Somethin’s Fishy Around Here

Hi Whitey,

Mighty Lou on Messy Bed


Something smells fishy around here. Things are a mess and that’s not normal. When things aren’t normal, the Caped Crusader needs to investigate. My first clue was that stuff was scattered all over the bedroom. Clothes, shoes, bags, everything. It’s a mess.



Mighty Lou is Worried



I immediately went into my worried pose. Sister Mixie was concerned about me.



Mighty Lou Observes from Closet



I did what any good investigator would do. Kept a low profile in an inconspicuous space and observed.

My observation proved that there’s something fishy indeed. My mom is going on a painting cruise for 10 days! My capes are not in the pile of clothes to pack and I am gravely worried.



Mighty Lou disguises himself



Perhaps if I disguise myself as clothes she will pack me and take me with her.




Mighty Lou tries to pack his cape



I’ll also give her another big clue that I want to go….My nice sailing cape and sunglasses should make her know I’m on board for the trip.





Mighty Lou stays in disguise



My pursuit to go will continue. I am not above staying here like this until she notices me and packs me.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Your Caped Buddy,
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader



This is serious, Mighty Lou! You can’t be left behind  When she opens the suitcase, in you go and stay low! She will never know you are there until you are safely aboard the ship.

Whitey Wobbles dons his cape to give Mighty Lou good luck

Bon Voyage good buddy! Keep me posted. I have my Cape on to give you even more power and send you positive vibes!

FYI…Two more of our older feline friends at Cat Depot found their forever homes in September! We sure are doing a great job, Mighty Lou!


Whitey Wobbles

Crazy 4 Paws

Hi Whitey,

I’m a bit late with the blog this morning. I slept in because I had a really busy day yesterday.Crazy 4 Paws is a big pet expo and I, Mighty Lou was the main attraction. Of course, I’m the main attraction wherever I go. The place was crawling with drooling, smelly dogs, it’s easy to show them up.

Mighty Lou at Crazy 4 Paws Pet Expo


My job was to work in my mom’s booth and help her show paintings. I arranged the table myself so you see I put my magazine cover and my portrait right up front. Who needs to see paintings of those other animals??




Mighty Lou Greets Customers


​I was in charge of overseeing the prints. Any time anyone came to go through them, I greeted them and helped them find just the right one.


Mighty Lou Meets Hope


Occasionally, I found a dog that had good taste. This is Hope. She’s was just “hoping” she could meet the great Mighty Lou. Well done, Hope!

My real purpose at the show was to tell people about special needs cats and work for the Friends Like Me Fund. I really worked the crowd on that end.


Mighty Lou Says Show Me The Money


“Show me the money, Lady!”




Mighty Lou helps people contribute to Friends Like Me


​I pushed their hands to the opening in my money box and forced those bills in. (Mighty Lou does not accept coins!)




Mighty Lou Accepts Money for Friends Like Me


“Well done, Lady!  Thanks!”




Mighty Lou Takes a Nap


​The crowd was tiring. Even a Super Hero needs a break once in a while. My admiring public still hovered around asking “is that cat real?” Are they kidding me? Every once in a while I lifted my head and they jumped back because they thought I was a prop. Quite entertaining to catch these silly humans off guard.



Mighty Lou Checks Out a Shiny Pendant


Towards the end of the day I decided to take a break from work and stroll around to look at the other vendors. Something shiny had been attracting me from across the room all day so I went to investigate. ​See this pretty pendant?
Mighty Lou is interested in the shiny balls


​I was most attracted to these shiny balls. They were very beautiful. Wait!

Upon closer inspection, they have names on the inside! There are collars on the inside of some of them! Yikes! I just noticed that sign behind the booth! Pet Passings??????? Mighty Lou has left the building!!



Mighty Lou Wearing Glasses


And that, my friend, is just one day in the life of a Caped Crusader.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Mighty Lou Falls Hard

Dear Whitey,

Now you know your caped friend has a hard edge and I work with the strength of the super hero I am. You know my purrsona is the “tough guy who gets the job done.” You know “it takes might to make things right,” and I am Mighty. But even Superman had his Kryptonite. That didn’t make him less of a super hero, right?

Lily Calls Mighty Lou on the phone


Well Mighty Lou met his Kryptonite and it came in the form of a soft, cuddly little bundle called Lily. She called me yesterday to see if she could come and see me.



Mighty Lou tries to hear Lily on the phone



I was listening as hard as I could but I could not hear her sweet voice. She forgot I was deaf. Drat! But lucky for me, her Mum drove her up to see me! My mom did a painting of her and she came to pick it up.


Lily with her painting



Ooooooo….she’s so beautiful. She’s a special needs little girl like me, so we’re a match made in Heaven. She works hard in Fort Myers for special needs and she does a good job.





Mighty Lou is selfish with his things




I am known to be a little selfish…….OK, a lot selfish….with my
things. My sisters never get to touch any of my stuff.



Mighty Lou gives Lily his mouts



But when Lily was here, everything I had was hers. I love my little mouse even more now because the sweet scent of Lily is on it!



Mighty Lou in his mom's art studio



NO ONE gets to share my mom or her art. I go to art classes with her and I am the only one who gets to be with her when she creates.



Lily is allowed in the art studio


But what did I do for Lily? I threw the doors to the studio open and let her have full access to everything! I’m telling you, Dude, this is serious. Mighty Lou has lost his heart and Lily found it!




Look Mighty Lou in the eye


You want me to tell you how serious this is? Look me right in the eyes, Dude. This is going to blow your caped mind.

You know how we feel about our capes. They have super powers and no one touches them or is allowed entrance into our caped world. Right?



Let me show you the extent to which your old Mighty Lou has lost his heart…………..

Lily wears Mighty Lou's cape


Yep! My little lady said she was a bit chilly so I whipped my cape off and covered her in Mighty Lou love.



You see what I mean? I’ve lost it! I have completely lost my heart!




Mighty Lou Winks


Until next week, my friend. Let this little wink let you know there’s a lot more Lily to come! I’ve got it bad and that’s good!


Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Thanks for reading!


School Days and Mighty Lou’s Bus Ride

Hey Whitey,

School is starting all over the place. Mighty Lou will not be left out of any kind of event so I plan on going to school. Not sure what I’ll be learning (I know so much already), but I’m going.


Mighty Lou is ready for school



I’m all ready. I have a new cape with cat pictures and words on it, a lunch bag and a backpack.





MIghty Lou Goes to School


​Just to make sure I double-checked my backpack and lunchbag. They both have my name on them so no one touches my cape power snack food.





Mighty Lou raises his hand in class



When I get there and the teacher asks a question, I’m going to be the first one to raise his hand with the answers. I plan on being Teacher’s Pet (pun intended).




Mighty Lou goes to the blackboard



When I get up to the front to answer the question, I’ll have to make sure to wear my glasses. ​If I have to read the board, I’m going to have to get pretty close. I may need to up the prescription on my specks soon.



Mighty Lou Takes His Seat



We’ll probably get assigned seats in the classroom. ​Ah there’s my seat. Those are my glasses.


Mighty Lou Takes His Seat



​I’ll climb right up in my chair like a good student.


​I will take my seat and show them all my Mighty Lou greatness.



Mighty Lou is at the head of the class



As good as I am, I know I’ll be head of the class in the first week! Mighty Lou will not be outdone!







Anyway, that’s how I think it will go. School hasn’t actually started yet. It starts on Monday so I’ll let you know then.

Mighty Lou is the perfect student



In the meantime, Mighty Lou is ready for School Days and prepared to shine!

Love ya Dude,

Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

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Hey Whitey,

Mighty Lou waits at the bus stop


Thanks for reminding me about taking the bus to school. You’re right, I will need to take the bus when I go. So I set out to see what bus I would be taking. I got my books and backpack and waited at the bus stop.




Mighty Lou's Bus





Then I saw a bus about my size and thought that must be the one. ​So I got on-board but no driver came to take the wheel. What is this? Are we supposed to drive ourselves to school?



Mighty Lou drives the bus



Well Mighty Lou does not mind taking charge so I jumped to the cause. This is a vehicle I could drive if I had to.





Mighty Lou on School bus




​Just as I was starting to drive off, I noticed something up front. There it is! It’s the real school bus! Hey guys, wait for me!







Mighty Lou on the real school bus



​Made it! This is the real bus!






Mighty Lou takes the bus to school



I jumped right in and was happy to have finally gotten on the right bus.





Mighty Lou reaches his destination



Whew! Made it. All I need to do now is settle into these comfy seats and ride.

Later, My Friend!
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

Bye Bye Summer

Dear Whitey,

Here we are at the end of summer. This summer has been a busy one for your caped friend. Cape Crusader’s activities abound!

As I look back on my summer, it was full of fun.

Mighty Lou Enjoys Boating


Boating is always popular and Mighty Lou is not one to shy away from adventures on the sea. But…..




Mighty Lou as Ship Captain



Mighty Lou must be in charge! I will not take a back seat. This is more like it. Ahhhh….Captain of the Seas.




Mighty Lou's Sail Boat


However, that one got away from me a few times so I decided to bring it down a notch and get something more suited to me. ​This one was just right and served me well on my own little jaunts.




Mighty Lou Checks out the menu




Summer is always a nice time for outdoor dining and a guy gets hungry. Mighty Lou dined in some of the best outdoor restaurants in town.





Mighty Lou Rides a Boogie Board



Back to the fun. I, Mighty Lou, boogied with the best of them. How many boogie board cats do YOU know??




Mighty Lou Goes Down the Slide



There were some thrill rides along the way.
All in all it was a relaxing summer.







Mighty Lou Relaxes by the Pool



So bye, bye summer. Mighty Lou moves into the fall season and looks for more fun.


Have a good week my friend.
Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader




Lots of News

Hey Mighty Lou!

Daisy Doodles Helps Whitey Wobbles Write His Blog


Just read the recap of your busy summer. Well, a Caped Crusader’s work is never done. I have been so busy (and in so much trouble) that I had to hire some help. Daisy Doodles has agreed to write my Blog for me…of course, I will dictate to her.




Whitey Wobbles


I better tell you how I got in trouble this week. We have these nice big plants on the lanai and I like to get up in the pot and lie on the cool dirt. Well, I forgot to get cleaned up and went in the house pretty dirty…my mom was mad! She washed me with a wash cloth…I was humiliated!


No more rolling in the dirt for me! I do have some really exciting news. Well, it is good and bad. The good news is, I got a call from Miss Marianne at Cat Depot telling me that 7 cats over 8 years old have found their forever homes. Isn’t that awesome! My challenge has worked! Now for the bad news  I got all my money out and counted it.

Whitey Wobbles Counts His Money


I have enough to pay the $70 now, but I’m running low. That means only one thing…I must find a job! I know I can’t work in landscaping…too dirty  It must be a respectful job for a Caped Crusader  I will put an ad in the Cat News next week to be a model…Purrrfect! I’m sure I will be highly paid! Well, it is Sunday afternoon and I am long overdo for a nap. Have a great week, Mighty Lou! I sure hope more special needs are adopted. Let’s get the word out! I heard Fluffernuuter loves living with Miss Lynn. She is having a little trouble with one of her step brothers, though. Guess he’s not too happy that she has moved in!




Whitey Wobbles Relaxes


Ahhhh….finally some rest.

Whitey Wobbles







Stay out of the dirt!  The extra weight will slow you down!

Dictating to a girl?? Well, a guy has to do what he has to do.

OK by me.

As for the adoptions?


One of my special needs kitties, Ripple, got adopted, too. I sent my money in right away.

Caped Heroes rule!

Well done,
Mighty Lou



Caternity Case Solved!

My Dear Pal Whitey,

Your old caped friend is in a great mood this weekend. You know I’ve been under the gun here for the past few weeks with this little feline floozy at my heels. ​

Mighty Lou's family???

This family of hers is getting older and eating more. They’re also approaching that “dangerous” age where they can get themselves out there on the streets and follow in their mother’s footsteps. Did you know these little things can have little things of their own starting at about three months? We have to get the word out to spay and neuter!

Sorry, I got off topic but I am all over getting that word out after this.

Attorney Catticus Finch

Anyway……I’ve had a lot of help but we have unraveled this mystery and I’m off the hook! Attorney Catticus Finch flew in from New York to help with the case.

His team included F. Flea Bailey and Alan Barkowitz. We had the Maury Povich Show all lined up to expose that floozy, Olivia Hussy Mewinsky But to our credit, just before air time, she confessed.

Olivia Hussy Mewinsky

​This is Olivia Hussy Mewinsky. She is unspayed and running the streets. She heard about Mighty Lou’s fame and wanted to jump on board his cape and cash in. She’s done this type of thing before but thanks to my team’s heroic efforts, she’s been exposed.

Her punishment: Spaying! Yep, she got it. Now she can get herself turned around, get off the streets and hopefully adopted into a good home. I hope she turns up on Cat Depot’s doorstep because she has the best shot of turning her life around there.

So who’s the baby daddy? It took a while to find him. He went into hiding.

Baby Daddy


​This is the Catsanova who did it! Yes, he looks like me but look closer. I do not have those black spots on my nose. That is how they identified him in the lineup.

He had a list of aliases……….

Donny Juan, William Prowl, Al E. Katt



Chick Magnet




He’s been known on the streets for years as a real lady’s man. He even had a couple lined up for this weekend before they took him off the streets and put him in the slammer.

Turns out his real name is Newt R. Mee.

If you say that real fast it sounds like Neuter Me. See, he knew the right thing to do but no humans would do it. Pleeaaasseee humans! Neuter us! We put up a fuss but we really want you to do the right thing.

Mighty Lou Holds His Head High


So my friend, the case is closed and I can hold my head up high again. Whew!

​Oh, and special thanks to my Purrsonal Advisor, EH, who lead us to most of the clues!

See you next week!

Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader

Blue Lou Weekend

Dear Whitey,

Here I am again.  I’m still under this veil of dread with that caternity case pending against me for those alleged kittens. I’ll write more on that next week. I have had to secure the services of an attorney and through that, I have the name of the feline floozy who is accusing me. Her name is Olivia Hussy Mewinsky.

Mighty Lou Meets a Girl


Here’s her picture in case you meet her out somewhere. Do not approach her!! ​And I mean don’t approach her in ANY way!


Mighty Lou checks the weather in his rain slicker



As for this weekend?  I’m keeping it low. I went out to check the weather….This has got me down, too. It’s raining.


Mighty Lou Hopes the Rain will Sto



I waited a few minutes to see if it was going to get any better. Doesn’t seem like it.




Mighty Lou heads back into the house



So I’m just going to go in and let this weekend pass me by. I’ll check in with my lawyer on Monday and see what’s happening with the floozy.










Until then, if you need me, this is where I’ll be………..

Oh, and make sure you tell every feline guy you know to go get neutered. No one should have to go through the accusations I’m facing.

Neuter. Neuter. Neuter.


Next week my friend,
Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader



Hey Mighty Lou,

Glad you are laying low for a while. Hopefully that chick will forget about you. Doesn’t she know you have been “fixed?” I tell all my friends to make sure they get snipped when they are young. That way there are no silly girls trying to make us pay for kittens that are not ours.

Glad the rain has stopped, so we can get out to spread the news. You did hear that Cat Depot got a grant to help with spaying and neutering cats and kittens, didn’t you? And they are adding on another surgical suite!

Anyway, I have been very busy trying to get Harley cleaned up. He likes to play in the flower pots on our lanai and he comes in all dirty. You can watch the video and see how I do it!

Gotta go clean Daisy Doodles up now. Stay out of trouble, Mighty Lou!

Your Caped buddy,
Whitey Wobbles



Did Mighty Lou Do It?

My Dear Friend Whitey,

It seems I am always writing about some disaster over here. Believe me, I try to do the right thing. Trouble just seems to follow me. It’s not my fault. Usually I’m out there doing the work of the Caped Crusader but I’m sometimes misunderstood.

In this case I think my friendly way and my good looks got me into trouble.
And I mean big trouble.

Here’s what happened.

Mighty Lou Meets a Girl

I was in the park a couple months ago enjoying the sunshine. This cute little girl came up and wanted to talk. I thought she was cute and she seemed nice so we visited for a while. It was time to go so we said good-bye.

Mighty Lou received a kitten photo



Then I get this picture in the mail. ​I thought it was cute but didn’t know who it was.



More kitten photos sent to Mighty Lou



Next day I get this in the mail. Now I really don’t know what’s going on.




Mighty Lou's family???


Yesterday I get this. ​It’s her! The cute little chick from the park! She is trying to pin this on Mighty Lou! Dude, you know both of us had the “snip snip” procedure long ago. It’s not possible for me to have been involved in this at all. She obviously wants to tap into my popularity and possible financial standing by claiming I’m the perpetrator in this misadventure. She is mistaken.




This just brings to mind………we need to stress to all humans to get their cats neutered and spayed. This should not happen. Cat Depot is overrun with kittens and cats.
Why add to the problem? You know it wasn’t a good day when we had to go get the “snip” but it was the right thing to do. I’m going to go print up a big poster right now that says “Spay Your Pets!!”

In the meantime, I’ve got to go get a DNA test, I’ve got some legal papers to handle and a floozy to deal with. You see what I mean? You try to be a nice guy and this happens.

Kitten with surprised face



Oh, and she sent me this one, too. ​Now this guy does bear a strange resemblance to how I feel….





Mighty Lou is shocked




I concur!

Later, Dude.
​Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader

Mighty Lou Flips His Lid

Hey there, Whitey!

It was supposed to rain this weekend and was kind of gloomy so I stayed in. I like to shake things up and was feeling kind of goofy. So I went into my wardrobe closet and pulled out some things to entertain myself.

Mighty Lou as a Cowboy


This is my cowboy look. Quite rugged, don’t you think? All I need is the horse.


Mighty Lou's Girlie Boy Look




On the lighter side (I told you I was in a silly mood), this is my Girly Boy look. Also quite fetching on me. I gave it a cute little pose, too, should any modeling scouts be watching.



Mighty Lou as an Indian Chief


Who can’t picture Mighty Lou as a Mighty Indian Chief? More serious headdress, more serious pose.



Mighty Lou's Lacey Look



Are you laughing at this one? I know, it’s funny, isn’t it? This is my Lacey Lou Look. It’s really for girls, but it comes in handy for undercover cape crusader work.




Mighty Lou gets patriotic



A nice patriotic little ditty. I should have worn my red, white and blue cape for this one but I forgot.




Mighty Lou's Red Hat Society Tribute


This is a show stopper, isn’t it? You’ve heard of the Red Hat Society? This is my tribute to them.


Mighty Lou


“La dee da”!







Mighty Lou needs his head held up



I was getting kind of tired at this point and needed a little help to hold my head up.
I like the look though.

One more………






Your mom and Miss Peggy made this and gave it to me for a toy. Mighty Lou does not do toys. I do hats and make people laugh. Are you laughing, Dude?





Mighty Lou likes to get a laugh





And now that I got a good laugh, my work is complete. Have a great week, my caped friend!

Mighty Lou
Caped Crusader




Mighty Lou Gets Nabbed

Dear Whitey,

A situation here has necessitated me writing a second letter to you this morning. I may be going away for a while and may not be able to write to you. This may be my last message for a while if things don’t go my way.

Mighty Lou's Driver's LicenseLast week when I was leaving Cat Depot, my driver’s license got dropped in the parking lot. (I did not do it……there was a human involved. Enough said.) There is was, laying out in the parking lot.

Someone took it into Cat Depot and turned it in. They called my mom and said it was in the office. That’s fine, we can go get it. But…They mentioned that it was expired!! Indeed it is. That’s where the trouble is.



Mighty Lou gets a ticket

As you know, I’ve had a run in with the law before. That time it was for driving without my glasses and getting hung up on the curb. Now with an expired license I don’t know what will happen.

I’m going to have to do some fast talking to stay out of the big house. I need my freedom, man!

Mighty Lou in the getaway car

Until then, I’m on the lam!

Mighty Lou