter than that. I knew he was a human because he kept taking his bunny head off!


Mighty Lou Puts on Rabbit Ears to Celebrate Easter


Anyway, I’m always up for a party for I dressed for the occasion. Yes I know I’m listing a little to the left but those ears were hard to control. I was still cuter than any of those stinking dogs.


Well maybe I stand corrected.

Mighty Lou meets Sparkles


There was one dog who went way, way out of her way to come in full Easter finery. This is Sparkles and she certainly sparkled. She came over to see the great Mighty Lou and she couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it either. I was looking square into her face and thinking “What are you thinking?” But Sparkles always comes in over-the-top outfits.

No, you won’t be seeing me in any get-up that outrageous.

Mighty Lou takes a stroll


At one point I had enough of those dogs sticking their head in my carriage to smell me. I took a little stroll outside to see what was what. Ahhhh….a moment of tranquility away from those dogs.

But wait.

Mighty Lou's Peace is interrupted by a visiting bird


Another intrusion into my Mighty Lou moment. A bird? Really? Come on. That bird can’t find another post to sit on so I can be alone?

The dogs were all having their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Late in the evening my mom wanted my picture with him. As soon as I got into his lap I had a famous Mighty Lou meltdown. It was the “yowl” heard around the world!

Needless to say I got put in time out and went home shortly thereafter.

Mighty Lou is angry that he has to wear bunny ears


But I ask you, Whitey, what cat wants to wear rabbit ears? And what cat wants to sit in a human’s lap when they’re wearing a stupid bunny suit? Not the great caped Mighty Lou. I was out of there!

Angry in ears, I am,
Mighty Lou



Mighty Lou’s Final Goodbye

Dear Whitey,

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. I have proCATstinated for weeks but I can wait no longer. There is no time left.

Mighty Lou's Mailbox


What’s happening is big and involves something new for Mighty Lou. It involves a mailbox. Yes, it was specially designed for your Mighty Lou but that doesn’t make me like it any more. This is how I am going to have to get your mail from now on.

I cannot write to you like I have been. Why?

Because I’m moving far, far away and I won’t have access to my usual office. Yes, I’m leaving you. I’m moving with my family and this will be my last official blog to you.

Mighty Lou Searches the Globe


I looked it up on the globe and it’s very, very far away. Very far away from you, my caped friend. I will be out of touch forever.

My family has decided to leave town, break all ties with our current life and start somewhere else. That means no one will have the pleasure of seeing Mighty Lou ever again.





Whitey Wobbles


More important to me, I won’t be able to talk to you or to anyone at Cat Depot ever again. No, no Whitey. You can’t go with me. Where I’m going is too far away and you have your family here. I have to go alone and I’m very sad about that.






Mighty Lou at Cat Depot Friend Raisers Meeting


I’ll miss the Friend Raisers Committee because my mom and I have to resign. I enjoyed it when I got to go to the luncheons and the meetings.




Cat Depot Welcomes Mighty Lou




I’ll miss everything about Cat Depot. They always made me feel so welcome.






Mighty Lou Drives a Car



But you’re the one I’ll miss most. So this is Good-Bye, my caped brother. I’m off to a life-changing forever adventure and I won’t ever see you again. Please remember me with love as I will remember you. Say good-bye to your family from me.





Mighty Lou Checks His Mail


I will be looking in my mailbox every day for a letter from you. Please write often as this is very hard for me and I’m very sad. I don’t want to leave but you know the humans sometimes make us do things we don’t want to.

So with my cape flying at half-mast I must say good-bye forever.

Mighty Lou


Mighty Lou is Laughing His Head Off



P.S. April Fools!!!!
I’m laughing my head off!! I’m not going anywhere! See ya next week, Dude!!


You Scared Me!

Posted on  by Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou,

Do you know today is March 31st? April Fool’s day is tomorrow. I almost believed your email until I realized what you were up to.

You got my Mom good! She almost cried. Weak humans!  I knew you would never leave me and Cat Depot. Us Caped Heroes are much too dedicated to The Friend Raisers and helping our fellow felines at Cat Depot to leave. WE still have a lot of work ahead of us, before we can retire.

This weekend was Cat Depot’s Food Bank – they give food to families who cannot afford to feed their cats. My Mom’s friends sent food to help out with this great project. This happens every month, so I have to keep reminding all my human friends to donate.

Whitey Wobbles Laughs at Mighty Lou's April Fool's Day Joke


Just to let you know, I laughed my head off when I read your email this morning!  Good April Fool’s joke, Caped Buddy!

Have a great April Fool’s Day….you are off to a great start!

Whitey Wobbles

You Da Man, Mighty Lou!

Meow Mighty Lou!

Whitey Wobbles


Whitey Wobbles reporting in on this great Friday morning!

I just read the Herald Tribune and lo and behold…there is Mighty Lou’s picture at Caturday Night Fever! The only problem is, they listed you as #2…WRONG!!!!  WE all know you are # 1! These humans don’t ever seem to get it right. Us caped guys have to do everything!

Anyway, I am very proud of your success and popularity  Our next mission if we decide to accept it, is to get the adoption rate increased! I hear it is a little slow at this time. Probably because all those little people have time off school now. I will do my best to spread the word to my humans to get these kitties adopted!

I was looking for my cape this morning to help my powers and guess what???? My Mom says it got packed in their stuff and it is in storage! I can’t believe it! I will have to work naked!

See ya good buddy!

Capeless for the moment,
Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou’s Joke of the Day

Hi Whitey,

This is going to be short and funny. Hope this brings a few laughs into your day because….

Mighty Lou Laughing his Head Off


….I am litter-ally laughing my head off!

One of my many fans on Facebook sent me a cartoon that set the whole thing off. They know I am the caped hero and they know my best bud is my sidekick. So when they saw this they knew I had to see it.


Are ya ready?

Are ya?




Here it is…….the joke of the day that set the whole thing off:

Mighty Lou's Joke of the Day



Are you laughing? Look at that stupid dog. And you see, there is no other cat who would be wearing a cape. We are unique. We are special. We are gifted.

We are Caped Crusaders for Cat Depot! Caped Crusaders work hard for other cats who are not so lucky. Our mission – to get them all homes! Capes unite!


And here’s my response……………….




Mighty Lou Flying


Take that, you stupid dog!

Have a good week, my friend!

Mighty Lou




Lily Writes to Mighty Lou and Whitey Wobbles

Lily (formerly known as Amelia Earhart)

Lily (aka Amelia Earhart) talking here. My humans brought this new animal into my house and, after calling her Ziah for a few days, started calling her Daisy. They think that just because I’m a flower another cat has to be a flower too!

Fortunately they kept her in a room for a few days. Of course I knew she was there. Don’t they know I have a nose?





Today they let her out. I checked her out – from head to you-know-what. We hissed a bit but then that got tiring. She is awfully cute. I may have to accept her.





Whitey Wobbles

Wow!  Daisy is a real “looker”! My sister’s name is Daisy too! I think it is a pretty silly name, but humans think it is so cute. My Mom’s favorite flower is a daisy, so that’s how she got her name.

Just to let you know, Daisy….us caped guys will look after you. Don’t worry about a thing. Be on your best behavior for the next couple of weeks and sleep with your humans. They like that. That should assure your adoption! Also, be nice to Lily. The humans want you two to get along. Just let me or Mighty Lou know if you need anything.

Your Caped friend,
Whitey Wobbles


Mighty Lou


Ditto, Daisy – from Mighty Lou!

Mighty Lou Reports on Caturday Night Fever

Dear Whitey,

I’m just out of my bed long enough to write you. When I finish writing I’m going right back to sleep. I am tired. Saturday night was Cat Depot’s Caturday Night Fever and I was working that crowd big time.

Mighty Lou Gets Ready for Caturday Night Fever


It started early afternoon when I got dressed for the special night. Of course I had my new black and white Stayin’ Alive cape on.



Mighty Lou is Ready for the Cat Depot Gala



To that I added my tuxedo shirt, some gold bling and my shades.

Let me review the evening for you. Wish you were there!

I saw your mom and dad – they were cool.

Mighty Lou in his Disco Carriage on the red carpet


They had a red carpet rolled out for your Ol’ Mighty Lou. My disco carriage was posted at one of the entrances for everyone to see. The paparazzi was everywhere. Cameras were snapping and I was posing for them all. Some people were laughing at me because I was posing so long and so well. What’s so funny about that? Mighty Lou loves at the attention.

Mighty Lou and Miss Maria Wirres at the Cat Depot Gala



Miss Maria was one of the entertainers for the evening. She was one of the first to come over and want her picture with me.

There were people everywhere and they were flocking to Mighty Lou. Some people gave my mom a little pieces of appetizer to give me so I snacked on some pretty good grub.

Mighty Lou Meets Travolta Cat at Cat Depot Gala


I thought I was pretty big stuff until, whoops – a bigger guy came into the picture. He didn’t scare me. We went face to face and had a little chat. Some people were calling him Petunia. Do you think it was that little Petunia from Cat Depot fame? What did that feed that cat!?



Mighty Lou takes a break on the catio


At one point the crowd felt like it was closing in on me. How many people can pat your head before you need a break?

There was a patio right outside the door so I took a little break and went for a stroll. No party goers out there but the guests of the hotel were quite taken with me. Have they never seen a cat wearing a cape walking on the patio? Odd.  I see it every time I’m out there!

Here’s the best part….

Mighty Lou has a special seat at Cat Depot's Gala


They gave me a special chair and I sat at the table like everyone else. After working the crowd for so long I was happy to eat. Yes, I had the salmon. Excellent.

A waiter came by with a camera and said “I’ve been here for 12 years and never seen anything like this! Can I take a picture?” I obliged of course.

So, Whitey, it was a good night.

There were 260 attendees and there were some pretty big numbers being shouted out for donations. And, they raised $11,000 for dental equipment! That means the cats who are still at Cat Depot and those yet to come there will get the care they need.

I know it was your birthday yesterday so you probably had a party of your own. Happy Birthday, Dude.

Mighty Lou's Cape and Bling for Caturday Night Fever


Until the gala next year, I am Disco Lou signing out and going back to bed.

Mighty Lou