Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 23

Dear Whitey,

I know you had a little surgery this week.

Hope you’re feeling better.

Let me know if you need me to spring you from that cone of shame.

Bowtie in the hotelI have been away all week at a cat show.

It’s great fun, but I’m working really hard.

This is one of those fancy-pants cat shows where they are all poofed up.

I’m the only normal-looking guy here.

We stayed in a hotel for two nights.

That’s always fun, because I get to stay up late and eat junk food.



Bowtie with pet portraitsBut it isn’t all fun and games.

I work hard.

It’s my job to greet visitors and show them the paintings.

People can’t resist my tempting stare.

I draw them right in (pun intended).





Bowtie being pettedOne young man was showing his fancy-pants cats, but he couldn’t resist me.

He kept coming by to see me.

He was fascinated by the way I would flop over for a belly rub every time he touched me.






Bowtie taking a napDuring a break, I did a little shopping.

I thought I may want a new bed.

Turns out the shoulder of the nice sales-lady is better than her beds.







There was a photographer there to do portraits of the fancy-pants cats.

He came over and asked if I could do a test shot for a new background he wanted to use.

Of course I obliged….

Bowtie at photo shoot

“Test shot.”


Does that mean he wanted me to be a guinea pig for the fancy-pants cats?

Or does it mean I am the most handsome cat in the show hall?

I prefer to think the latter.


Bowtie sleeping on the job

Shows are fun, but tiring.

You have to forgive a guy who falls asleep on the job once in a while.

Heal well and have a good week, my friend.


The Dapper Gent.
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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 16, 2015

Dear Whitey,

What an exciting day at the car show.

The weather was wonderful, the crowd was big, and my fans were there to greet me.

I got there early to help line up all the fancy cars.

Bow-tie in stroller, waiting for the car event to begin


Bow-tie greets Layla, the therapy dogMy first visitor arrived very early and was the first to greet me.

This is Layla and she’s a therapy dog.

Ha! I kissed a dog and I liked it!







Bow-tie greets Luna the owlMy next visitor was very unique.

This is Luna

She’s a rare Albino Screech Owl and lives at Peace River Wildlife.








Bow-tie with Miss LindaI had lots of humans visit me too.

This is Miss Linda and she makes all of my bow ties.

Notice we’re dressed alike?

Was my bow tie made from left over material, or was her shirt made from my leftovers?

It doesn’t matter.

We both looked good.





Bow-tie with Miss LindaI must have gotten the left overs, because she seems all too quick to spoil me.









Bow-Tie kisses visitorOne little guy came because he and his mom watch me on Facebook.

He deserved a little kiss for coming so far.







Bow-tie with boyAnd I gave him a big lick.

Haha! That made him smile!







Bow-tie with hot dogSpeaking of those hot dogs…

…there was one special friend there who wanted to make sure I got special treatment.







Bow-tie eats hot dogMmmmmmmmm…

…now that’s good eatin’!







Bow-tie does a Lady and the TrampAnd she knows how to treat me special because we’re close.

Really close!









Bow-Tie going homeIt was a really fun day at the car show.

But all good things come to an end.

I greeted the crowds and represented special needs cats.

I ate my hot dogs.

And then it was time to go.







Until next week,

The Dapper Gent
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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 9, 2015

Hi Whitey,Bow-tie with map tie

This week was pretty quiet, but the coming week will be really busy.

I’ll give you a little preview of the event I’m going to next Saturday.

Maybe your mom and dad want to drive the motorcycle down and see us.

Hey, get yourself a little helmet and hop on for the ride!

Anyway, here’s a hit of what we’re preparing for…

…any ideas from the tie?

How about now?Bow-Tie with route 66 sign

Bow-Tie looking cute with his map bow tieAaahhhhh…

…you got it! It’s a car show!

Helen Keller and I will be at the Veteran Motor Car Club of America show.

We have to get there really early to set up.







Bow-Tie anticipating hot dogsNo, I’m not setting up a car.

I’m helping make hot dogs!

A nice rescue group called Friends of Cats and Dogs will be making lunch for everyone.

They help people who cannot afford food and medical care for their animals.







Mya the therapy dog with her little girlOne particular dog and little girl are close to my heart.

This is Mya and her sweet little owner.

Mya is a therapy dog for her little owner, who is special needs.

Mya has cancer and Friends of Cats and Dogs helped her.

You can be sure Helen Keller and I will spend time with them!







Bow-Tie thinkingAnd you can be sure I’ll be talking to the crowd about Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me Fund.


Friends Like Me

Friends of Cats and Dogs

Friends of Veteran Motor Car Club of America

It’s a Friend Filled Day!




Bow-Tie thinking of hot dogsI will work hard for special needs cats and Friends Like Me, Don’t you worry about that.

But I’ll tell you one thing…

…I’m looking forward to a hot dog or two!







Bow-Tie showing his one remaining toothI have one tooth left and I’m not afraid to use it!

See you next week, my friend.

The Dapper Gent







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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – November 2, 2015

Dear Whitey,

Bow-Tie watching dog contest with Amber the dogHalloween was last night.

I’m not sure what it was all about, but Helen Keller and I did go to a party.

It was at Cats ‘n Dogs in Port Charlotte

The whole place was full of dogs.

Amber is one of my favorites.

She and I watched the dog contests together.

Of course Helen Keller and I were the only cats there.



The contests were all geared towards dogs, but I had to enter when I heard them call one category – “Shortest Tail.” I ran right up there with my little nub.

Bow-Tie's tailThey put a tape measure on each tail.

I lost by an inch. Literally.

My nub is one inch long.

One of the dogs had no tail, so she won.








Helen Keller nappingOur pet sitter held Helen Keller while she took a nap.










Bingo was there, all decked out in red, white, and blue for the party.

Bingo the dog

Bingo is special needs like us.

He’s blind and has a skin condition.

And can you believe he used to be black and a condition made him turn white?








What’s a party without treats?

Bow-Tie having a snack

Forget about the contests… There was ice cream to be eaten!


Miss Dee holding Helen KellerMiss Dee from Pet Passings was there, taking pictures of all the dogs.

She took a break from the photography to give Helen Keller some cuddling time.







All in all it was a great party.

We got to make friends with a lot of dogs and show them cats like parties too.

And, we got our picture taken so we can remember the day.

Bow-Tie and Helen Keller

Best looking cats at the party.

Okay, we were the only cats.

But we still looked good.

See you next week.

The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 26, 2015

Cowbow Bow-TieDear Whitey,

Can you tell me something?

What is it with these humans dressing animals up?

This thing called Halloween must be something if they’re so anxious to dress us up.






Bow-Tie in hatI’ll tell you one thing…

…I’m not a big fan of this get-up.










Bow-Tie LadybugAnd this one?

I don’t know if I gave birth of she’s part of the costume!










Helen Keller pumpkinAnd poor Helen Keller.

All she’s saying is…

…”Help me! Is there something on my head?”









That’s it.

We’re finished with costumes.

I thought of something that will make us and the humans happy.

I created our own costumes.

I’m going as Vincent Van Gogh.

Bow-Tie Van Gogh



Helen Keller is going as…

Helen Keller pink tutu

…a pretty little girl who can see!


That ought to please everyone.Bow-Tie wants treats

One more thing, though.

I hear there are treats involved in this holiday.

To that I say…

…pour ’em in!




Happy Halloween!

The Dapper Gent




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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 19, 2015

Bow-Tie has a new bow tie with starsHi Whitey,

See my new tie?

It has stars.

It’s a gift from Miss Marianne at Cat Depot.

I’m wearing it today to tell you I’m not going to be the star of the blog today.

Today I’m going to let Helen Keller be the star.




Helen Keller dressed up for the eventWe got her all dressed up for the big day.

Isn’t she cute?

You may or may not know that Caroline Resnick is a trapper and works with feral cats.

She is the nice lady who trapped Helen Keller and first realized she had special needs.

It’s only fitting that Helen Keller shines in this blog.

Here ya go.




Caroline donated funds to Cat Depot for the Caroline Resnick Surgical Suite.

That’s where Cat Depot spays and neuters feral cats to control the population and ensure their health.

The ribbon cutting was Friday and Helen Keller wanted to be there to honor Caroline.


Miss Marianne decorated the tables.Decoration for ribbon cutting ceremony

She even included little feral traps she made out of paper.







There ceremony was about to begin, but before it did…

Helen Keller and Caroline Resnick… Caroline spent a quiet moment with Helen Keller.

Ribbon cutting ceremony_resizedThe ribbon cutting was about to happen.

Cameras were already rolling.

Caroline had to make sure Helen Keller’s tutu was presentable for the big moment.






TV crewA television crew came to cover the event.

It’s possible you may see that little pink tutu on the big screen!










And then it happened.

The ribbon was cut and the applause broke out.

The Caroline Resnick Surgical Suite was official…


Ribbon is cut_resized Caroline Resnick surgical suite_resized

…and ready to change the face of the feral population in the area.

A truly necessary service provided by Caroline, the trappers with her here, and Cat Depot.


Helen Keller and trappoerWait a minute.

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day.

A rough, tough, manly feral trapper holding a kitty in a pink tutu.

Ahhh… they all fall for the pretty girl.








Bow tieThere you have it – the day Helen Keller’s star shined.

And all I got was a bow tie.

Next week!





The Dapper Gent


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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 12, 2015

Dear Whitey,

Last week I told you all about the out-of-town cat show we went to.

Now I’ll tell you about the stay in the hotel, because that was fun.

The day of the trip, the most important things were packed and ready to go.

Helen Keller in the suitcase

I made sure Helen Keller went in the suitcase first so she didn’t get lost.

Mom threw all of her clothes in and Helen Keller made sure her plate went with her.

See her cute little paw holding it?


Bow-Tie unpackingWhen we got to the hotel we unpacked.

Girls sure travel with a lot of clothes; I just had two bow ties.









Bow-Tie searches for foodWe were hungry from the long trip so we sent out for food.

The nose knows when there’s food in the house.








Bow-Tie has a burgerI tossed that old bun aside – I’m a meat man.









Helen Keller and Lily

After dinner friend Lily came over to play dress-up with Helen Keller.

Helen Keller couldn’t see Lily, but she sensed there was a pretty girl there.

They wore matching snuggies.






Helen Keller and Lily dressing up


Lily is special needs too, so she is a good friend for Helen Keller.








Helen Keller in bed

The girls had a good time playing with their clothes but it was getting late.

So, Lily went home, and Helen Keller went to bed.

I wish Helen Keller could see how cute she is.

She makes me smile.





Bow-Tie on the bed

I’m older so I got to stay up later.

But it was exhausting watching those girls change their clothes all night.

I turned in pretty soon after Helen Keller.

Staying in a hotel is fun….. especially the food part.





I’ll let Helen Keller have the last word this time…

Helen Keller ready to nap

…bye, bye Whitey!


Bow-Tie and Helen Keller
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Whitey’s message to Bow-Tie – October 9, 2015

Hi Bow-Tie,

This has been quite a day. Here I am, 6 years old and just found out I’m one of triplets. What a shock!

Here’s the picture of the three of us. There is a problem though: I can’t get them to play with me. Every time I look away, they disappear.

Whitey Wobbles triplets

Oh well, just thought I would tell you.

I’m going to bed… Maybe they will be here in the morning.

By the way, I am taking my check for all the special Bow-Tie adoptions to Cat Depot on Monday. 11 “Bowtie” kitties have been adopted!

Your buddy,
Whitey Wobbles.

Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – October 5, 2015

Hi Whitey,Bow-Tie assisting at the booth

This week I’m writing from out of town.

I’m working a big cat show and it’s so much fun.

My mom has a booth for her art and I’m the assistant.

When people come to the booth, I try to direct them to the pretty pictures, but everyone who comes is more interested in seeing me than the paintings.

When I’m not working the booth, I like to visit neighboring vendors.

This was my favorite vendor. He had handmade toys and I loved them all.

Bow-Tie visiting vendors

Bow-Tie gets a snackBut more than the toys…

…I enjoyed sharing his lunch with him.

He had Chinese food.

Who knew I liked Chinese food?





Bow-Tie and Helen Keller snuggling

Helen Keller was with me, so when the crowd thinned, I gave her some one-on-one time.








Then it was back to work.Bow-Tie collecting money for Cat Depot

Not my best pose, but as you can see I’ve got a paw on the money box for Cat Depot.

People are very interested in my story and they are filling it up.



Bow-Tie likes hugsLots of people wanted to give me a hug and I was happy to oblige.

I’m always up for a hug.








Bow-Tie gets visitors from Cat DepotTo my surprise, some Cat Depot friends came all the way down to see us!

They got to see me and meet Helen Keller.







It is a lot of fun working at the booth and meeting all the people, but it’s tiring.

Back into the cushy hotel bed for a few minutes before I go back today.Bow-Tie relaxing in the hotel room

Have a happy week!


The Dapper Gent

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Bow-Tie’s Bulletin – September 28, 2015

Hi Whitey,Bow-Tie with veggie bowtie

No important events to attend this weekend, so I went out for a fun day.

If the events don’t come to me, I go to the events.

Look at my tie.

Vegetables, right?

So, where do you go wearing a vegetable tie?

You go to the Farmer’s Market.




 My first stop was at a booth with a nice lady who makes tin fish.

Bow-Tie in a box


Tin fish?

I’m in.


I jumped into a box of tin fish.




I’ve heard of fish in tin cans, but these were tin fish in boxes.

Bow-Tie in a box 2

People gathered around to take pictures of me.

Humans are entertained simply by a cat sitting in a box.

Wonder how many Facebook posters have this on their page today.


Bow-Tie snuggleThe nice lady who makes them loves cats and wanted her picture with me.

She just graduated with a degree in Animal Control.

She was very interested in my story and the horrors of hoarding.

That’s what she is going to dedicate her life to – saving us from that situation.

I wanted to thank her for her dedication, so gave her a big hug…


…but in all honesty, I was still concentrating on those fish over there.


Bow-Tie checking out veggiesEveryone walked around with baskets of vegetables.

I sat at the perfect level to see what everyone had in their baskets.







Bow-Tie in his cartBut then my view was blocked.

Seems we were in the market for some vegetables too.

Who knew.

It was a good day socializing and spreading the word about special needs cats.

The bonus?

Showing the lady who is going to dedicate her life to helping animals what hoarding looks like from the cat’s point of view.

That memory and my story will stay with her and help her save cats.


At the end of the day, I took time to smell the flowers.

Bow-Tie smelling the flowers

And to give you one of my famous Bow-Tie smiles.

Until next week.

The Dapper Gent

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