Mighty Lou Gets Nabbed

Dear Whitey,

A situation here has necessitated me writing a second letter to you this morning. I may be going away for a while and may not be able to write to you. This may be my last message for a while if things don’t go my way.

Mighty Lou's Driver's LicenseLast week when I was leaving Cat Depot, my driver’s license got dropped in the parking lot. (I did not do it……there was a human involved. Enough said.) There is was, laying out in the parking lot.

Someone took it into Cat Depot and turned it in. They called my mom and said it was in the office. That’s fine, we can go get it. But…They mentioned that it was expired!! Indeed it is. That’s where the trouble is.



Mighty Lou gets a ticket

As you know, I’ve had a run in with the law before. That time it was for driving without my glasses and getting hung up on the curb. Now with an expired license I don’t know what will happen.

I’m going to have to do some fast talking to stay out of the big house. I need my freedom, man!

Mighty Lou in the getaway car

Until then, I’m on the lam!

Mighty Lou





Mighty Lou’s Joy

Dear Whitey,

There is huge news this week in cat world. This time it’s not your caped friend but it is another special needs guy.

Zeke waiting for his forever home at Cat DepotRemember a few months ago when I got behind my man, Zeke? He’s the guy with the weak kneecaps. He was living in Miss Lynn’s office because he’s afraid of other cats. (I know, it’s not a very manly trait). Anyway, I got behind him and wanted to help him find a home. I said I would give $10 of my treat money whenever one of my special needs friends got adopted.

Mighty Lou's Challenge

Every day since then, I have been working to tell people about Zeke. This week I had a new blog ready to go and I was really going to hit it hard to get him adopted. But guess what?

The dude got himself adopted!! It was all over the news, man. The guy called 911!! You can go on Cat Depot’s website to read about what he did. It’s funny and it’s creative. He waited until Miss Lynn went to lunch and then he picked up that phone and called the cops! I was laughing my head off.


MIghty Lou Calls Zeke at Cat Depot


I decided to call him up and congratulate him. I know the number for Cat Depot and dialed it. I was really listening for Zeke to answer me but he didn’t.

Mighty Lou Can't Hear Zeke on the Phone


Just when I was starting to get mad at the dude for being too big to talk to me I remembered something…..I’m deaf. Of course I couldn’t hear him.


Zeke is enjoying his new home


So here’s Zeke all proud of himself for finding a way out of shelter life into home life.


Zeke with his new family

And here’s his happy new family, Tina and Zoë. It was love at first sight for all of them.



Mighty Lou Keeps his word to help special needs kittiesMighty Lou is a man of his word. I got my $10 pledge for special needs sent to Cat Depot as quick as a wink. Miss Shelley sent me a thank you letter and wrote “Mighty Lou you rock!”

But of course I do…….

Because I’m Mighty Lou,
Caped Crusader



Mighty Lou Supervises

Dear Whitey,

It occurred to me that you and I write these blogs but we don’t actually put them on the Cat Depot website. So I went over there just to make sure the third party involved was doing their job. Humans must be watched at all times.

Mighty Lou checks up on the folks who post his blog

As I suspected, the human responsible for our blog was not at her desk. In her defense, the blog was up on her computer so she gets a point for that.


Mighty Lou assesses the situationThis situation was quickly elevated to requiring immediate cape intervention..

I geared up for the flight……..


Mighty Lou Leaps


​….and in one mighty bound approached the problem area.



Mighty Lou Waits by his blog


Now my position was to just sit and wait this out. How long was she going to be gone from her post? How long was our blog going to sit there unattended? This situation could turn ugly real fast.


Mighty Lou Checks out his blog


Miss Terri did return very quickly though. She realizes the caped blog is of utmost importance. She showed me that she is working on it and does consider it her Number 1 Priority.


Mighty Lou Keeps an Eye on Miss Terri


After that, we were able to work well together. She was well aware that I was watching every move she made. But, she does a good job and gives the blog her undivided attention. ​She has gained the Cape Power Seal of Approval.

Mighty Lou keeps a paw on the computer


But, as her hands were on the computer, I had my paw on it, too, just so she knows who is really in charge. She was working so hard and doing such a good job I decided she deserved a break.



Mighty Lou Comes in for Attention


​Whenever we need attention from our humans, we know how to get it. Just step between them and what they’re working on and demand it. What choice do they have?



Mighty Lou makes Miss Terri Laugh


​That gave her a good laugh. Now we’re best friends. This is what we have to do with these humans. We can wrap them around our little fuzzy fingers and get them to work for us without them even noticing.

All in all my venture of there to Cat Depot was profitable. The blog is under control and we can rest assured we get proper cape respect.


Mighty Lou allows a Group Photo

To show my thanks for the day, I allowed this unscheduled group shot. ​Everyone wants to be in the presence of the great caped wonder, Mighty Lou.

Thanks to Miss Shelley, Miss Lynn and especially Miss Terri.



Mighty Lou is Sleepy

This is your caped friend signing off. This supervising is hard work and made me sleepy.

Until Next Week,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

Read my blog at www.catdepot.org


Whitey Gets the Stash

OMG Mighty Lou!

What did you send me?! I would have answered your email sooner, but I couldn’t see straight! Let me try to show you what happened here. Well, as you know, it all started at Cat Depot. Yes, I sent my Mom. She is cool, Dude.

Whitey receives the brown paper bag package from Mighty Lou

Then my Mom came home with the “stash.” You did a good job of concealing it in the brown paper bag.



Whitey checks out the "stash" from Mighty Lou

Whew! I could smell it thru the bag!  Sweet! 4 bags disguised in a watch box. ..you are so smart!


Harley Gets into Whitey's Stash

Unfortunately, Harley got a whiff of the stuff.




Harley steals a bag

Before I could get to him, he stole a bag! That aroused Daisy’s curiosity. Yikes, I had a fight on my hands.


Whitey gets control of the situation

I finally got control of the situation and took the stash back to my hiding place. Then, I opened the 1st bag. I don’t remember much after that…



Whitey Woke up Wearing a Pink Bow


Isn’t this disgusting??? Someone put a pink thing around my neck while I was “out.” I must have slept for hours. When I did get control of my senses, I headed out to the lanai for some fresh air.



Whitey tries to recover


I do my best thinking and recovering under this plant. No one will bother me here. Anyway good buddy, that was some great stuff! Thanks and it was worth the loss of memory and humiliation!

Your Caped Bud,
Whitey Wobbles (on a great High!)

Deal Went Down

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou with Stash for Whitey Wobbles


Hope you know by now the deal went down for your stash yesterday at 2 PM. As promised, I delivered it in a plain brown wrapper marked WW and stood guard over it until your connection came.



Whitey Wobbles Sent his Mom to pick up his stash


​At 2:03 she arrived. Dude!  You sent your mother to pick up the load?



Mighty Lou Makes the Exchange


She said she brought me a gift in exchange for the stash. I’m looking at it and thinking “You actually think this is an equal exchange??”




Mighty Lou with Tie

Then she put it around my neck like a necklace. Caped Crusaders do not wear necklaces. She has shamed the Caped Crusader in public. But I’ll take it home, rub some of the good stuff on it and sleep on it.

Tell her thanks.

Enjoy the stash.

Your Caped Buddy,
Mighty Lou


Mighty Lou’s Big Hit


Mighty Lou


Whitey! Dude, is that you? Talk to me man. Where are you?


Mighty Lou's world is Spinning

Whoa! I got into some bad weed here, Dude. The room’s spinning really, really fast.




Mighty Lou's Mouth Won't Work


I’ll try to tell you what happened but my mouth isn’t working right.


Mighty Lou laying down


I’ve gotta talk to you from this angle, Dude. I can’t hold my head up.



I scored some potent catnip at a dealer down here in Port Charlotte. It’s called Silver Vine. It’s a fruit from the kiwi family. The dealer says it give you a puuuuuurrrrpetual high. Whoa! But there are side effects, Man.


Mighty Lou with Squinty Eyes

  1. It makes your eyes all squinty and things spin around



  1. Mighty Lou's Lip is curlingIt makes your lip curl up funny





  1. Mighty Lou's Blank StareIt causes you to have a cold blank stare but you can’t focus





  1. Mighty Lou loses control of his tongueYou lose control of your tongue





  1. Mighty Lou's tongue is stuck to his noseYour out of control tongue gets stuck to your nose





  1. Mighty Lou has trouble walkingYou are unable to walk a straight line






But Dude, it was groovy! I’m going in for more. Let me know if you want me to hook you up for some and I’ll give you the line to my supplier.

mighty lou

Peace and Love to the whole world, Man!

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader on a High



Whitey Responds

Mighty Lou!

Get control of yourself Caped buddy.  You can’t let our worshipers see you like this. This can be our little secret and get me some of your “stuff” ASAP!!!!

Whitey Wobbles does his yoga stretchesI’m just hanging out doing my yoga stretches this morning.  I made note of your new email address. I will use it for private information!

Let me know where to get that good stuff….hope I can afford it. You know I am saving my money to donate to Cat Depot for those kitties over 8 yrs. old when they get adopted.

Go get yourself together!
Whitey Wobbles


Dear Whitey,

Got your email and request for some stash. I scored some for you and will bring up to you later this week.

Mighty Lou


Keep it on the Q-T.



Mighty Lou's World is Still Spinning


I’m still at it down here.  And I can tell you that things are really spinning!!!


Later DuMighty Lou Peace Outde!

Mighty Lou, Cruisin’ Caped Crusader







Mighty Lou Goes to the Dogs

Hi Whitey,

Hope you stayed out of the way of the fireworks this weekend. I did. I had a firecracker event of my own this past week. Cat Depot’s good friend Marsha Panuce sent me a purrsonal invitation to a big event. She has loved me ever since she interviewed me for her TV program, Animal Outtakes.

Mighty Lou says "Yeah!"


So I got my tux on, shouted “yes I’ll go” and I was ready. THEN I found out it wasn’t my usual black tie affair…..it was an event for a dog place! Dogs, I tell ya!



The event was for Donte’s Den. It’s the fulfillment of Marsha’s dream to care for homeless dogs. So, ok, dogs need care, too. Off came the tux and on went my summer party cape.

Mighty Lou Gets in His Limo


As soon as I got there my purrsonal limousine arrived to whisk me away to the festivities. My driver never had a feline passenger but he was quite taken with me. I got to ride shotgun.


Mighty Lou Gets the Royal Treatment

My royal coach got the royal treatment, too. And we headed down the road to the party.


Mighty Lou and Marsha Panuce



The second Miss Marsha saw me her eyes light up. She couldn’t wait to give me my proper Mighty Lou greeting.



Samantha Gives Mighty Lou a Kiss


Another friend was there to greet me. Miss Samantha from our Friend Raiser Committee wanted to give me a big kiss. Kiss? I was thinking “OK lady, but where are the treats?”


Mighty Lou gets treats from Samantha


Ahhh, now there we go.



Mighty Lou Watches Groundbreaking Ceremony


This event was for the groundbreaking celebration for Donte’s Den. All of the press and media were there. This is a very big undertaking and a very important place for dogs who don’t have homes. I was impressed with the celebration and so happy for Miss Marsha. The highlight of the event was when some important humans all got out shovels and dug some dirt. You see what they’re doing? Everyone was taking pictures and when they finished everyone clapped.



Mighty Lou Chills on the Porch

Miss Marsha made a really nice speech. While they were doing that, I was just chilling on the porch. I didn’t want to tell these silly humans that us cats do that every day. We dig a hole in the sand and well, you know what we do. Purrsonally, I didn’t get why they were so excited about digging a hole.


Marsha Panuce greets Mighty Lou


I was just happy that when they were finished Miss Marsha couldn’t wait to get back to me. You know my world revolves around me, Mighty Lou.


Mighty Lou's Begging Pose for the Dogs


In honor of the dogs and Donte’s Den, here is my begging pose. Dogs have nothing on me. Overall, it was a wonderful event. I was very happy I was invited and very happy for Miss Marsha.


Mighty Lou gives 2 Paws Up for Donte's Den

Two paws up for Donte’s Den! Tell your humans about Donte’s Den and visit www.dontesden.org.  Cat Depot loves Miss Marsha and Miss Marsha loves Cat Depot.

I say “Thanks for the great party!”

Mighty Lou

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Mighty Lou’s Challenge


Lou w glassesDid you hear the big news at Cat Depot this week? One of those wonderful humans stepped up to really help us cats! As you know, I can’t hear, but as soon as I read the news my glasses fell right off my face! You see them there?

Anyway, an anonymous donor has pledged $10 for every cat adopted at Cat Depot between June and December 2014!



I know you’re thinking that’s great. But wait….it gets better! lou and moneyThe donation will benefit the Friends Like Me ProgramThat will provide emergency medical care and treatment to Cat Depot cats and kittens who are sick, injured or have chronic illnesses…..just like ME!

And oh yes, it gets even better! The donor is challenging the community to match the pledge at $10, or as little as $1.00 per cat to help these special guys. So get all the humans you know to ADOPT CATS!




MLous commitment2ighty Lou will not be outdone by a human (as wonderful as they can be). I present my own commitment and challenge! My goal is not just to get funds to help Special Needs cats. I want to get them adopted into loving, furever homes!





So…….I, MigLou's 10 dollarshty Lou, commit to donate $10 for every Special Needs Cat adopted July 1-December 31, 2014! Now let’s see how many humans will meet my challenge! I don’t want money, I want my Special Needs friends to find homes like I have! To a cat, $10 is a lot of treats, but I’m willing to give up treats if my Special Needs friends can find homes.





Let me introduce you to one of my Special Needs friends. ZekeThis dude is Zeke. He’s sitting at Cat Depot waiting for a loving home. He has “floating kneecaps” so sometimes they go where they’re not supposed to. So what, I have bad legs, diabetes and I’m deaf! We’re all lovable. Zeke needs a home and he needs love. He’s only two years old so he has a lot of years ahead of him to give love to a special human.




Lous challenge

Remember my challenge! I’ll give up my treats and give $10 to the Friends Like Me Fund if someone will go get Zeke! Let him be my first donation…..I can’t sit on this money forever!





Whitey, I can’t wait to send my money into Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund! Tell everyone you know about the wonderful anonymous donor who is giving $10 for every cat adopted until December 31st. And tell everyone about my donation of $10 for every Special Needs cat adopted until December 31st. This ought to get them all going!


Lous glasses fall offI gotta go. My glasses fell off again. I can’t see when they’re hanging down on my chest. See how squinty my eyes are without my glasses? I guess I have to add “poor eyesight” to my list of special needs!

Until next week, I am, Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader for Cat Depot



OK, Mighty Lou,

Whitey laying aroundI need to join in on this campaign!  This is awesome stuff to have someone donating $10 for every cat adopted till the end of the year!  I have not been replying to your weekly blogs due to NO computer.  My Mom’s computer “crashed”…whatever that means.  I finally got permission to use my Dad’s.  I had to promise to snuggle next to him at night instead of my Mom!  I have been laying here thinking of what I want to do to help.

I have it!  I’m going to donate $10 for every cat that is 8 years old or older adopted between July 1 and December 31st!  We need to help our senior friend’s at Cat Depot too!  Harley and Daisy said they will help too.  We will all save our allowances to donate to cat depot! I’m going to tell Harley now.


Shucking cornHe agrees, but he is busy shucking corn right now.  Crazy boy!  I’m off to spread the word to adopt our senior friend’s as well as our special needs friends at Cat Depot.  I’ll report in later, Dude!

Your Caped Buddy, Whitey Wobbles

Mighty Lou’s First Day of Summer

Dear Whitey,

Mighty Lou finds a bench to relax on


Happy First Full Day of Summer! Summer officially started yesterday at 7 a.m.-something so I was out to celebrate! I had to wear my shades since that summer sun is bright even in the morning. Stopped by a nice little bench in a pretty garden spot to plan my day.

Mighty Lou Exploring


There were things to see and beauty to behold so off I went. Hey, what’s that over there?


Mighty Lou spots something


Ahhhh…very interesting. Smells bad but interesting to look at. What was it you say?


Mighty Lou finds a frog


It was a silly old frog taking a morning nap. On we go.



Mighty Lou poses with flowers


No frog is as interesting as the beauty here. No, not the flowers silly. The beauty is Mighty Lou, of course!

Mighty Lou likes the blue flowers


I wanted to stop by here because I thought those pretty blue flowers went well with my purple cape.



Mighty Lou explores the fountain


Mighty Lou likes to explore things high and low. One of the highlights of the exploration was the fountain. Notice my cape blowing in the wind? I’m ready for take-off to help any special needs cats!


Might Lou Poses

This is such a beautiful setting I thought I would pose for a moment and add to the beauty. Aren’t I handsome here? We are talking Gentlemancat Quarterly or some fashion magazine here for sure.


Mighty Lou's Cape is flying


There goes my cape again. It’s taking off on its own. It does that when it is trying to tell me something. Now I know there is a cat out there in need and I must go to the rescue. A Caped Crusader’s work is never done!


Mighty Lou walking



Enjoy your summer, Whitey. It’s time to leave you now to go off and continue my work.

I am, Mighty Lou
The Caped Crusader (and your caped buddy, of course!)

P.S. Although you see me outside a lot, I am strictly an indoor kitty. I am only allowed outside under direct supervision of my mom. My mom keeps an eagle eye on me and she is always by my side. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I couldn’t run away because of my condition. 

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Mighty Lou’s Art Adventure

Dear Whitey,

Remember last week when I told you my mom had an art show and I wasn’t there? Well I fixed that this week. Mighty Lou will not be excluded!

Mighty Lou visits Art Center


I made an appointment at Englewood Art Center and I went over there to see my mom’s show. My first stop was the welcome desk. Miss Charleen loved me (but of course). She didn’t know what to think but she was pleasant and welcoming to the Great Mighty Lou.

Mighty Lou poses with Warren Loranger's Portrait

Next on the agenda was a stop by the portrait of Warren Loranger. He’s a big shot in the art center just like I’m a big shot in the cat world. We have so much in common. I met him at Cat Depot’s Caturday Night Fever event. How do you like my formal pose alongside his formal pose? We’re both quite dapper dudes.

Mighty Lou looks at his mom's paintings


On to the gallery to see my mom’s show. Wow! There were 40 paintings there and every one of them was bigger than me! Kind of overwhelming but I stood strong.



Shelley Thayer takes Mighty Lou's photo


Miss Shelley met us there. She wanted to see the show, too, but she was more taken with me. She wanted pictures of me but I do not pose. I am Mighty Lou………….and people work with me.  I do not work for people. I told Miss Shelley, “If you want my picture, here I am.” She made adjustments as you can see. Now that’s how Mighty Lou works the humans!

Mighty Lou admires his portrait


My mom has a lot of paintings of a lot of animals in this show. My purrsonal favorite? The big portrait called “Mighty Lou – The Caped Crusader.” I couldn’t take my eyes off me!



Mighty Lou visits pottery studio


I was getting hungry so we headed out to lunch. But on the way, Miss Pat arrived to open her pottery studio. I’ve never been in a pottery studio so decided to take a side trip. Miss Pat said she would teach me how to “throw a bowl.” Anytime I hear the words “throw and bowl” in the same sentence “hairball” is usually in there somewhere. I didn’t know what she meant. But with my glasses on, I could see all the bowls around and realized “throw” means “make”.


Mighty Lou explores the pottery studio



There were a lot of interesting tools and things to explore. Mom only has paint and brushes. There were all kinds of clay and odd looking sculpting things in here.


Mighty Lou's formal pose in pottery studio


This is my formal shot in the pottery studio complete with my artist beret. Maybe this is my new career. If I take up the art, I’ll make you a special food bowl.

Mighty Lou goes to lunch


On to lunch. We went to a nice little outdoor café called Mangos. Miss Shelley helped me with the menu. We both decided to have shrimp.


Mighty Lou meets the chef



The chef heard I was there and came by to see the Great Mighty Lou. She was cooking fish! I licked her from the tip of her fingers to her elbow!


Mighty Lou has shrimp for lunch


Miss Shelley gave me some shrimp and I had some other fish, too. Everyone in the restaurant watched me use my good manners at the table.




Mighty Lou

This day was such a big adventure and has so many memories. I made new friends and entertained new humans. Everywhere I went I passed out Cat Depot newsletters and my business card. Let’s hope some of these new friends will become friends of Cat Depot.

Signing off for now, my friend.
Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader

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Fish From Miss Pat


Look what Miss Pat gave me!